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Hidden Find

Hidden Find

Featuring Picnic, Typhoon Cafe, Citrus Bistro, Good Year Seafood Village, Fat Po
Henry Soh
Henry Soh

House - made lion mane patty and a breaded shroom patty sits gloriously between between a charcoal sesame seed bun

Flavourful Tom Yum taste. The squid were nicely done. Only the mussel is a bit tough.

A nice taste of lemon and garlic flavour. Size of prawn can be bigger in order to bring out its taste to the dish. However due to it being serve in a container, space was therefore limited. Cost $14.90.

Ambience of the restaurant was nice. Service wise still have lots of room for improvement.

A big piece of Har Cheong Gai. Feels sinful to eat the crispy skin but it keeps calling for you all the time.

Customer service and presentation of food were good.

Generous amount of ingredients. However the prawns were not cooked thoroughly. The staff was informed and they gladly took back the prawns and prepared another three prawns. 1 out of the 3 prawns served later were not fresh. The texture of that prawn was powdery when I was trying to remove its shell.

Otherwise presentation of food is pretty similar to what was shown on their menu. Customer service was good.

They ran out of hor fun and I settle for the similar dish with Ye Mee. The presentation is totally off from the menu picture. Taste wise very normal. Did not really taste any crab meat. Super NOT worth what is stated on the price tag.

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Another dish with menu picture pretty off from actual dish. There is the wok flavour in the taste. But will not pay to eat this again as I could get similar flavour from normal Zi Char shop.

Picture in the menu is really off from actual dish. Taste wise still acceptable but on the pricy side. Will not try again.

I can understand when the picture in the menu is slightly off from actual dish. But this is really off. Taste wise still acceptable.

Totally disappointed with the actual cake as compared to the one advertised on the pamphlet shown in the picture. Finds it too sweet and I had to discard it after one spoon. Highly recommended for those in need of a sugar rush.

I can't complain further since its free. đŸ˜…

For those who crave for it. Lacks the braised flavour. For $11, I think you can put it at other places that provides a better taste.

My kids enjoyed building their own pizza. Good size with an average cost of $17.

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