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Princessyher CT
Princessyher CT

Chanced upon this restaurant after watching 2 video recommendations on YouTube. Really love the xlb here. You can see how much soup each dumpling is filled and the skin is so thin. The meat filling almost melts in your mouth. This is now my favourite place to have xlb in Sg. Highly recommended.

We ordered the Guo tie with meat filling which was equally as good. And there is a little bit of soup inside?? Amazing

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I ordered the tolteca chocolate coffee which was a great choice recommended by the staff as the other chocolate coffee I wanted was not available. If you like chocolate notes in your coffee, go for this! The moment the server poured the coffee into our cups we could immediately smell the coffee aroma. It was so different from any other coffee I’ve had. I don’t suggest adding the cream and the vanilla - it doesn’t really enhance the flavour.

Chocolate and lemon croissants were great with fillings inside. I’ll definitely try the kaya one next time as it seems like a very popular choice (it was sold out when I left the cafe).

Got this as part of the Burpple 1-1 deal. The tom yum flavour wasn’t very strong but the ingredients are fresh. I had noodles to go along with it. There was a lot of msg in the soup as I felt super THIRSTY the entire day

This was surprisingly very good. Usually mushroom room use heavy cream so that the soup would be creamy but I think this doesn’t have cream? But it still has that creamy texture without the nutty taste.

And they actually fry/grill the mushrooms before they put in the soup. Very unique I would say

Good dessert to end the meal but a little too sweet.
Overall we didn’t feel like this course meal was value for money, considering that the charcoal slider was the only best course out of the entire meal. The meal was not very filling either we actually went somewhere else to grab a bite after. And the fact that the price was increased from $80++ to $98++, we do not think that the food justified the price increase. The word disappointed would be an understatement.
If we had eaten this course meal on our very first visit, sorry to say, we would not be returning again, even without the Burpple deal.
Suggest fat belly to reconsider bringing back customers’ favorites in their Burpple course meal.

Smokey flavour was good but personally I have a hard time chewing (it’s just me). I like the flat iron cut better

First time trying breasola. Acquired taste I would have to say

Was actually expecting the meat to be more tender than what was served...

This was the best course in the 7 course meal.
Wagyu fatty was so juicy and flavorful. Enjoyed this so much

I visited Fat Belly in June 2019 and was impressed on the quality of their food but was very disappointed with the Burpple 7 course meal this time.
It seems like they change the 7 course meal menu periodically but sorry to say I’m afraid this menu didn’t make the cut.
Avocado soufflé puff tasted sour. I honestly couldn’t relate the taste and it was weird, really.
Foie Gras popcorn and chilled tomato was something interesting... didn’t expect the colour of the tomato to be so clear

Ordered the set which comes with green tea, salad, grilled prawns, miso soup and the kaisendon. We topped up additional for mentai tamago which was alright. Kaisendon has generous servings of sashimi

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So gooood. Tastes like the curry that my mom makes at home. The chicken leg was very tender as well. Absolutely delish!

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