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Clean Eats

Clean Eats

Featuring Rollie Olie (The Star Vista), Kipos Gourmet (Guoco Tower)
Nelson Tan
Nelson Tan

Salmon & Tuna, Mesclun, Avocado, Cucumber, Tamago, Radish, Fish Roe, Shiso Leaf, Sesame Seed & Wasabi Sauce.
Party the night before and clean eating the next day. Love how the ingredients come together nicely in the bowl. The crunch from the cucumbers and lettuce, a gentle kick from the wasabi sauce, and the herby hit from the Shiso leaf. Would have loved for the lettuce to be fresher.

Base (choose 2): Sushi rice, purple & green cabbage
Greens (choose 5): Spinach, cherry tomatoes, radish, cucumber, coriander.
Protein (choose 1): Sous-vide free-range chicken breast.
Dressing (choose 1): Roasted sesame.
Lux it up (choose 1): Onsen egg.
Crunch (choose 3): Crispy shallots, sesame seeds, tobiko (fish roe)

I also had a cup of iced organic apple tea for $3. Keep the glass cup and bring it back for a $1 rebate on your iced teas!

The vegetables are as good as it gets - the crunchiness of the radish, salad greens, and cabbage; the sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes; and the fragrance of the coriander - all good enough on its own without the need for a salad dressing. Sous-vide chicken breast is cooked till tender and moist and the slight tinge of vinegar in the sushi rice refreshes your palate. The addition of the “crunch” gives the meal bowl even more textures as well as the flavour from the shallots (an absolute favourite!). Last but not least, the bowl is topped with an onsen egg and my ritual is to break it and mix it into the rice below. The yolk was just a teeny bit overcooked but was still runny. Thank you very much Chef Gan for the meal, Brian for inviting, and Daryl for hosting me despite being so busy! Thank you and I hope to be back soon!

Satisfying my tummy one dish at a time. Instagram: @nelsonutella

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