Spain Eats

Spain Eats

Bull fighting land
Jen 😋
Jen 😋

We had the 1) sea urchin & tuna belly 2) mussels and caviar 3) smoked sardines and red peppers, and also 4) assorted shellfish because the first 3 were just amazing. It’s the entire package that makes this place charming - from the alcoholic selection that’s lined from floor to ceiling, the standing bar concept, and having tapas that’s little art masterpieces on their own made right in front of you. #WEWinBarcelona

The nutty almond gravy is good to soak anything in, not just chicken.

With the “Peranakan” style tiles and You Tiao (fried dough sticks).. lol. But the chocolate should give it away that it is in Spain.. It’s churros with chocolate for breakfast. Their churros is very similar to our You Tiao. There is no sugar coating unlike the ones we have been introduced to in SG. Love it so much. We also had some local toast which they eat with tomato and ham. Love the vibes in this Spanish Kopitiam. #samesamebutdifferent #WEWinSeville

Alcohol included. So representative of Barcelona’s quirkiness. This is not a coincidence. The ambience was great and we ordered a seafood platter which caught the envious eyes of onlookers. The grilled seafood was amazing and the sauce that’s primarily olive oil was perfect to coat the seafood with. #Wewinbarcelona

And the violet dessert was mind blowing- it’s like inhaling a floral perfume, eating strawberries in a Middle East country. 🍽
1. Confit Iberian pork cheeks glazed with Iberian ham juice and “gnocchis” with fresh herbs 🍽
2. Duck confit minced and boletus Puntalette - pasta prepared as a typical risotto 🍽
3. Violets ice cream with strawberries, lime crumble and milk with cinnamon

This “Bikini Carles Abellan” is a must order from Tapas 24, owned by Carles Abellan who paid his dues at the legendary El Bulli. Black truffles, Iberian ham and mozzarella. When they come together in a hot gooey crispy toast, it’s a perfect amalgamation of flavours and texture. Not quite the ham and cheese toast. #WEWinBarcelona

Well, crispy and foamy is pretty hard to beat. We literally wiped off the plate.

Best paella ever.
And it is not seafood but duck. The rice absorbed all the flavours of the stock without being oversoaked. #WEWinBarcelona

This is fruity and fiery at the same time. I never knew that can be a good match! #WEWinBarcelona

I must say the restaurant has been well maintained and in good condition! The suckling pork is roasted in a 300 year old oven and the skin was crisp and the pork was juicy and tender. We love the croquettes too but seriously it is hard to go wrong with fried potato mashed with ham.
According to Ernest Hemingway who wrote in his book The Sun Also Rises, this is “one of the best restaurants in the world”. Such strong accolades. #WEWinSpain

Maybe all we need to do is just to take our “you cha kueh” (fried dough fritters) and dip in good thick luscious chocolate? Anyway, Alhambra Churreria Cafeteria serves the best churros ever. #WEWinSpain

Jen 😋

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