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Kuala Lumpur City Area

Kuala Lumpur City Area

Featuring Merchant's Lane, QUIVO, Strato at Troika Sky Dining, Leaf & co. Cafe, Wild Honey (Pavilion KL), PAUL (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur), PS150, Seniman Kakao, Urban Artisan (Jalan Petaling), THIRTY8
Serena Ho
Serena Ho
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Tender and moist grilled Wagyu beef patty with streaky beef bacon, melted chilli cheese, avocado, house made onion jam and fried egg. The combo was really good. Not a fan of the onion jam though.

The fried egg was supposed to be runny but it wasn’t. A very filling burger. Worth a try if you love beef burgers.

This is RM69.

Organic pulled chicken mixed with house made herb mayonnaise. I like that the amount of mayonnaise was just right and you get a hint of the herbs in it. Some places tend to put a bit too much.

Nothing stood out with this sandwich.

This is RM36.

Good amount of seafood. There’s mussels, prawns, squid and scallops. The seafood were perfectly cooked and the linguine was al dente.

This is RM45.

Another healthy rice bowl place.
This place don’t serve brown or multigrain rice but they serve white rice. Kind of odd for a healthy place. I had couscous for the base.

Compared to other rice bowl spots, this place gives lesser ingredients. Prefer if it was more balanced. Taste wise, it was good.

There are 2 sizes; regular or mighty bowl. The difference is the mighty bowl gets 2 proteins.

Regular bowl is RM16.90 and mighty bowl is RM18.90.

It was tough looking for this place! Didn’t know Fahrenheit has hidden shops! To get to this place from the main entrance, walk straight from the entrance. Keep to the left side. After Sun Paradise, there is a door. Go through that door. You’ll see a language centre. KITA coffee is on the right.

The latte was really smooth with a sweet bitter aftertaste. Worth the hunt. Oh...I ordered it to go, hence the paper cup.

This is RM12.

The chocolate was made from dark chocolate so it isn’t overly sweet. Good that they didn’t use milk chocolate. The crust was thin and dense. I like this. Good for sharing because I think that chocolate is a bit too much for one person.

This is RM16.90.

The hazelnut cream was not overly sweet. The eclair was light and airy as you would expect from a French bakery. Nothing wow about this.

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If you’re hungry, go for this. Quite a big portion compared to the pasta due to the rice. Oddly, it was suppose to be brown rice but when it came, it was white rice. The lemongrass chicken was flavourful. Love the charred corn! Love this rice bowl despite the different rice.

This is RM23.50.

The pasta was al dente. The gravy was a tiny bit on the salty side for me. There are chilli flakes and red chilli in this dish but you can’t really taste the spiciness. Wish there was some vegetables in the pasta. Clams were nicely cooked too. Nothing wow about it. Just as expected.

This is RM21.20.

Coconut milk with chocolate? Hhmmm....a bit dubious since I’m thinking of an overly heavy taste of coconut milk. It turned out better than expected. A unique drink for sure.

This is RM13.80.

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Love this cafe! Nice interior and set up. Nicely hidden. And so many chocolate options for the choc lover.

They have many different chocolate drinks. Seeing the hot weather, I ordered the chocolate with coconut milk.
It was delicious! The sweet coconut water and the bitter dark chocolate was a perfect marriage! There were also shavings of chocolate at the bottom. Recommended!

This is RM13.80.

Al dente pasta. Not overly creamy like some carbonara I’ve had. So it won’t make you feel queasy. Portion was just right.

This is RM37.

Mostly pescatarian

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