Featuring Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, James Cheese Back Ribs (Myeongdong)
Ka Ling
Ka Ling

I still crave the cheesy ribs after few months I left Seoul.. all the same pork pork pork ribs, the only difference is if you want normal, many or many many cheese. Obviously, I had many many cheese. 11 people shared 3 sets of the back ribs. So you can share about 3-4 people for each set.

Also remember to order the fried rice with fish roe, which will come at the end after you finish your ribs, to be fried and absorb the leftover sauce and cheese. Sooooooooo good. 5/5 ⭐️ is there anything similar in SG? I hope pat bing soo is close. Will appreciate any heads up!

It was quite hard to find in myeongdong. Just keep a lookout. It’s located on the second floor so you’re looking for the sign at a staircase. Google maps worked!

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Fun and adventurous experience. There is an old and new side of the market. I personally prefer the old side, which you will access directly if you came from the train station. It’s definitely wet and dirty but you enjoy such an unique experience!

Honestly most of the stores sell similar items, and I kind of got overwhelmed from them trying to sell their seafood. Some were extra friendly and allowed us to take pictures with their lobsters and even octopus!

My favorite part was trying raw octopus (10k won for 4 small ones). I would definitely try it again. Being a little squirmish, I started with small tentacles and kept chewing on it. I didn’t experience getting sucked by the tentacles thankfully. The freshness and delicious flavor is a huge draw for me!

The drawbacks of the market was that the prices were a little high - 190k won for tiger striped fish sashimi and 170k won for crab. The ladies brought us to the restaurant behind (quite old looking and abit shabby). We were charged 100k won for the cooking and other dishes (ban chan, rice) for 9 adults and 2 Children. The tiger striped fish was served as sashimi and the bones were boiled as spicy or non spicy soup. The crab was boiled and tasted very sweet. The fat from the shell was then used to fry rice with seaweed for about 3 portions - tasted very good too.

I don’t know if you can haggle much but it is definitely worth it to check out a few stores before deciding which to go to. One of my favorite experiences in my trip to Seoul/Jeju!

Ka Ling

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