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Featuring Park Bench Deli, The Populus Coffee & Food Co., I am... (Haji Lane), Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Orchard), Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire, Hoshino Coffee (ION Orchard), Café&Meal MUJI (Raffles City), Café by Plain Vanilla
Koe Koe
Koe Koe

Quick brunch at Tiong Bahru Bakery. I will always stick to my choice of Brie and Mushroom Croissant for savouries, as nothing can go wrong with good old creamy Brie cheese with sautéed mushrooms, mustard and caramelised onions.
Tried the blueberry lemon muffin for the first time, the muffin was moist, however I preferred less lemon curd in it as some parts of the muffin had huge chunks of lemon curd concentrated in areas and it became way too sour.

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The Hans Im Glück is a beef burger with sourdough bread, parmesan cheese, rocket, balsamic creme and parma ham. The beef was juicy and the vegetables were fresh, with huge slice of onion in the burger. This burger was a tad dry though, but still delicious.
The Birkenwald is your usual burger atop a sour dough bun with mushrooms and sour cream. The sour cream was not overpowering and the mushrooms gave the burger an earthy touch.
Added $5 for a set which came with steak fries, which were really good fries crispy and fluffy, especially with the array of sauces at each table (i personally love the barbeque and orange mustard). We got the mint elderflower which was quite refreshing and the english breakfast tea, which was quite lackluster as compared to the rest of the meal.
The ambience is really great though, it had a fairytale like forest outdoor look and the menu looked like a children's book which was so cute. Will definitely return here again.

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3 deli set comes with a hot deli and 2 cold deli, rice and soup.
For the soup you get a choice between miso and cumin carrot soup. Go with the carrot soup. I adore it it's delicious.
I upgraded my which rice to 16 grain brown rice free of charge because I like the chewy texture of the grains.
I got the sakura chicken, truffle mushroom pasta and the smoked salmon salad. I could taste the truffle in the pasta and the mandarin oranges in the salad balanced out the smoked salmon. The chicken had miso and spice and it was tender.

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The vanilla bean was really sweet, too sweet for me really so I didn't really like it. A good old vanilla icing with vanilla cake and a little cookie. However the vanilla taste shone through in both the icing and the cake. If are a vanilla person this is for you.
The salted ricotta and nutella was my favourite. Vanilla and chocolate cupcake with a center of salted ricotta with nutella and vanilla icing topped with oreo crumbs. The nutella was sweet so the ricotta balanced it out.
Both cupcakes were extremely moist and I love their batter. The icing isn't like the normal buttercream you find at other cupcake stores and I find it a bit on the sweeter side.
Overall really good cupcake and hoping to try their brownies another time :)

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Bring a friend to split your sandwiches so you can try more at a go :)
I have a soft spot for cubanos. This cubano had pulled pork, cheese, ham, mustard and pickles. Its ham, cheese and mustard. Who doesn't love ham, cheese and mustard? I love mustard. Okay so I might be biased but it was a good sandwich. Really flavorful and juicy but the pork and mustard overpowered a lot though.
The crispy fried chicken had jap cucumbers, spicy mayo, a really really huge piece of sous vide fried chicken and cabbage slaw. Those with a nonexistent spice tolerance please don't order this. I love the chicken though, the batter was crispy and was not thick. There was a very strong taste of buttered bread throughout the whole sandwich.
Gonna go back to try the patty melt and loaded tots :))))))


Boss burger with mushrooms, beef patty, lettuce, tomato and truffle mayo. The truffle was really prominent in this dish and the portion was really big. The fries are fries and everyone loves fries. I really liked the chili they served with it I think they mixed it with ketchup heh.
The chai tea latte was an impulse buy as the sun was scorching but I don't regret it. One of the best chai tea lattes I've had. The spices were not too strong and it was cold, thick and creamy.

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Went out and tried the mentaiko battered fish bowl for lunch ($12) the bowl came with battered fish, mentaiko cream sauce, jap rice (customisable), furikake pumpkin and tri coloured slaw. I really liked the slaw it was tangy and cut down the richness from the fish and cream sauce. The mentaiko was not really prominent in the sauce however they were generous with the sauce. Other bowls pictured are the terriyaki chicken ($10) and bulgogi beef rib ($12)
We added a set (+$7) for a drink, soup and cake. Soursop and passionfruit was good with chunks of soursop in the drink. The soup was pumpkin soup, it was hearty however it may not be for those who dislike thick soups. The cake was the signature pralet cake (a rich chocolate cake) which was really really good but I suggest you have someone to share it with as it may be too rich for a single person to finish.
Truffle fries are truffle fries. ($10) Fries with truffle oil parmesan and garlic aioli. The fries were good and the truffle was spread throughout the whole serving. The garlic aioli tasted more like normal mayo though.

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This was so good it deserved a post for its own. The cubes of toast were custardy and crispy and sweet. The whipped cream was sweet in itself and can be eaten like that without maple syrup if you are concerned about your sugar intake. But i prefer mine as it is.

Squid ink rice with seafood topped with a fluffy omelette. The omelette was perfectly cooked and creamy. Overall a good dish however the bottom of the rice was a bit dry.

A bit late to the hype of this hipster cafe but brunch was sooo good.
Eggs were creamy and fluffy. The bits of feta cheese added texture and flavour. Personally not a huge fan of bacon but it complimented the eggs well. Croissant was not soggy at all. Overall a good egg and bacon crossiant.
The buckwheat used in the pancakes added a distinct flavour however the pancakes were still good. The insides were extremely fluffy like a sponge cake and the exterior was crispy. The maple syrup added sweetness to it though I could not really taste the thyme. The berry fruit compote and passion fruit curd were less sour than I thought it would be which is good and I loved loved loved the cornflake crumb which added a crunch to the whole thing.
Staff were rather friendly and helpful :)


Part 2 of the $53 National Day Promotion (2 mains, 2 drinks, 1 dessert) until end of August.
Ordered the seasonal strawberry pancakes as the dessert ($16.90 ala carte) pancakes were fluffy and good with 3 huge strawberries a dollop of ice cream and cream, portion was quite big so good for sharing after a meal.
Fries with wasabi sauce ($6 ala carte, +$5 to the set) were pretty average, wasabi sauce was too watery and fries were not crispy enough can skip this one.

Went to Hoshino coffee as they have a National day promotion until the end of August. $53 for 2 mains, 2 drinks and a dessert, which can be chosen from everything in the menu.
Ordered the Omu Souffle Curry, fried rice with mushrooms and bacon, souffle omelette on top with beef curry.
($18.20 ala carte) Portion was big, souffle was very fluffy however there was an unecessary dollop of butter on top which did not fit in with the rest. Fried rice was fragrant and the curry was spicy enough, with a slight sweetness, not sure if it was on purpose, chunks of beef in curry was tender however there were only about 3 chunks in the curry 2 of which were mostly fat. :(
The hot matcha latte ($9 ala carte) was pretty average but still good.

Koe Koe

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