All About Starbucks

All About Starbucks

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Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappe (got free drink - 60 stars) (Venti - $9.90) oh yes everyone dm me abt the taste for frappe. So I felt that I drank the drink was quite plain or not much taste for a few sips but I managed to taste for chunks of strawberries towards the drink. U can bring the drink to garden by the bays for taking photos of drink as the flower display is under sakura season 🌸

Dark Chocolate Truffle Brownie Cake (Starbucks × Awfully Chocolate Collaboration) ($7.90) It's bit tad dry (lack of moisture) and quite hard for cutting into half. But the cocoa level was quite bitter and shiok for me.

I got hesitation when they did released the halloween drink for Spook 2020 Frap ($9.90). They always released matcha or chocolate flavoured drink but they combined with chocolate with strawberry. that's why I didn't really keen to try but with free drink I considered a bit. so like it was tasting like milo after the ice melted already. For me, I don't fancy strawberry in the first place (no comment for strawberry part) but I just want to experience halloween mood. I decided to write first before releasing post for exact date. I always forgot to write things unless it's planning ahead. I always like to plan things ahead because I got bad memory to remember things on hand. sorry guys, my memory was getting better a bit but sometimes got bad habits cannot remember things on hand.

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino ($9) was less milky and I like strong flavour for pumpkin spice inside the drink. 🎃 To be honest, I never tried the drink b4 so its quite okay. OK I forgot to post this but left it at draft mode. 😅👌

Pumpkin Spice Latte ($8.20) was quite milky and got dairy intolerant mood after drinking halfway. I like strong flavour for pumpkin spice inside the drink. 🎃 To be honest, I never tried the drink b4 so its quite okay.

Peach Cloud with Jelly (Grande - $7.80) look not that bad 😋 and a bit sweet aftertaste (peach flavour) :") But I felt that it was quite milky taste for the cloud (milk based) I didn't requested for huge straw to eat jelly from the drink. I literally use two straws lol and its hard to drink for getting pearls from the drink.

I found Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappuccino turned out to be sweet towards the end of drink. The banana sauce was quite strong sweet taste. Quite crunchy due to the granola while sipping the drink. Need to stir before drinking frappuccino bc the chocolate milk foam was at bottom of the drink. Acai inspired dessert went out of usual frappuccino drink.

Carrot Cake ($6.90) The cream cheese (moist) and fillings (dry) complemented well together as Carrot Cake. The fillings inside the cake contains a lot of sliced walnuts and topped with crunchy walnuts.

Signature Chocolate Cake ($6.80) I realised that it was quite strong bitter aftertaste due to dark chocolate sauce. High Recommended for Chocolate Lovers.

Lastly not list, shoutout to @whatisdieting for reminding me for bulk purchase at Starbucks and she also recommended me to get for Red Velvet Cake.

Mermaid Cheesecake ($6.90) look quite asethetic and pretty cake under dreamy desserts series but taste for the cake quite sweet due to the bottom layer of the cake - caramel. But the cake (cheesecake) itself was quite cheesy and creamy. It's highly recommended to get yuzu cheesecake instead.

Tropical Triple Citrus ($7.80) are using green tea mixed with different blend of three orange juices topped with grapefruit, lemon and orange slices. It tasted like atas orange juice tbh and turned sweet to sour towards of the drink. Need to squeeze the juices out of the slices for blending the drink.

I realised that Mango Jelly for Matcha Mango Freeze (Grande Size - $8.70) was quite pulpy and hard to suck up from thick paper straw. I like Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale (Grande Size - $8.70) made of Matcha Latte and Oolong Tea Jelly. Oolong Tea Jelly was quite crunchy and strong taste inside the jelly. Please don't drink on night time as Oolong Tea contain caffeine and hard to sleep on night.

Houjicha Frappicuno (Venti - $8.70) I found its average and mild roasted tea taste. I think it's average standard of hojicha and similar to green tea quality. I think I want to try it out Pure Matcha Latte (without sugar) next time. Most of my friend recommended for Pure Matcha Latte too.


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