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Coffee Journey

Coffee Journey

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Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

It’s an International Coffee Day!! 🥳 We take a little break on Tuesday afternoon to brew this coffee we grab last week from Starbucks in PLQ mall. 🤫 it’s light & refreshing with herbal node.(maybe because we add coconut milk & coconut flower sugar). Honestly we prefer aged Sumatra as it’s much bolder. However, feelin good as this single origin Sumatra coffee @starbuckssg supports sustainable farming! 👌😁

Check out a new Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) and obviously as a Starbucks regular, gotta drop by to Starbucks Reserve. Despite the small counter, the offerings are not that different to the big reserve. Since we tried their fig latte already from Starbucks normal counter, it’s the time for pumpkin spice latte $8.70
Tastes comforting then as how latte should make you feel ☺️ BUT as we also have another venti size coffee. We got a slight tummy ache & suspect it could be due to too much caffeine without pastry.😜 #notrecommendventisize #caffeineoverdose

The only pastry that we always order either dine in or takeaway gotta be almond croissant. ❤️Once we did takeaway & the staff gave us the croissant in a package with printed expiry date...🤓 We love their taste & texture when it is warmly served in the outlet compared to when we warm it ourselves at home.😌

The nitro cold brew is a drink that you shall try when you have their warm pastry. The foam is smooth & the espresso is bold. It’s all natural! ☕️

The new drink from Starbucks that we can’t resist. We ordered it hot on a rainy day yesterday.
The latte has a subtle sweetness with pink dried figs on top. Warm & lightly sweet espresso with a hint of vanilla Aroma is so cozy...😍

The second sweet treat that we always go for in TBB is Kouign Amann. For those who have it first time, the pastry is baked until it achieves the crunchy exterior (might be too ignorant for us to say that it is like a roti curling up in circle or caramelised croissant).🤐 Known as the fattiest pastry in Europe but somehow TBB manages to make us forget about this fact. We would prefer if they give us a bigger plate for better sharing.👌
P.S. this Raffles City always impress us with indoor dining whenever we bring visitors.🙏

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This classic cup of long black (sweet black brew with beautiful crema) can never go wrong!

The blend between milk, hot chocolate and espresso coffee is really cozy. The latte art is also not that bad (flower or plants we think) 😜

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Our papa tried coffee from this shop unit 02-164 at Chinatown Complex and think that it is much nicer than other places he tried. Early in the morning, there is also a long queue at this stall.

Bought this coffee kaya with curiosity and end up with an awesome surprise! Instant coffee powder & coffee paste are in the mix. We are kaya lovers and might make a folder for just kaya. 😆
P.S. we grab this bottle from Taka (Cold Storage)

We prefer the taste of this one to their “Dirty” signature. However, it is not spectacular and we thought to ourselves that we should have chosen Costa Rica one. All drinks + 7% GST

With their 5 outlets in Bangkok, they must have done something right with the coffee. Well known among cafe hoppers with the rabbit logo, we enjoy their laid back ambience. The dirty signature set is a bit too light. It is hard for us to detect ristretto on top but feel more like warm milk with a dash of coffee.

Explorer of tasty & healthy eats! Instagram: @kugelkaffee We got something for you!! 👇

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