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Featuring Fat Belly, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Nesuto, The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Umi Nami, Salmon Samurai (100AM), HOLLIN (Suntec City), Tapas Club (Orchard Central), Sabio Tapas Bar
Cheryl Tay
Cheryl Tay
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July is Lawry’s anniversary month and they introduced a 20th Anniversary set menu consisting of 4 courses and a glass of wine. $119++ for 1 pax; $199++ for 2 pax

I got the set which comes with salad as starters, fried oyster and foie gras as appetizer, choice of main and dessert (tiramisu w ice cream or pastry w ice cream)

I got the prime rib cut (150g) as main and had it medium well. Taste and texture was absolutely amazing and delicious but I would recommend medium rare as it was more tender. Not a fan of the cream spinach (the corn suited my taste buds better)

I got the tiramisu as dessert. It wasn’t great tbh; maybe pastry with ice cream would be better.

Overall a great experience 10/10. Definitely the best I’ve had so far and would definitely return for special occasions.

While everyone else is raving so much about their aburi bowls, I decided to give the Yaki Salmon Udon today as I was craving for udon. It was delicious and healthy at the same time 😋 the udon was very QQ and felt a bit warm (maybe because the salmon is freshly cooked) Would have been perfect if the noodle was completely cooled

Really enjoyed this foie gras crepe brûlée which was the second dish of the 7 course meal. First time trying this and I enjoyed it so much. It was savory and a unique twist to the usual crepe brûlée dessert. I also enjoyed the beef char siew and the beef sliders. Would definitely come back again!

Had my ribeye steak done medium. The meat was soft and juicy with a good amount of fat. The mashed potatoes were excellent - creamy and buttery. Recommended!

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Left: strawberry green tea with honey pearls (large; 0% sugar)
Felt like a really healthy drink. Could taste the strawberry bits in it but it was a bit sour. I think it would be better if the drink was 25% sugar
Right: strawberry rock salt macchiato with honey pearls (medium; 25% sugar)
Really enjoyed how the macchiato goes well with the drink; not too salty. I find the sweetness just right as well so the saltiness of the macchiato balances the sweetness. Honey pearls were really good and chewy too although they are smaller than the usual pearl size

Very positive that what I had was not rosti but potato noodles. I also ordered a flat white which was such a let down for $6 a cup

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Really enjoying dipping the bread in the dish of olive oil and garlic. Prawns were very fresh too

Absolutely delicious and definitely recommend. Best to have it immediately after served

We ordered the set which comes with edamame and miso soup (really good) for an additional $2. The special salmon don is drowned with mayo which is quite overwhelming after a while. The salmon is not exactly the freshest but with burpple beyond 1-1 I think the price is reasonable

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Absolutely delicious and must get for matcha fans! My partner and I ordered Hoshino and Hikoboshi coffee but we felt that it was no different from Starbucks and we didn’t appreciate the drinks

Came here for Burpple beyond 1-1. We arrived at the cafe slightly after 8pm and were surprised to see that the cafe was fully packed and the cakes almost sold out.

Personally a big fan of matcha thus it was no surprise that I ordered the matcha cake. However sad to say that the matcha cake was disappointing as it did not taste what I expected it to be therefore I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. I personally do not like having Azuki beans in matcha. After it was served then did I realize they were inside the cake. While the matcha cream itself is bitter and rich, the azuki beans were a bit too sweet and strong thus overpowered the taste of the matcha. I was also not a fan of the spongecake - it was too dry and it had a very rough texture.

The yuzu raspberry cake on the other hand was very light and refreshing. Not overly sweet and the spongecake was so much more moist and softer.

The cashier suggested pairing with our cakes with houjicha tea & lychee tea ($5 each) for our respective cakes and they went really well together. The teas are served in a teacup with one free refill.

I might come back again to try other cakes given the positive reviews however the matcha cake is definitely a miss for me.

Came here for Burpple beyond 1-1 deal after reading the reviews. Was however disappointed to know that all beef and unagi bowls are no longer included in the deal. Both salmon chirashi & salmon teriyaki don were not very impressive but might come back again to try the wagyu bowls

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