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Over-Eats! - Taiwan

Over-Eats! - Taiwan

Featuring 宮原眼科 Miyahara, 幸福堂逢甲旗艦店 古法手炒黑糖珍珠創始品牌, 老虎堂黑糖專売一中店, 虎尾王家當歸鴨肉麵線
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Popular with locals and tourists, it’s hard to miss the endless long queues forming at this red-brick architectural building that houses Miyahara. It was the largest ophthalmology clinic in Taichung until Japan surrendered in 1945, and subsequently became the city’s health bureau. Over the years, it was left vacant until Taiwan’s pastry company, Dawn Cake, took over and preserved its original red brick wall.

Miyahara has over 60 ice cream flavours of different categories; chocolate, tea, fruits, yoghurt and a list of their own creations. Dark chocolate lovers like us would enjoy this 100% West Africa Dark Chocolate. Powerful, intense, as though tasting the raw cocoa beans. We chose the Lu Gu green tea as a pairing flavour, which has an ineffable fresh aroma. Its bittersweetness and slight vegetal taste are released slowly but leaves a long finishing. By the way, Lu Gu is the most famous of Nantou’s tea region.

Every ice cream dessert comes with up to 5 toppings (depending on the number of ice cream scoops) such as cheesecake and pineapple cakes which are also specialties of Dawn Cake. The waffle bowl is no ordinary waffle base, but a crispy one that’s filled with a fragrant milk flavour. Even with 2 outlets, their queues never seemed to be any shorter at any time.

If you ever get the chance to travel to this small little town of 虎尾 in Western Taiwan’s 雲林縣, this is one authentic local food place not to be missed. Having in business for over 50 years, they have their secret to picking and cooking the ducks such that patrons get to enjoy the most delicious dishes served.

Other than the duck meat platter, they have all sorts of innards served; gizzards, livers, hearts etc. The main difference between the taste of this and the ones we usually eat in Singapore is that the meat are all cooked very lightly flavored, as you can tell from the light colors. The duck meat is tender, but the innards are generally hard and require some effort to chew. Wasn’t what I was kinda expecting. But definitely worthwhile as the portions were generous.

Main highlight was the mee sua, which you can have it dry or soup. The mee sua is fried before cooking, hence retaining some crispiness and adding a hint of the fragrant fried note into the herbal soup broth that’s cooked with more than 10 Chinese herbs. Very acceptable for me who doesn’t eat mee sua usually because of its powdery taste! I would really crave for a bowl of the duck meat mee sua soup on a rainy day.

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Drink of the town. Nope I didn’t queue for the one in Singapore. I found it by accident at 臺中’s 一中街 and since it’s the hot thing now in SG, I should really try the original drink right? So some have asked me how is it, I shall only comment on this, please don’t make reference to the Singapore version although it’s the same brand.

I was puzzled why I was told to wait for 25 minutes when it’s not new in Taiwan, only to realize it’s because the boba pearls are cooked in small batches to ensure freshness, so the drinks are produced in batches. In fact, I waited for merely 15-20 mins. As with many other brands that offer this popular drink, the ‘tiger stripes’ of this dirty drink are hand-drawn using the brown sugar syrup before pouring the cold fresh milk in. The steps to drinking it the proper way is to shake 15 times such that the creamy milk and the brown sugar mix well before you enjoy it as a whole.
I love the bigger size and chewy texture of the boba pearls. And honestly, although thickly coated with the caramelized brown sugar, the boba pearls weren’t overly sweet. So yes, I enjoyed the drink a fair bit! But if you asked me if I’d queue for it in Singapore, probably not.

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Still having this drink every single day here 😄 it’s my first time trying the latte version, and I am delighted that the brown sugar boba went really well with the latte. In fact, the brown sugar boba milk was even sweeter because on the top layer of milk froth, brown sugar was sprinkled and torched being served, which gives an additional touch of sweetness to the drink. Bobas were really soft and chewy! You get to pick a lot that has well wishes on it with every purchase.

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Foodie for life <3

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