Food on the move! 🚶🏻‍♂️

Food on the move! 🚶🏻‍♂️

Easy light bites to takeaway and along the way. No need for 🍴or glam-eating. Bite, wipe and chuck!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

That old school nostalgia.
Get these good piggies from tai chong kok! Old-tradition chinese bake house never gets it wrong! These piggies definitely looked more defined, with better taste than the $0.50 ones from supermarkets!!

$2 for 2 piggies per basket.

I’d say, get the Singapore style peanut roll instead! It’s 20-cents more ($2/roll) but tastes way better than this!

$2/piece - affordable but not exactly cheap for the size. It’s kinda small, with a few peanuts sitting atop the UFO and 1 oyster within. Thankfully, it wasn’t exactly doughy, with a decent amount of minced meat within. Unfortunately it was a little too “fried” for my liking - the dark drown colour kinda sends vibes of reused oil. It was also too salty for my liking - both the dough and the minced meat could do with less salt. Perhaps the dark brown colour of my UFO wasn’t a result of ‘recycled’ oil but rather, soy sauce (?) I wish there were more cilantro greens to balance out the savouriness of this pancake!

Very fragrant, buttery puff! @$1.30/piece, it’s way cheaper than Old Chang Kee’s!!

“Tastes like sour cream & onion potato chips!”
- a clear success for KFC’s new flavour this time

‘Needs no introduction nor review. Who hasn’t had these before, who isn’t in love with ‘em?!

$4/pau. It got me excited! Bigger than my palm, as big as my face! Best served steaming hot - the pork juices oozes out and soaks up the doughy pau skin. I love how the meat are chunky, instead of terribly minced (reminiscent of ‘cheap’ pork). Meat was well marinated and juicy -not a tad dry! It comes with plenty of veggies - including onion pieces as well. I’m not a fan of onions so I actually picked them out. Fortunately the onions were added in fairly pick-able pieces (not chopped to lil teeny pieces). Within the pau there’s hard boiled 🥚 and lap cheong too! Love how Nam Kee fills the pau so generously with protein bits - the meat: dough ratio is easily 60:40! It’s a very very very satisfying meal if you devour the entire pau by yourself!

This “trendier” looking store front caught my eye when it first opened. With favepay, gimmicky marketing taglines like “daily protein bowl”, it surely stood out from the traditional roasts stalls. Expectedly, there’s no “char” on the charsiew cooked via the old school methods but it terms of taste, it isn’t too far off and in face, pretty good. Here’s a $3.50 pack of charsiew rice, laden with 2 types of gravy - 1 charsiew and 1 ‘brown’ gravy (the typical gravy you get from economical rice stores). While they used to allow you to pick and choose from a selection of veggies - cucumber, broccoli etc, they only offer cucumbers now! It’s a really value lunch in you need some quick and pocket- friendly roast for comfort!

Was excited to finally try the churros from one of the renowned joints in Seoul! There’s a huge range of churros on display as you walk into the cafe. I was spoilt for choices at the huge variety of coated churros, and the assortment of chocolate dips to choose from. The three we had were chocolate coated with peanuts, almond nuts and sugar dusting (as boring as it sounds). Satisfied that they were all crispy and yet fluffy on the inside. Thankfully, they weren’t reeking of oil either!

Let’s Be Frank, this is really really good! @$6.90, the fluffy bun is stuffed with a fat sausage and generously loaded with truffle egg mayo. It’s too too too delicious!

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My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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