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Pasta is definitely one of my favourite dishes!
Honeydew Mango
Honeydew Mango

The Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre is quite an interesting one to visit. On the first floor there are your traditional classic hawkers but go one floor up and you will be greeted with a modern twist. Burgernomics is one of the stores on the second level with halal burgers and fries on their menu.

For its price point, I was impressed by the flavours and quality of the food. The meat was well cooked and juicy with nicely charred ends.  Between the buns lie the sautéed mushrooms and truffle aioli which really made it absolutely delicious. The mushrooms add a savoury, earthy touch and the amount of truffle was just perfect.

On the side, I also got their cajun fries which stunned me at first glance. For $2 it was a massive bowl that was more like a two person serving. Quality is not compromised either and thick cut fries were used, providing a crispy exterior and delicate center inside.


It's been a awhile since this raved burger store entered the scene and my never exhausting wishlist of food. I stay in the west, and Golden Mile Food Centre is really not the most convenient location for a meal. After much debate, I finally made my way down to try it for myself and taste if Burgs is indeed worth the hype.

Sandwhiched between the fluffy buns with the familiar logo is a sizeable patty with cheese, green bell pepper and to my surprise, fried shallots! The patty had a good char to the sides and was cooked to a good degree. The addition of shallots made the burger stood out more, giving it an extra pop of asian flavour with a delightful fragrance that lingered. Who knew that it would be such a phenominal combination?!

The fries were decent too, with options to dress it up with different sauces such as cheese and truffle cream. On a side note, they also sell their various fries ala carte so it is great if you just want to get some extra snacks to share. Considering the price point, Burgs is one of the best burgers around and I definitely  see myself returning for more of these.

The appetizer came with a great spread of signature wings, onion rings, chicken tenders, southwest spring rolls and potato skins. I thought it was a really fun platter to dig into, with a plethora of exotic flavours and four dipping sauces to alternate around. The sauces include their homemade honey mustard, hickory barbecue sauce, sour cream and blue cheese. All were unique to Hard Rock and it was an interesting experience to match them with the various finger food.


One of their new items up on the menu, the Guinness inspired burger includes a well cooked juicy beef patty that is topped with jameson jam. The jam was a sweet sauce, mixed with fragrant bacon bits and caramelized onions. Its was an absolutely blissful burger with a mix of sweet, savoury and deliciously sinful flavours. The guinness stout cheese sauce was also pretty interesting and I like the addition of rocket leaves and tomatoes that gave it extra texture. The thick cut fries on the side were also done right and the mustard like sauce complemented it well. One thing to note - portion wise is huge so if you are not a big eater you might want to share!

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It's the 2nd time I am back and the food here is still as good! The Pork Loin Steak came with a good serving of meat that was well-cooked with some nice charred and smoky flavour to it. Spread on the bottom is a bed of truffle infused mash potato and on top is a brown sauce, followed by some vegetables coated in a refreshing cranberry dressing. The dish had such a great balance and tasted like much thought was put into the dish. With the combination of juicy meat, aromatic truffle, crunchy texture and appetizing, tangy sauce a luxurious taste is created.


Definitely one of the best mushroom soups I had by far. Quality ingredients were used and there was a hint of truffle that gave the soup that extra fragrance and earthy flavour.

For $7.90 so worth it!! On some days you just want to treat yourself to a sinful plate of the classic fried fish and fries. Fish & Chicks wowed us with a big piece of fish that was seasoned well and featured a thin flaky tempura-like batter. We also enjoyed the fries which were fried to golden brown perfection and had a similar taste to wedges. The meal also came with purple cabbage coleslaw and some tartar sauce on the side to complement the dish.

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It seems Whathefish has recently moved from its former location to the new Vision Exchange building at Jurong East. This is awesome news for people who stay in the west like me! Being my first time there, I decided to order the classic cod fish & chips, plus an upgrade for truffle fries.

When my order came, I was delighted to be hit with that familiar truffle fragrance. The fries though average, were crispy and fully coated with the delicious goodness. As for the star of the dish, the fish was fresh and retained the right level of tender-firm texture. Crispy, thin batter on the outside paired with delicate cod and some creamy tartar sauce, it was a very enjoyable meal! The dish was also served with a side of salad tossed in tangy balsamic vinegar dressing to help refresh your palate. The only thing I would say was missing was a wedge of lemon for that extra zest. But for generous portions at $10.50 with no additional GST and service charge, it is definitely value for money that will make me come back for more! Another good thing is that the place also comes with air conditioning.

Always on the hunt for food and ban mian

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