Its hard to find japanese food that doesnt hit the mark. Its always irresistable
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

is a thing. Love that there's 50% off many of their sushi and sashimi, and the salmon sashimi comes in thick slices and is absolutely fresh. Plus, at $6, is a steal and a highlight of the meal. Pair it with some cold soba and its a great way to end the evening.

Plus, it's rare to find other dining spots open at 830pm on a weekday. Last order closes at 845pm

Still our trusty jap curry go-to, as it's portion is huge and the bed of omelette eggs matched with curry and meat just serves. Cheese is a must have for us. ($16.30)

(Ps. We also enjoyed the Tako balls although it isn't the most crispy, but for $3.80 for 6? Yess)

We enjoyed our dinner with their donburis - aesthetically presented in wooden boxes. The Salmon Avocado don ($20.80) comes with fresh chunky salmon with a welcomed tinge of wasabi, and the Salmon Mentai Aburi Don for ($18.80) comes with a heap of ikura and fragrant aburi slices too.

We also ordered the lobster sushi rolls as a side- crisp and captures the lobster salad

Ps. Along Boat Quay area, this is a cosy place with 5g wifi, and extremely friendly owners 👍

I'm already feeding off the colours from this meal! Very well whipped up from this pair of owners, who does the poke marination in front of you - that's how you know the poke is kept fresh.

For the poke bowl, it comes with one poke, one add on (we chose avocado! 🥑), a drink and 6 different toppings, ranging from watermelon balls to sunflower seeds to salsa. All very unique.

We can't resist topping up the poke (+$3) and very worth it. We ended with shoyu salmon chunks and seared scallops - oh they're all so juicy and fresh.

It's super value for money and I'll love to come back again.

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Finally got my hands on Japan's top tendon chain and at pocket friendly prices too! This premium don is $10.90 and captured all my favourite crisps: prawn tempuraS, pumpkin, crab meat, fish, brinjal. They even packed the rice separately so that the tempura stays crisp. Lovely ~

Wok hei taste is abundant with unagi chunks peppered across it, pretty worth it for $11. It also tastes rich and isn't too salty/oily - no wonder the top seller here.

Tried the mentaiko too which was alllright. Supporting these biz on the last few days of p2ha


🥰 in meat heaven. This place is almost impossible to dine in usually given it's long queue for pocket friendly prices for generous portions of grill meat, and we're lucky it's on delivery too!

The Karubi (boneless short ribs) has the perfect ratio of fats to meat, making it so chewy and bouncey, well grilled and goes well with the soy marinate. It's portion is overflowing over the rice. Definitely coming back.

About ~$15

The Skewer Bar is behind some creative dishes on their menu at super worth it prices. This set B ft. unagi, chicken karaage, shiitake mushroom, onsen egg and two chicken yakitori is so well executed and full of umami (~$10). Give their stuffed taupok with cheese a try too!

Been wanting to support The Skewers Bar, and it's always booked out. Support them by checking out their online ordering form (check their ig handle: theskewerbar)

This spa's in house cafe is like a sanctuary, where people in their yukata rest after soaking in their spas. I especially love how peaceful and authentic it is, just like the cafes in Japan where it's quiet and serene.

Plus, their food menu is broad across dons, udons, pretty japanese dessert and drinks - and pocket friendly too. I tried out their unique Salmon ochazuke (mostly seen like dashi broth stock poured out of a teapot to immerse the salmon and rice), and savoured every bite. Serving size is just right. (~$11)


The hanging ceiling of paper flowers and the exquisite tiered placement of sushi draws me in, and we got the chope deal with the salmon and premium takeshi roll for $24+. The salmon sushi makes us spoilt for choice: aburi, mentaiko, fresh - you can't go wrong. Service is fast. Do make a booking on a Friday evening, no walk in otherwise (on the day I went). PS. This reminds me of a popular cafe in Jakarta

This bowl of chicken cold reimen accompanies the BBQ well, refreshingly light on taste and with smooth glass noodles that you can easily slurp up. Especially glad that they split it into portions naturally for the two of us (great service!), and each of them is easily a one man portion on its own. The sprouts are on the raw side but gives it a very green taste 🌱 ($18)

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burpple's deal comes with a generous spread of all kinds of meat: tonkatsu, ebi, fried oysters and chicken karaage 🐔🐖🍤🦪. First and foremost, the fried oysters are the bomb, we loved how crispy it is while keeping it naturally juicy and sweet.

Also, you get to pick your meat for the tonkatsu too (there's the trusty pork loins, or you can change to fish, chicken) and we added on cheese

Must say that the tonkatsu and fried fish are both consistently crispy, and coated well with a golden crust. Thumbs up to their rich miso soup as well


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