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Casual, fine-dining and all.

Quite a heafty dish, don't let the size fool ya. It was a delicious seaweed infused base with al dente pasta but was a bit 'jelat', definitely one for sharing. Sea Bass was fresh but could do with more with the flavour. Pickles provided a citrusy palate cleanse after the burst of flavour from the pasta base.

Oh we licked this plate clean! One of the best dishes here imo. Prawns and mussels are sourced locally from the east coast, and arrived in the morning itself. So the seared prawns were super fresh and that light searing brought out the flavours. Risotto was also cooked al dente. Was sad when we finished this plate. 😭

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We won Burrple Beyond’s 1 year anniversary giveaway, but the food and people here won our hearts. The mussels here were plump and juicy, and the mantou fried to perfection. Curry was so exceptional we literally almost drank up everything we had, even without the mantou. It was a mix of Indian and Chinese curry, mixed with a bit of Assam. A great, refreshing unique combination!


Texture could have been be softer although flavour’s there.

While we enjoyed their main dishes, I’ve to say that desserts aren’t exactly their forte. The coffee flavour could be stronger! :)

$27+ this was served in fresh saffron cream sauce and softened peppercorns that serves to reinvigorate the tastebuds! Highly recommend this. Handmade pasta was really on point as well.

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Oh the bisque was so rich in flavour!!! Definitely an item I’d reorder.

$27+ gotta say that their ravioli is on point and not jelat at all despite the generous amount of cheese sauce draped over it. Beef can be a bit gamey so stay away for those who aren’t into very gamey meat.

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$21+ absolutely love how they added roe into the dish, and it had just the right spicy kick. It also was neither too dry nor too moist. Will definitely come back to this restaurant again!

$22+. This was an absolute delight! Broth was rich in huatiao wine and seafood flavour. They were also absolutely generous w the clams. 😍 what a joy to devour!

Sauce was extremely rich, and pasta was al dente. Also very generous with the crab meat. Worth $18.90!

$40.90 but super worth it for 300g of burrata WITH PARMA HAM!!! 😍 would have been better if there was bread to go along with it at the side. Highly recommend this - was really fresh!

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