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Its hard to find japanese food that doesnt hit the mark. Its always irresistable
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng
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Completed my friday night with this decadent bowl: cheese and beef are my two favourites, and putting them together, voila! Its an explosion of flavours from the first bite.

Only gripe is the vegetable is slightly too crunchy. But they definitely found out what their predesessor (yoshinoya) didnt- how to make a mean don with tantalising and overflowing beef.

๐Ÿ‘ Nett prices (!!!) including $3.9 for soba, $6.5 for mini chirashis. A new budget place in town. This costs $11.90

๐Ÿ’ฐ Only cash + nets payments

๐Ÿ‘ Love how they play familiar jap + korean songs

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The colours are so appetising! Also, glad that I got the mentaiko aburi salmon + mixed chirashi-don because its good to switch the flavours once in awhile (especially when the mentaiko gets heavy). The mentaiko is strong even for me.

This is a great deal for the serving of fresh seafood (the scallops is yums). Its about $10 pp after burpple one for one!

I think its great that they serve bowls of ramen and soba at pocket friendly prizes! This bowl of mazesoba which includes slices of smoked duck, a slightly bland runny egg and bamboo shoots goes for only $5.80! However, i thought the sauce for the mazesoba is slightly unusual and taste of black pepper. Mmm...

The prawns with yuzu mayo is definitely a must order, with both myself and my friend savouring every bit of its crispiness and refreshing combi. Also goes for $5.80 ่ตž๐Ÿ‘

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Finally got to try this on a day off! It has all my favourites including unagi sushi with cream cheese, sashimi, seared salmon with mentaiko (not feat.) amazed by the train service :-)


Nothing like kicking back after work with some fresh oyster pops ($2 each), aburi salmon makis and fresh cuts of sashimi ($1 each). Could only wish we ordered more oysters and sashimis, but alas, happy hour is over. The white tuna sashimi is my favourite.

Gave in to indulgences and got more makis!! This truffle winter rolls must be how heaven taste like. You can smell the whiff of truffle before sinking your teeth into it. The aburi fragrance of the supple white tuna completes the whole maki experience. The fried golden prawn tried to dethrone the aburi tuna to give an overall multidimensional taste ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

($16.90 before GST)

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Oh what joy it is, to have this glorious patty with melty cheese inside, and the curry thats simmering hot and sweet with hints of mushrooms and onions. Its a good ๅผ€ๅทฅ้ฅญ and especially so after a long and challenging week of work!

Perks, its only $3.50 from mealpal ๐Ÿ˜Š

QQ's foray into bentos is pretty interesting with this tomato salmon. For $1 its worth it and aids me towards eating more clean, though the rice mix seens to be of the drier and plainer side

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This platter consists of some unique and unusual sushi which i felt was more adventurous. For instance, the kani fumi miso sushi in grey (crab leg with miso), the Hokkigai clam (in red), akagai clam (second from left). The seafood sure taste fresh, though my favourite has to go to the seaweed maki topped with a dollop of mayo/sour cream!

$69.90 from sakae & ps. some pieces were missing here because we're too hungry!

Finally tried this place, and it teleported me to hokkaido :D which is known for their soup curry and salt ramen. I missed the soup curry we had there.

I had the tomato cream omu rice. Feels like nothing can go wrong with tomato cream, which is easy on the palate and never makes you feel gelat.

The porcini souffle was an interesting dish that i wasnt used to, because it felt like a mix of dessert and rissotto. The porcini taste was also a little too light, though of course, we enjoyed wobbling the souffle dish.

Soup curry was good and generous with ingredients! It is a more soupy version of the typical japanese curry and is always welcomed.


My favourite Japanese dish! Trying it out at this awarded Tokyo chain and savoured every crisp and tenderness of the unagi. It tasted honey-sweet and I barely felt the bones. Honestly felt like its comparable to Manman. Though, the broth for the soup didn't taste the most flavourful.

Plus points that the service is great and they let you touch and play around with the eels. Having jpassport also gives you a free green tea.

($32.90 for M size)

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For $2.50 a chunk, it may seem overpriced. But the way they prepared it (24h marination) allowed the flavours to seep into all of the meat & skin. It simply slides off the bone. Called KFC (katanashi fried chicken), it may trump the original one.

Also, A+ for service, value and views here

I write to remember good food, and to share the most humble of eats

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