Mainly what i had for lunch
abby neo
abby neo

Walked past this store a couple of times, finally went in for dinner. And boy it did not disappoint!

Opted for a souper combo set - creamy tomato basil soup and sesame chicken popiah. Never knew popiah will go so well with soup! The tomato basil soup was rich in flavour and not overly sweet. The ingredients used in popiah were fresh and crunchy. The sauce was awesome. I usually avoid eating popiah outside as it can be quite a mess to have. But over here in souperstar, eating popiah has made convenient as it is wrapped tightly with the paper wrap.

Overall a very hearty and healthy meal, definitely will be returning whenever my cravings hit.


Located in the newly renovated century square, a new concept by 18 chefs.

Mains start from $12. I went with pasta as pictured, $16 before GST and service charge. The steak was too chewy for my liking, and I dislike arugula. Seasoning was alright but pasta was tad too oily.

For sides, I went with fried calamari with sour plum mayo. It was delish 😋 Love love love the mayo!

Overall, food was okay, worth a try but maybe not return.


This plate of goodness cost me a whopping $25. Thank god the portion made up for it. I was stuffed at the end of it, struggling to finish the bread.

This consists of Sauteed mushroom, bratwurst, grilled back bacon, baked beans, 2 eggs, cherry tomatoes & fresh side salad in balsamic olive dressing with toast. Pretty basic, i like the bacon and bratwurst most out of all.

You can choose your choice of eggs: poached or scrambled or sunny side up. I went with scrambled, it was alright...well you can’t go wrong with egg.

Ambience wise, it is packed to the brim (i went on a saturday morning) so it was quite noisy.

Have not tried their coffee, so most probably will make a second trip down.


A hidden gem in cuppage plaza that offers lunch set daily at only $10 Nett.

All their lunch set comes with a bowl of rice, 1 portion of meat, 1 portion of vegetable, fruit and 1 bowl of miso soup.

In picture, I was having Miso pork set. It was good but not mind-blowing good. Regardless, it is still value for money. *Note* There is a limited quantity daily, so be there earlier to beat the lunch crowd!

Also I have checked with the staff, they will update their daily menu weekly on their facebook page. So Do check their facebook page first before heading down!


Haakon has a great variety of food available especially their salad bowls! Not to mention, they are all packed with flavours! I have gotten a small portion, $10.90 and topped up additional $2 for the steak.

All the ingredients (especially the beetroot hummus and guacamole)came together really well, the spinach pesto sauce was awesome! 😋 Washed it down with Acai Pie (one of their best selling smoothie), not much to shout about, could be less icy!

So far i have not been disappointed by haakon, their standard has been consistent 👍🏻
Also pictured, salmon zoodles $13.90. Yummy but zoodles could be less watery.

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Went down for their lunch set, 1 main + 1 drink.
There were 5 mains to choose from and mentaiko udon was my choice! I chose Matcha latte to go with my meal.

No regrets as the udon was so so good! Not jelat at all and i slurped down the entire dish in no time. Definitely recommended to all


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