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✈️Hong Kong & Macau

✈️Hong Kong & Macau

Featuring Yum Cha (Chinatown), Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司, Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳, Yat Lok Restaurant 一樂燒鵝, Mido Café 美都餐室, Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園, Lord Stow's Garden Cafe, Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司, Hometown Teahouse 故鄉茶寮, Tiger Sugar 老虎堂黑糖專売
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

And it happened to be our last food stop for the trip. To cut the queue, and to avoid the unfriendly service/being rushed to eat, we had the takeaway instead of dining in. By the time we were all settled down at the airport (which was almost 3 hours later), the bread was no longer warm, and the toasted bread (need to pay additional money ok!) was no longer toasty.. But that said, the portions of bread and egg were hugee.. and the scrambled egg was much better than Yee Shun's for sure.

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So this time round, we tried the other famous one - Lord stow's cafe! Both were the portugese egg tart kind, which is crispy with a caramelized layer at the top. 😋

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This was mango wrapped in osthamus jelly; peanut ice cream balls with mango and beancurd. 😍 Pretty and refreshing to eat! (Also a good pitstop in the glaring heat of the day, with a good view of the seafront)

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This was at mido cafe, which was near our hotel! You may be deterred by it when you enter because there are 0 customers on the first floor.. but don't worry, it is because only the second floor is opened for business. It was actually quite crowded (with mostly tourists)! There is something good about these Hong Kong macaroni. They aren't cooked till super soft. But more like harder pasta, which I like!

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We had the fried calamari! Pricey snack at 55HKD for this small portion. But at least the calamari was fresh and not over fried! The owners were also super friendly! Do note that the place didn't open on the dot at 1pm though (more of at 2+pm)

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The place was supposedly famous for their po lo bao.. but we found out that the po lo bai was PLAIN? Don't even have butter (or did we order the wrong one! Just saw on IG photos that others' orders do have butter haha) The egg tarts, which were also fresh out of the oven, were much better! We had 2 drinks to go along with it too, since there was a minimum order of 1 drink per person.
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(Spluring on our last dinner there for our trip, after calculating that we had enough money to spare as we didn't buy THAT much snacks this time because we found everything too pricey 😅) - it was S$50+ for this 4 items!! What we ordered: yellow alien liushabao, piggy charsiewbao, birdies pineapple tart and siew mai. It was an aesthetically pleasing meal! Plus the food was good!! (Unlike some other cartoon restaurants we see here in Singapore). Service was also one of the best here, with spacious seats and clean toilet! (Tip: can book using chope! Just that any special promo codes are not available for outside Singapore)

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We didn't intend to track it down, since we had googled earlier and the price was almost similar to Singapore except for a few cents difference (30hkd). But since there was no long queue to order..... tada! And we got our drink in less than 15mins.. this was the brown sugar boba milk with cream mousse. After shaking and stirring everything together, we thought it tasted like iced chendol/Gula Melaka Milo 😆 loved the chewy brown sugar bobas! (When actually I much hate eating the black kind of pearls)

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(quite sick of bread and eggs after this trip lol) we wanted to dine here for the scrambled egg rice with prawn/charsiew actually. But it was only when we were seated down that we realised that was part of the lunch menu that is only served from 1130am to 6pm (and our plane was leaving that afternoon and we can't afford to wait till 1130)..hence we could only order from the breakfast menu. Had the toasted bread with peanut butter, scrambled eggs, luncheon meat and cabbage! It was the first time that we had scrambled egg toast with PEANUT BUTTER?? But it turned out to be quite good! The fried luncheon meat cubes in tomato based macaroni soup was also fried till crispy on the outside.. comfort food max much. haha why HK food is all like processed or quick noodle food 🤔 #burpple #burpplehk #monkeecafe #monkee #scrambledegg #macaronisoup
#spoonsofdelightshktrip #hkfood #hkfoodtrip #hktrip #hkmusteat #hongkongfood

Not at anywhere fancy, but at a street alley small coffeeshop near our hotel. And we were surprised that the prices weren't cheap either! But at least the food was good - we has the lo mai kai (which came with a chicken wing!!, Minced meat and mushrooms), custard Pau (not the flowly kind), siew mai, and beancurd roll. #burpple #burpplehk

#spoonsofdelightshktrip #hkfood #hkfoodtrip #hktrip #hkmusteat #hongkongfood

In my earlier 2012 trip, we decided not to try it cause it was so expensive and we were then poor students/just started working 😅. Fast forward 6 years later, I still find this plate of roast goose and BBQ char siew rice expensive! 😆 It was 62hkd for this! And to me, it tasted abit like roast duck? Just that yat lok cooked it till the skin was super crispy.. but then again I'm not a fan of meat fats, so I only had 2 slices of the crispy skin.

Was thankful that we didn't have to queue long! In fact for almost all our food expeditions in Hong Kong, we manage to get seats almost immediately (apart from the Wong chi kei noodle in Macau where we waited for about 15-20mins/ Saw the news this morning that goose may be imported into Singapore real soon! Good news for those who are craving for this in SG!

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#spoonsofdelightshktrip #hkfood #hkfoodtrip #hktrip #hkmusteat #hongkongfood

got the apple tart with ice cream (hkd 48) which I have been eyeing for the longest time since I started researching for the trip! Thin crispy layers with fresh apples. The vanilla ice cream was much needed after our hot trek haha. There was a minimum charge of 30hkd per person, so we got a cup of iced lemon matcha. And my my, it was an intense cup of matcha drink (I'm too used to the green milk tea kind of drink instead), but in a good way!
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