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Its hard to find japanese food that doesnt hit the mark. Its always irresistable
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Had this Unagi and Cream Cheese roll from Rollie Olie and its all the recharging I need after a long day :-)

Perf blend of both savoury and sweet in a roll.


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This bowl is overflowing with goodness - with a good assortment of veggie - and flowy ramen egg. The cheesy chicken ball is unique too. Its definitely value for money at $15.50 and its extremely filling. (wished theres more rice heh)

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Newly opened a few days ago, now we have another contender for the dim sums and carbs from hong kong. Had the prawn dumpling mee, soup was strong with the prawn essence, but felt too salty towards the end. Prawn is chunky too.

Ps. My fave is the 红油抄手 which is not featured. Also, they provide 30% off 9pm-2am and 9am-11am dimsum.

Overall, a place capturing the hk ambience and with good service :-)

in one place, aka ramen + tendon! Got this roasted miso ramen which surprised me with the buttery richness of the miso broth, the amount of veggie and the springy egg ramen. However, i would have preferred if the veggie is slightly more cooked (less crunchy onions? Personal preference)

With a charsiew piece that tenderly melts in your mouth, all feels okay. Midweek boost! ($12.80+$2 drink - with one for one!)

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Ended off Monday with this flowy cheese hamburg, but the scene stealer was the eggs!! I especially loved the fried egg topped with okonomiyaki flavours (mayo, bonito flakes, teriyaki sauce). The creamy scrambled eggs come a close second. Buffet was perfect for a famished me.

However, i did expect more dimensions of flavours to the cheese hamburg, given that it has 3 cheeses. The demi-glace sauce matched well!


Completed my friday night with this decadent bowl: cheese and beef are my two favourites, and putting them together, voila! Its an explosion of flavours from the first bite.

Only gripe is the vegetable is slightly too crunchy. But they definitely found out what their predesessor (yoshinoya) didnt- how to make a mean don with tantalising and overflowing beef.

👍 Nett prices (!!!) including $3.9 for soba, $6.5 for mini chirashis. A new budget place in town. This costs $11.90

💰 Only cash + nets payments

👍 Love how they play familiar jap + korean songs

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The colours are so appetising! Also, glad that I got the mentaiko aburi salmon + mixed chirashi-don because its good to switch the flavours once in awhile (especially when the mentaiko gets heavy). The mentaiko is strong even for me.

This is a great deal for the serving of fresh seafood (the scallops is yums). Its about $10 pp after burpple one for one!

I think its great that they serve bowls of ramen and soba at pocket friendly prizes! This bowl of mazesoba which includes slices of smoked duck, a slightly bland runny egg and bamboo shoots goes for only $5.80! However, i thought the sauce for the mazesoba is slightly unusual and taste of black pepper. Mmm...

The prawns with yuzu mayo is definitely a must order, with both myself and my friend savouring every bit of its crispiness and refreshing combi. Also goes for $5.80 赞👍

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Finally got to try this on a day off! It has all my favourites including unagi sushi with cream cheese, sashimi, seared salmon with mentaiko (not feat.) amazed by the train service :-)


Nothing like kicking back after work with some fresh oyster pops ($2 each), aburi salmon makis and fresh cuts of sashimi ($1 each). Could only wish we ordered more oysters and sashimis, but alas, happy hour is over. The white tuna sashimi is my favourite.

Gave in to indulgences and got more makis!! This truffle winter rolls must be how heaven taste like. You can smell the whiff of truffle before sinking your teeth into it. The aburi fragrance of the supple white tuna completes the whole maki experience. The fried golden prawn tried to dethrone the aburi tuna to give an overall multidimensional taste 👍👍

($16.90 before GST)

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Oh what joy it is, to have this glorious patty with melty cheese inside, and the curry thats simmering hot and sweet with hints of mushrooms and onions. Its a good 开工饭 and especially so after a long and challenging week of work!

Perks, its only $3.50 from mealpal 😊

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