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Its hard to find japanese food that doesnt hit the mark. Its always irresistable
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

It's beef bowl is indeed smokey, with it being slightly overwhelmed by the teriyaki sauce. The cod fish bowl was good too! A little taken aback by the miso soup with beef essence too. (On burpple one for one! ) Love the veggie ratio here!


Am wowed over by the *mountain* of Angus beef in my truffle don, it feels so luxurious.

Part of the experience is seeing the staff torch the beef in front of you, hear it sizzle, before it's sprayed with truffle sauce. However, the sauce does get a little overwhelming and feels sodium saturated after awhile. The miso soup is also very flavourful ($22.90)


Had this spread for Xmas with the family!

It tastes just like a honey marinade, and the cod fish is oh so tender, definitely a win for it's taste. Just a slight pity that the skin is all charred black. But kudos to the authentic charcoal grilling of the meat - real kungfu there.

One of the highlights is also the miso soup with their luscious pearl rice

Wish there's an egg station in this salad bar too

Enjoyed the radish and cheese that came with the cod fish too! ($25.90)

Sharing both their food and their story with the heartlands in toa payoh - making fancy Japanese dishes affordable for the masses. From seeing the torched mentaiko, it's irresistible smell, and digging in to the generous mentaiko paired with nicely done salmon (crisp skin, tender flesh) - it's a winner. ($8.80)

This place is about a 5mins walk from Braddell mrt

Also happy that they now have an outlet in bugis!

Back here twice already, and will readily recommend it if you want a solid don. With a group of friends, it was great to share all their signature dishes

The ever tantalising Signature Truffle Wagyu Don, where you can smell the truffle permeating the air. My slight grip is that it can get salty after awhile, but wobbly fragrant egg, check, generous tender beef slices checked, happiness checked. ($21.90 for Large)

Our next favourite is the mentaiko salmon don ($18.90 for R) with a slight scorched taste. The barachirashi ($17.90 for R) and spicy salmon don ($17.90 for R) was alright too, but the spiciness for the salmon don comes from the little chili, so be warned.

Thankful for pocket friendly dons, but do go for the regular or large sizes if you are famished. Its also on BB!

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Trying their crispy pork katsu set for the first time, which includes ebi, crab croquette, chawanmushi and! free flow miso soup, rice and cabbage.

The pork katsu is well fried, v lean and my favourite is the rare fatty bits of the cutlet.
The miso soup together with rice feels so homely... towards the end, the cutlet may get a little soggy.

Filling feast:)

$24.90 usually, but there's 50% promotion for its birthday, you can catch it in the upcoming Saturday at 100am mall!

Had this Unagi and Cream Cheese roll from Rollie Olie and its all the recharging I need after a long day :-)

Perf blend of both savoury and sweet in a roll.


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This bowl is overflowing with goodness - with a good assortment of veggie - and flowy ramen egg. The cheesy chicken ball is unique too. Its definitely value for money at $15.50 and its extremely filling. (wished theres more rice heh)

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Newly opened a few days ago, now we have another contender for the dim sums and carbs from hong kong. Had the prawn dumpling mee, soup was strong with the prawn essence, but felt too salty towards the end. Prawn is chunky too.

Ps. My fave is the 红油抄手 which is not featured. Also, they provide 30% off 9pm-2am and 9am-11am dimsum.

Overall, a place capturing the hk ambience and with good service :-)

in one place, aka ramen + tendon! Got this roasted miso ramen which surprised me with the buttery richness of the miso broth, the amount of veggie and the springy egg ramen. However, i would have preferred if the veggie is slightly more cooked (less crunchy onions? Personal preference)

With a charsiew piece that tenderly melts in your mouth, all feels okay. Midweek boost! ($12.80+$2 drink - with one for one!)

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Ended off Monday with this flowy cheese hamburg, but the scene stealer was the eggs!! I especially loved the fried egg topped with okonomiyaki flavours (mayo, bonito flakes, teriyaki sauce). The creamy scrambled eggs come a close second. Buffet was perfect for a famished me.

However, i did expect more dimensions of flavours to the cheese hamburg, given that it has 3 cheeses. The demi-glace sauce matched well!


Completed my friday night with this decadent bowl: cheese and beef are my two favourites, and putting them together, voila! Its an explosion of flavours from the first bite.

Only gripe is the vegetable is slightly too crunchy. But they definitely found out what their predesessor (yoshinoya) didnt- how to make a mean don with tantalising and overflowing beef.

👍 Nett prices (!!!) including $3.9 for soba, $6.5 for mini chirashis. A new budget place in town. This costs $11.90

💰 Only cash + nets payments

👍 Love how they play familiar jap + korean songs

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