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Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Enjoy Eating House and Bar, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Liang Seah), Mui Kee Congee, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Wok Master (City Square Mall), Cherry Garden (Mandarin Oriental Singapore), Núodle (SingPost Centre), Yan Palace Restaurant (Hong Lim Complex)
Emma Fangs
Emma Fangs

For those familiar with Keisuke group of restaurant, they have a very thick broth that is more bisuqe like than soup like.

First time at Le Shrimp and decided to try their signature Trio which includes fresh prawns, wantons and fish and shrimp paste balls. The Wanton is amazing with the very thin and smooth skin, coupled with the sweetness and chewy texture of the prawn within.

Prawns is ok fresh.

Noodles, very q but full.

Fish and prawn paste is similar to what you get at Beauty in a pot.

The soup which is the highlight is sweet but not bisque like. It is lighter than some local prawn mee soup but still rich.

Overall, an enjoyable dish and will be back for more.

The roast meat is decent. It is what Roasted meat should be with a slightly crispy skin and soft fats in the middle. But it wasn't anything to rave about.

Rather expensive though. In total, we spent $30 each.

Dining ambiance feels very old school Chinese Restaurant which is nice.

The 红油抄手 (hot and sour wantons) were more spicy than sour for those who like alot more spicy kick in their food.

Egg tarts not pictured were hot, soft and sweet in the inside with solid fragrant crust. Not those type of layered pie crust but a solid one layer crust.

Dim Sum is old school Chinese Restaurant in Singapore! Love the spicy and sour want ons (红油抄手) and prawns/char siew flour rolls (chee cheong fan).

The chee cheong fan skin is very smooth and silky and lightly salted sauce is a good combination.

Egg tart is hot, crispy and doesn't break easily. Love it.

I love this crispy deep fried dumpling with truffle mash potato within. The mash is smooth and well mixed together. Be careful, it can be hot!

Definitely a must order when you visit!

Love the balance of spiciness and vinegar in this dish. The skin is not too thick. The dumpling has a great texture and chew to it.

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Finally got around to trying the fame Thai Chicken rice. The chicken is very tender and mildly seasoned with soft, jelly like chicken skin. Paired with a dark, salty and spicy chilli sauce and Thai ice milk tea, I can tell why it's so popular. Pricey though, just like all other food brought into Singapore.
We did find extra grains of rice on our new plates as well (vivocity outlet) 😢😨

We were in one of the food courts in Chinatown and ordered from them. Pretty decent, pretty standard 👌
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The thickness of the scallion pancakes is just right but it can be less flimpsy and soft, and more crispy.

Cheesy Chicken Cutlet is salty and can be quite difficult to finish.

Overall, it is still an enjoyable dish.

Deep Fried Prawn Patty! Crispy on the outside, not too thick skin. Prawn is fresh and chewy within.

The sweet chilli cause is light and sweet. Very well done. A must try.


I quite like it with the sauce. Taste a little too porky or 臭猪肉味 without the sauce.

Tender and not too fatty.

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Personally enjoyed this the most.

The fried Hor Fun is where the hor fun itself is fried, not very crunchy nor crispy but a carb loaded. Taste a bit like Vietnamese crispy noodles with sauce.

Hor Fun sauce is on point. Generous ingredients piled on top. Will definitely be back for this.

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