Jiak Angmoh

Jiak Angmoh

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Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

Super Dario world comes with beef, spinach and ricotta cheese while Super Dario is filled with beef and parmesan cheese. Second time here at this cozy cafe but I still love the vibes here - not too crowded, free whiffs of freshly baked lasagna and cheese all around in the air and a really friendly Italian boss who would share with you proudly about his different lasagna creations. The portion may look small but it was definitely filling enough!

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Staff discount for selected lunch mains! I enjoyed the variety of vegetables in this poke bowl from grilled eggplant, carrots and corn to baby spinach and blanched broccoli (all the vegetables are lightly seasoned and very tasty!) These came with salmon sashimi coated in Japanese sesame sauce and served with sushi rice and an onsen egg. Everything was good except I thought the sashimi wasn’t that fresh.

Prosciutto pizza was not bad, though I wish there were more parma ham slices. The crust was also not super crispy and the dough was a bit on the thick side for me. You can help yourself to additional shaved parmesan from the salad bar counter.

Lasagna was very disappointing... Somehow it wasn’t served hot, the pasta sheets were way too thick and the ratio of meat to pasta was just too low. I could only taste the tartness of the tomato sauce and basically, the cheese taste was non-existent. Would not order this again sadly.

Order a main before 7pm to get one round of salad bar!!! I love salad bars simply because I love vegetables and I love trying a little bit of everything on display. While this salad bar’s variety wasn’t too extensive, each item was done well (perfectly blanched broccoli, sautéed mushrooms!!) and the dressings and toppings (balsamic vinaigrette, freshly shaved parmesan cheese, assorted nuts) were wonderful.

One for one lunch promotion on weekdays! One (thin) serving of chicken chop, some potato wedges (countable with my 10 fingers) and green beans. The serving was pathetically small... and the oven roasted chicken didn’t taste oven roasted at all - more like grilled?

I understand that they’re busy at lunch time but the service was.. not nice. My friend requested for her pasta to be without garlic and they just replied saying ‘one for one promotion, cannot make changes’. May not be back ever again.

Steak was a little too salty for my liking (it tasted as if it was mainly seasoned with salt flakes on the exterior) and the herb butter on top sadly did little to augment the flavour. As for the soufflé, I appreciated its texture but the roquefort cheese sort of an acquired taste so nah, not really for me either.

But overall, still a good meal, especially since soufflés are quite hard to find in Singapore!

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Who knew a hearty beef stew and a fluffy comté soufflé could complement each other so well? The beef stew, with its generous servings of tender, juicy beef cubes with bacon, carrots and mushrooms drenched in a thick gravy, is bound to warm your tummy and soul. The comté soufflé provided a nice contrast in both texture and flavour as it was fluffy (almost as if eating a cloud!) and mildly sweet.

Apart from the good food, the restaurant had a nice and quiet ambience, as though transporting me back to France with French music playing in the background. Once again, a fantastic deal thanks to burpple!!

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Certainly does the 14 hour smoking with salt and pepper justice cos the meat was really flavourful with a mild charred taste. The meat was very lean and this made it a bit too tough at certain parts. Once again, a bit too pricey for my liking considering the serving size! May not be back sadly...

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Apple cider glaze was pretty good - sweet but with a nice zing at the end - while the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender. Unfortunately, the servings were tiny 😢 Definitely wouldn’t pay this price without burpple beyond...

The ravioli came in a bread bowl which is then carved open, allowing the aroma from the truffle mushroom cream to engulf you in waves 🤤 But the 💯 presentation is not all this dish’s got - each ravioli, with its thin pasta case, was stuffed with generous amounts of spinach and ricotta cream, giving it a very satisfying bite as you drench it with the truffle mushroom cream. The cream itself, which was more like a thick broth, was tasty with the aroma of mushroom, truffle and herb but not too heavy. We gladly soaked up every drop of it with the bread skin!

This has got to be one of the BEST burpple beyond deals yet! Authentic Italian food with a view overlooking the sea and sky!!

Pro tip: Come in the evening when sunny Singapore is just a bit more bearable to enjoy the al fresco dining and an amazing sunset! Then complete your date with a leisurely stroll along the coast in west coast park 😉

Heard that Fat Belly will soon be changing its menu for the experience set and so even though I’ve had this meal months ago and this is a delayed post, I HAVE TO tell everyone how good this steak was!!! This is truly one of the better steaks in Singapore - tender till almost melt-in-the-mouth and full of umami beef juice. Just look at that delightful pink of the medium rare steak! The saltiness of the steak was complemented well with the sweet pumpkin purée (I wish there was even more!)

Fantastic deal with #burpplebeyond once again!

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This photo absolutely DOESN’T do this massive beef cheek any justice!!! As I sunk my teeth into one bite after another of the meat cooked until just light pink, I wondered to myself how on earth could it be so tender and succulent. The sauce was somewhat one-dimensional and a little salty for my liking so thankfully, there wasn’t an excessive amount of it. But overall, very good deal with burpple beyond! (Paid only $16pp after GST and service charge WEW 👍🏼)

Always on the lookout for good nomz

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