Japan Eats

Japan Eats

Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hokkaido
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Okonomiyaki heaven. Finally came to the suntec branch after first eating in Changi airport, they offer pocket friendly okonomiyaki (starting at $10) with your own top ups. I added beef ($3) and we got to see our okonomiyaki sizzle right in front of us. The cabbage was so soft...

Perfectly paired with miso soup, rice and rice sushi toppings. Only gripe is the sneaky pieces of ginger in the okonomiyaki.

Chunky sashimi goodness on a bed of brown rice feels both healthy and indulgent. Plus it's pocket friendly prices, hokey poki is on its way to driving casual and healthy jap meals.

($12 for salmon chirashi don, $14 for seafood sashimi don)

Nakiryu noodles truly deserve their 1 Michelin star. Never left Japan with this :-) memorable peanut broth. However the noodles texture doesn't beat the ichiran one

Totoro puffs! My favourite is the banana cream one. About s$4 each

Homely broth of Hoto, similar to flat noodles, cooked with vegetables (!!! A rare find in Japan) with the priceless view of Mt Fuji. A meal I'll definitely remember.

Eating this got a "wow" from all of my family members. Located along asasuka street, it is well deserving of a wait on a summer day. Had the mix tendon with prawns, chicken breast, fish...... So good :)

Highly recommend this. Centrally located at Tokyo Station and affordable (~$10). Got the half portion and changed half to egg as a customised order with the waiter. Worth it. Will be back for this.

At the entrance of Harajuku, near meiji jinggu station, there's Yoshinoya!!! Raw egg + spring onions galore = joy in every mouth. Japan's spring onion tastes different.

Also, yoshinoya checked

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Came relatively early ~9am and was sitted. Had a platter of its freshest fishes, and they are all so good. First time trying uni too! The tuna and salmon are both so memorable for its tenderness. Same for the seabeam. Yums.

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WOW. this was heavenly. Had a grill dinner where we ordered matsusaka beef and tried it's premium parts Sirloin Steak and Ribeye!!! It was melt in the mouth tender. Perfect medium rare. The thought of it makes me hungry, would be back for more.

Takoyaki balls in Osaka are all soft! Different from the crisp version we are too used to. Also, they hide sneaky ginger pieces. This was lovely because of the jiggly egg and the spring onion spam!!!!! Sooo goooood. Wished I have tummy space for more.

Note to self to try the truffle flavour next time! (~450-500Y)

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This mochi is out of the world!!!! Located at Nara on the way to Taissha Shrine, we found this secluded hut in the midst of the forests. It has only vegetarian options and we enjoyed the zaru udons and sobas. The mochi is unique because it's handmade and you have to scoop it out before adding on some bean powder and black sugar. The combi was very well matched and easily the best I've eaten in Japan and beyond!

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