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Western Food

Western Food

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner (Raffles City), Fuel Plus+, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, Gudetama Café Singapore, Sun Ray Cafe, Kindred Folk, The Marmalade Pantry (Downtown), Eggs 'n Things (Plaza Singapura), Buttercake N Cream
Eustacia Tan
Eustacia Tan

My friends and I headed here because our original dinner place didn’t serve my meal for an hour. When the waitstaff (thanks, Ben!) heard about how hungry I was, he helped to expedite the order and the risotto arrived much faster than we were originally told. It tasted great - the truffle taste and smell was very strong, which I really liked - but we were probably most impressed by the service.

A combination of sweet and salty, the breakfast pancake burger sandwiches the patty (a bit too much pepper for my liking), egg, and bacon (crispy) between two pancakes. Served with tater tots with ketchup and syrup on the side. Pretty good, although I wasn’t a fan of the patty.

I ordered this medium-rare but it was more rare - that’s fine, but the steak was already pretty tough to cut! Not the best, but I guess it could have been worse.

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Here, you get to build your own pasta! The pasta is handmade and changes every few days - I had the lemon one which had a pretty nice taste to it. Since I’m a pretty picky eater, I appreciated being able to customise the dish and it turned out to be really good!


Was quite excited for this but it didn’t really taste like okonomiyaki. More like truffle tots with mayo on top.

Portion was quite big, though, so this is best shared with a friend.

This was a thin-crust pizza with a generous helping of cheese. Tasted delicious and the portion size is pretty big too (ordered one pizza for myself and ended up regretting it - luckily my family was more than happy to help finish this)

Steak with mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce, broccoli and baby carrots. Get the beef medium rare - it’s just right like this. Any more heat and it might be too tough. The mushroom sauce went very well with the meat and the mashed potatoes (and I guess, the vegetables, because there isn’t any other sauce).

Easily our favourite dish - sweet potato fries with bulgogi and cheese (there’s also supposed to be sriracha but we asked them not to put it in). It’s tasty and extremely addictive. Filling too.

Ugly photo but this was so good! The beef patty was delicious and the sauce + cheese + onions + pickles went really well with it. I’m normally not a pickle fan but the ones here were pretty nice. The bread was good too! Only thing is... it’s pretty messy to eat (or maybe I’m just very chor lor?)

Oh, and I originally wanted the December special but it wasn’t available. I’m not sure if it’s a weekday thing but I guess I’ll have to come back here again! (My wallet though)

The steak was pretty good and I really liked the wine sauce. I accidentally ordered this as medium instead of medium rare, but it wasn’t overly-tough.

I’d give the truffle fries a miss though. The fries were warm and tasted a bit greasy. Perhaps one of the other sides would suit this better.

For the price, I’m really happy with this and would come back more often if it wasn’t so far.

I actually like all the individual components of the dish - the truffle sauce, smoked salmon, the generous serving of mushrooms in the mac & cheese, and the mac & cheese itself. However, all that was just way too much for one dish and I didn’t really enjoy this.

The truffle fries here are great! The portion is very generous (which is good for sharing) and the truffle scent + flavour is distinct without being overpowering. The bits of cheese on top add a nice touch.

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Give me all the tea (and sweets and Japanese food)

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