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Rachel Loke
Rachel Loke

A pretty delicious plate of pasta with porcini cream sauce that wasn't too jelak. The truffle paste wasn't too overpowering as well. Love the medley of mushrooms and the fat shavings of parmesan!

Slow cooked minced beef in tomato sauce - the serving was substantial and the fettucine had that handmade taste to it. Love the slightly creamy tomato sauce too!

Am thrilled to learn that this Carbonara here follows the authentic Italian recipe!! Which means none of that cream nonsense, just egg yolk and parmesan to create that delectable sauce! Rarely do you find such renditions here in Singapore and I love every bit of this dish here!

All my fav ingredients in one dish - mixed mushrooms, truffle cream sauce, spaghetti and parmesan cheese! Not to forget the runny egg on top. The sauce was a little too much and heavy, hence making it jelak towards the end. But the mushrooms were cooked well, and the pasta was of the perfect al dente texture.

Don't underestimate this vegetarian pasta! It's got an intense herby pesto base, comes with mushrooms aplenty, and I particularly love the addition of burnt miso corn bits! Added some crunch to play up the textures in this dish. Defo recommend!

A twist to the Italian classic, this dish here is a mushroom cream-based one, featuring haus bacon, homemade curly pasta, and Parmigiana Reggiano. It was really tasty - you can taste the earthy tones from the sauteed mushrooms, the nice bite from the al dente pasta, and the slightly smoky oily flavour from the bacon. And what a big portion too! Would defo try it again!

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One of the best crabmeat pastas I've had! You can really taste the crab meat with every spoonful, and that goes to show the generous portion of it! The tomato cream sauce was lovely as well, of slightly thick consistency to coat the tagliatelle pasta just nicely. It did get a little bit jelak towards the end, but overall still a recommended item to try here!

Al dente spaghetti with slow cooked meat bolognese and topped with shaved parmesan cheese. It was a pretty decent dish and portions were adequate too.


Spaghetti with crayfish, prawn, mussel, clam, scallop, squid in white wine spinach sauce. Really like the generous portion of seafood here. The whole dish was flavourful and enriched by the fresh seafood in the white wine sauce! Which, btw, was rather rich and can make you feel jelak towards the end.


The pasta was cooked al dente, seafood rather fresh, though the spiciness level was a little too high for me haha. But all in all it's still a good choice to go with!

The chilli crab sauce was not bad, not too spicy with a slight hint of sweetness. There was no real crab meat but I'm a sucker for soft shell crabs so that satisfies me haha. Also comes with mushrooms! Admittedly it's not the best chilli crab pasta around but it's still worth trying if you come here (plus you can use Burpple Beyond too!).

Basil, garlic and pine nuts blended into the pesto sauce, then tossed with pasta. Had the add on of salmon, which was a little over fried. The basil in the sauce was also slightly overpowering.