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Jiak Angmoh

Jiak Angmoh

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Fat Belly, Glasshouse by DHM, The Marmalade Pantry (Novena), Da Paolo Pizza Bar, Supply & Demand (Novena), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (VivoCity), [email protected] Street
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi
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This was one HEAVENLY dish.

On the first bite, a creamy luscious creme brûlée with bits of crispy blowtorched caramelised sugar swirls around in your mouth. And within seconds, the characteristic fragrance of foie gras explodes on your tongue, leaving you going ??where did that come from??? This is foie gras (or creme brûlée) gone ROGUE I tell you but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just the right size to not get jelat due to the rich flavours in this dish.

Braised beef, bacon, chantenay carrots, sautéed mushrooms and crunchy croutons over a bed of mashed potatoes

I really enjoyed this dish!!! 😋 While there wasn’t really a star of the show, all the ingredients really complemented each other well. The beef itself was braised in a mildly sweet red wine beef broth till tender and succulent and the same sauce was a perfect match for the mashed potatoes. I LOVE ALL BREADS so the croutons were a crunchy delight to find to contrast the other textures on the plate.

I know people like Saveur for the duck confit but I think I loved this even more!

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Back at Da Paolo for pow wow pizza!!! Just 3 main ingredients (truffled mascarpone, mushrooms and truffle oil) to create this simple but well-executed pizza! There was just the right amount of truffle flavour to get us all sniffing the air and salivating when it arrived on our table 😋 I liked the mascarpone cheese which provided a smooth creamy base to the pizza with a tinge of sweetness

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Hans Im Glück ($17) and Birkenwald ($17)

Hans Im Glück: The Italians created parma ham and rocket pizza but the Germans are truly ingenious for making this into a burger!! How great it is to be able to satisfy two cravings at one go! 🥰 I really enjoyed this one-of-a-kind burger flavour for its juicy tender beef patty which went super well with the slight bitterness of the fresh rocket and saltiness of the parma ham and parmesan cheese.

I like that the burgers here are not too oily and you can enjoy the bread (choice of sourdough or multigrain) au naturale - you know how burger buns are usually just a sponge to soak up all the oil?? NOT HERE! Do try the sweet potato fries too! (Similarly not too oily and jelat, fantastic with the variety of sauces to play around with)

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A classic steak with fries done well without burning my pocket (about $20 each after burpple beyond’s one-for-one deals!)😋 The unique sauce is truly worth raving over!!! Words can’t properly encapsulate this taste - was it creamy but with some tinge of zesty sourness and the fragrance of mushrooms? I think you’ve got to try it yourself to believe it!

We heard the fries are free flow but this huge serving was already more than enough! The steak was just alright as the texture was kind of too chewy for my liking. Also comes with a walnut green salad which was a great starter to balance out the guilt from all that fries HEHE.

While I’m not usually a fan of thick cut fries, this one was just so good! Comes with loads of garlic and grated cheese and 2 sauces (tomato chilli, tartar mayo). The only teeny weeny downside is I wish the truffle flavour could be even stronger. It’s also kinda pricey for $17 in my opinion but definitely worth a try.

Other items I enjoyed included the Al Funghi pasta (mushroom flavour really damn on point) and The Morning After pizza.


I had such a hard time here... deciding which was better - the crispy on the outside, moist on the inside sous vide fried chicken or juicy patty melt with caramelised onions and overflowing cheese. But why choose when you can have BOTH with burpple beyond’s fabulous deals!

For me, these two were the most heavenly sandwiches I’ve ever had in mah lifeee (no exaggeration there, please try it to believe it). Park bench deli is a true game changer!

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Parma ham, wild rocket and shaved cheese.

A classic order for me at all pizza restaurants. This rendition by Da Paolo Pizza Bar was alright, not any more outstanding than the other places like Pepperoni’s but the ambience here at HV was fantastic. Tucked away in a small quieter corner of HV, this place is the perfect hideout if you want to have a chill hangout with your friends or a nice romantic date, away from the noise and the constant buzz.

Pro tips:
1. Use the entertainer one for one to get 2 huge pizzas (bigger than your face and my face and trust me you’ll be stuffing your face full) at just $15 per pax!
2. Choose to dine alfresco (on a not so hot Singapore day, that is)

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All hail burpple beyond!! Used the 1-for-1 promotion and only paid $16 (after GST and service charge) for this scrumptious dish!

Who knew an ensemble of humble ingredients could taste so sooo good? The pasta was cooked to a just right al dente and the carbonara sauce with slices of freshly grated parmesan was a perfect blend of flavour and creaminess. I thought I would get gelat after a few mouths but NOPE, I found myself polishing off the whole plate and still wanting more!!


Always on the lookout for good nomz

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