Amoy Street Food Centre

Amoy Street Food Centre

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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

My default bak chor mee combi is always dry mee kia with chilli, so I was really interested to try the soup version when Old Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodle by Liang Haus Noodle Bar opened at Amoy Street Food Centre (#02-82). This stall sells soup bak chor mee with a choice of mee pok, mee kia and kway teow only. The first thing that struck me was how flavourful and garlicky the broth was - it really packed a punch, although towards the end I found it a little salty. The soup came with a generous amount of minced meat, garlic bits and plump wantons. I like that the noodle was not overcooked. A pretty filling and satisfying lunch for $5!

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A pretty decent plate of nasi lemak ($3.10) from Li Xing Nasi Lemak at Amoy Street Food Centre (#02-81) comprising fried chicken wing, luncheon meat, fish cake and peanuts with ikan bilis. Simple and wallet-friendly:)

Decided to give the new wanton noodle stall at Amoy Street Food Centre a go and I didn’t expect Er Gu Wanton Noodle (#01-15) to be this good! Besides thin egg noodle, the stall also offers the option of meepok (thick egg noodle) and thin hor fun. I ordered wanton noodle with meepok ($5 for big) and it came with a generous portion of noodles and boiled and fried wanton. The meepok is springy and the larger surface area is thoroughly coated in the delicious and feisty sauce. However, what truly sets it apart from the rest is the wanton - the skin is thin, the flavourful pork filling is infused with the fragrance of sesame oil and did I mention how plump each one is! I think I might have found my favourite wanton noodle stall at Amoy Street Food Centre👏🏻

The Ban Mian Fish Soup stall (#02-134) at Amoy Street Food Centre allows you to customise your fish soup from a selection of sliced fish, fried fish, salmon and even red grouper. I’m generally not a fan of fish soup, but the Double Fish Soup ($6, if upgrade to salmon) is not bad! The fried fish batter is crispy and not oily, the salmon is fresh and the soup is flavourful. The tangy chilli adds a kick to the comforting soup. Enjoyed this!

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The Char Kway Teow ($3) from Amoy Street Food Centre (#01-01) is sweet, savoury and packed of wok hei - it’s pretty legit! The dash of lime juice cuts through the strong flavours and gives it a refreshing twist. Guilty pleasure checked ✅


Can we take a moment to appreciate how generous this plate of Chicken Feet Noodles ($4 + $1 for extra wonton) from Wen Xiu Ji Noodles (Amoy Street Food Centre #01-31) is? The chicken feet are huge and they are so soft that the skin falls apart from the bones effortlessly. The wontons are flavourful, the skin is thin and you get 5 extra wantons for just $1👏🏻 The springy noodles is tossed in a delicious braise sauce and is extra shiok with chilli sauce and green chilli. Satisfied:)!

I’m a big fan of kolo mee, and one of my favourite stalls in Amoy Street Food Centre is Jin’s Noodle, which serves up a hearty bowl of Sarawak Kolo Mee ($4). The springy kolo mee is tossed in a fragrant concoction of lard and chilli. Each bowl comes with char siew, fried wanton, boiled wonton and a dash of fried shallots. The portion is generous and the young bosses are very amiable:) This never fail to perk me up whenever I’m in need for comfort food!

To be honest, I seldom crave for fish soup as I generally lean towards more 重口味 food. I decided to try the the Assorted Soup with Ee Mee ($4.50) from Mr Batang Fish @ 96 (Amoy Street Food Centre #02-96) and it turned out to be surprisingly good! Maybe it should not have been such a surprise given the snaking lunchtime queue in front of the stall😅 I like that there is a good variety of ingredients compared to the usual fish soup, such as Batang slice fish, minced meat, prawns and vegetables. The fish is fresh, the prawns are crunchy and the clear looking soup is actually very flavourful. The tangy chilli ties up everything together with an extra oomph. Shall try the Tom Yum soup next time!

Rise and shine☀️! It’s been a while since I visited my favourite muffin shop at Amoy Street Food Centre, Bake_Of. I got myself a Salted Caramel muffin ($1.40) and the first thing that struck me was a whiff of caramel fragrance. The salt balanced out the sweetness of the caramel and the whole muffin was so soft, moist and delightful☺️ Such a steal at $1.40 for a muffin this good. On a quest to try all their flavours someday!

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It’s been a while since I had the Bak Chor Mee ($5 for medium) from Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles at Amoy Street Food Centre (#01-14), and it seems less ketchupy than I remembered it to be - not that I mind as too much ketchup can be jelat at times🤪! This is one of the rare BCM where the pork liver is not overcooked - it’s smooth, crunchy and there is no weird taste👍🏻

👀 Spotted a new pasta stall at Amoy Street Food Centre (#02-128), Fuseat, where you can DIY your meal by choosing your choice of pasta/risotto, ingredients and sauce. The sauces are largely Thai-inspired, ranging from Creamy Tomato with Vodka to Thai Green Curry to Tom Yum with Coconut Milk. I tried the Kra Pow Aglio Prawn and Squid Spaghetti ($8.50) today and the fragrance of the basil really comes through and complements the pasta and seafood well. The portion is quite decent as well, especially since there is a promotion now where you can add chicken or mushroom (usual price $2) for free! Looking forward to trying the other interesting flavours on the menu:)!

A comforting bowl of kway chap ($3.50) from 郭亞吟潮州粿汁 Teochew Kway Chap at Amoy Street Food Centre (#02-117) - the ingredients are well-braised and soft, and the vinegary and garlicky chilli goes very well with the kway chap👍🏻

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