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Our Little Red Dot

Delicious local food
I makan Sg
I makan Sg

Food prevails over virus. The crowd at local hawker centre is still going strong. At times like this, all the more we should support the local and our hawkers.
A truly local and old school duck porridge Kueh Chap sides make a comforting meal.

Good and even better that they’re available in the comfort and convenience of Capitol mall. And we’re definitely happy about it. Of cos, its quality and taste are good. With a retro interior, it is a great place to showcase our local dish and heritage in the modern mall setting. A local gem that we should be proud of and support.

These 6 little crispy deep-fried baby pomfrets were absolutely the stars of our meal at @shaobbq last night.
They were so crispy every part, including bones and fins, could be easily eaten; and fried so fragrant nothing was spared from each fish.
There were other tasty Teochew dishes from their menu but this gotta be the most outstanding and memorable one for us

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Besides their menu brunch items, one can look out for newly served bread or pastry from their kitchen. Or just a standard toast with butter, sea salt and pepper will already be quite satisfying with a cup of coffee.
Even with several other places for brunch nearby, this place filled up quickly with half an hour of opening. So it might take some luck or patience to get a table.

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A little like the Thai Kueh Chap but local style. That’s the good thing about hawker food to mix and match amongst the stalls.

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This was Mei Xi Kitchen’s Hakka YTF, which also has a few other stalls elsewhere.
With an attractive signage, their wide range of YTF was also appealing and delicious. We liked that they separated the fried items from the boiled ones, and took the efforts to fried the former till crispy hot.
Their soup base was on the lighter side, similarly for their laksa which wasn’t the creamy type. But it was made up for by the taste and quality of their YTF.
Perhaps the key draw for those nearby would be that they operate 24h! Which would mean for a hearty or light YTF, anytime of the day or night, you can settle it here.

And it really was not boombastic to say how fantastic just how good it was.
Living up to its stall name, the fats of the Lorbak literally melted in the mouth. It was perfectly braised in the dark and intense-flavoured Lor gravy that carried a subtle taste of spices. We liked that it wasn’t salty though the Lor flavour was strong.
The braised pork trotter was also not to be missed. Its thick but soft skin, braised in the same Lor, was so sinfully satisfying. Likewise for their braised chicken wings.
To try out all these can get a little too much meat and jelak so a group of 3-4 would be ideal to share. They offered sides like preserved vegetables, peanuts, mushrooms and tofu although they played only small complementary roles.
Yes we enjoyed @mrlorbak_ubi_branch but our next itinerary would probably be to @house_of_happiness_sg to check out more of what else they have to offer.

Although just a humble stall, its selection of dishes were pretty appealing, such as Rendang chicken, beef and braised pork 滷肉飯. This Rendang beef was tender and thoroughly flavoured in spicy good Rendang curry. With beautiful blue pea balsamic rice and crispy ikan billis, everything on the plate came together nicely.
Hope they keep up with the good cooking as we will be back for more, and we do look forward to more good food in the food court.

The chilli was da bomb.
Remains 1 of our favourites but try to go before 8pm as they tend to sell out pretty early.

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I makan Sg

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Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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