Kuala Lumpur City Area

Kuala Lumpur City Area

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Serena Ho
Serena Ho

This gelato really tastes like the ones I’ve had in Italy! Apparently, their gelato is made by someone who actually went to Italy to learn how to make it.

This is RM10.

Like typical authentic Italian pizzas, they don’t come with a lot of toppings but simple as this. This is topped with a mix of Italian mushrooms. Love it!

This is RM36.

Well balanced flavour between the cheese and the tomato base on thin crust. We added buffalo mozzarella as it was recommended. Overall not too cheesy.

This is RM30. Additional RM10 if you add-on buffalo mozzarella.

This is one of their signatures. It comes with either 5 pieces of lotus leaf bun or 4 bowls of poppy seed rice. Opted for the buns. Thought the salmon curry would be something different from the other options. The curry was really good thought a bit more spice would make it better (I’m highly influenced by Indian curries haha).
The salmon are all in small pieces and deboned. There are also eggplant and long beans in the curry. Wish the curry was more so we can soak our buns in it.

This is RM50.

Spiced rum with calamansi and pineapple juice, laksa leaves, ginger flower and assam boi. It does come tasting like assam laksa! The bowl it was served in reminds me of those bowls used for Chinese medicine. If you want something different, try this!

This is RM42.

Kaffir lime and mint leaves infused vodka with orange and lemon juice. A refreshing drink if that’s what you’re looking for. Love that the drink came with peanuts and wasabi peas.

This is RM42.

An interesting mix of black glutinous rice and squid ink jasmine rice. Very sticky indeed. The rice is served with soft shell crab with a side of mango kerabu and topped with papadam. The soft shell crab was nicely fried and none of those sogginess when it cooled down. I’d say its a pretty big portion unless you’re really hungry. Oh also, the sambal is sandwiched between the boiled egg and cucumber. More sambal would be good too. Haha. Recommended!

This is RM38.

This is essentially what we call ying yong noodles. The noodles are really crispy. The gravy is poured over the noodles upon serving with maintains the crispiness of the noodles. The gravy is quite little but if you want more, you can request. There’s rice wine in this but barely noticeable. This was really delicious and the 2 big prawns that came with it was well cooked. Love it!

This is RM48.

This bowl does not come with rice. It comes with a lot of microgreens with roasted oyster mushrooms, crunchy chickpeas and cherry tomatoes. The highlight of this is the side of spicy tempeh skewers. Reminds me of satay!

This is RM22.

Flavourful fried rice with hedgehog mushroom skewers, papadam and sambal. As this place is vegan, rest assured that the sambal is vegan. The fried rice was quite a big portion. A very filling meal.

This is RM23. You can opt to add fried egg for additional RM2.

Balls of cauliflower rice and mushroom. So so good! Deliciously fragrant too! Comes with vegan cheese dip. Highly recommend.

This is RM16.

Love the number of new cafes popping up in Chinatown. Lovely to see how they deco the vintage facade of the shop lots.

This was one of those cafes I visited recently. Was looking for coffee, so this seemed to serve that well with the name consisting of the word “kopi”.

I saw this coffee trio and thought it’d be an interesting try. It has KL coffee, Ipoh coffee and Malacca coffee. What I expected was small glasses. Imagine my shock when it came in 3 medium sized glasses. This is definitely one for sharing. I pretty much overdosed on coffee after that.

The 3 coffees are quite different in taste, which was interesting. This is a good way to taste how coffees are different in these 3 states. I would recommend this to coffee lovers.

This is RM14.90.

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