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Quick Food

Quick Food

Takeaways or food kiosk style food!
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This chicken rice box came with a sunny side up egg, chicken drizzled in a peppery curry-like sauce and sweet onions. The ingredients complemented one another well but I only wished that the sauce was less peppery! Was a bit too strong that it overpowered the taste of the sauce and chicken.

Tasty and authentic, service was fast and the place was quiet too. Slightly pricy for what it is but I guess you pay for the atmosphere and CBD prices. Just wished that they would leave the chili on the side rather than cook it spicy, was a bit too much for my liking!

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Average bowl of karage chicken bowl in KAP area. The meat was good and tender, but did not really complement the Hokkaido sauce used with it.

Basically the equivalent of a prata sandwich... which is really ingenious cuz it is pretty darn good. This one packs a punch of flavour and was unexpectedly filling!

Smoked salmon, edamame, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, onsen egg and shirataki noodles (drenched with miso sesame sauce). A very refreshing combination and leaves you feeling good (not too full or bloated)! All the ingredients were really fresh. Only wished that the noodles were less wet, made it a little too soggy but it was not a big issue.

Ordered this as a set with a side dish (grilled corn) and drink. Was overall pretty underwhelming, unfortunately... the corn was lacking in flavour and the chicken was just average, nothing impressive.

I loved the texture of the karage! Not too oily and fried to perfection. The portion was just nice as I wasn’t too hungry. Simple and decent meal!

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I got the honey lemon tilapia, charred corns, roasted cauliflowers and whole grain penne, topped with scallions. Was sooooo nutritious and good. Had the miso chicken thigh and bulgur with king oyster mushrooms the following day and it was so damn tasty as well. What I love about it is that the selection of ingredients are interesting and the menu changes seasonally, so you never tire of ordering the same things! A little costly but worth the buck!

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I was surprised at how tasty and fresh the beef sukiyaki was! Very well marinated. The mentaiko was nicely done as well. Also loved the interesting choice of side veggies that were given - boiled cabbages and cold cucumber slices. Comfort food!

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This was a new item on their menu! Just superb for two reasons: 1) the chicken and smoked duck were so damn fresh and well marinated. The chicken cutlet was tender and succulent and not covered in too much batter like what we would normally get elsewhere. The smoked duck was so juicy and fresh damn. 2) It may not look like a lot, but I was really full after finishing it. Very value for money! Only wished that the sauce on the rice would be less spicy/peppery (tasted like some spicy bbq sauce) as it almost overpowered the taste of the meats, there was just too many flavours in this bowl, plain rice would be better! Nevertheless this was still GOLD. Simple and good.

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The marinated beef slices taste like bakkwa, which is interesting... wished it could be less flavorful though! The poached egg was also a little too small.

Added an egg for $1.50, really made this dish very comforting! Loved how it was nicely done, not too wet or too dry - just the right moisture level. reasonably priced bowl of noodles, and goes well with the unique dumplings!

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