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Best Office Lunch Spots

Best Office Lunch Spots

Featuring The Masses, Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant, One Bowl Restaurant and Bar, YaLoh Herbal Roast Duck (Golden Mile Food Centre)
Ben Chia
Ben Chia
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Had the two course meal today and had the C&C&C&C Pasta for starters and the new Angus Beef Cheeks today.

This is their usual signature C4 pasta - angel hair pasta soaked in a cold crab/lobster bisque, topped with crab, caviar, clams, and chorizo.

Always lovely.


Had the two course meal today and had the C&C&C&C Pasta for starters and the new Angus Beef Cheeks today.

My dish came last after everyone's else but everyone was in awe because it came in a traditional Chinese claypot - sizzling hot and was so colorful. The dish comes with what I think is Chicharron, roasted carrot sticks, potato puree and the star Angus beef Cheeks. The dish is overall very yummy, though the hot claypot meant the dish was very hot to eat.

But I enjoyed it alot, as it is very heartwarming, even on a hot sunny day like today.

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I've been frequenting this place for a few times now, and I really like this shop. Well, likely because I love the herbal duck from Dian Xiao Er, or if people know about Ya Wang or HaoBi Duck from JB. For $4.50 you can enjoy a plate of roast duck rice, paired with a sweet and savory herbal sauce. Simply worth it!

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The signature dish here in this restaurant is undoubtedly the char siew, so I had to try the rice dish. Awesome. The dish comes with a very well done and soft medium rare omelet, atop very fragrantly fried rice with loads of smoke and wok hei!

And of course the lovely char siew that comes with it!

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Decided to use Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 at SouperStar. I got two combos - 1) Boston Clam Chowder Soup with Sesame Chicken Popiah and Genmaicha; 2)Double up Potato Soup with Thai Sweet Chicken and Fruit tea.

Thought the overall for this joint is alright, nothing that wow-ed me. I particularly liked the Double up Potato Soup and the popiahs! Thought the popiahs were a nice local/Asian burrito and they tasted really good!

The soups though were abit watery for my liking and they didn't have that heaviness I was expecting from Western soups.

Food here is incredible. The atmosphere here is chic and relaxed, but clean and posh at the same time. I've been here a few times and have never been disappointed by any of the foods I've tried.

This is their Char Siew Noodles, which boasts their signature pork belly charsiew. The portions are just about right. The noodles are Hongkong style egg noodles, tossed in a balanced soy sauce and topped with spring onions, fried onions and caramelised onions or shallots. Awesome mouth feel.

This cost $10.90+.

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Best comfort food, especially on a cold rainy day. The best part of the dish is the tomyum soup - it is a mildly thick, flavorful broth with a spicy kick. The flavor is reminiscent of Mama noodles from Thailand, but alot more punchy and shiok. Pair that with wavy instant noodles, that are similar also to Mama noodles and you have an awesome hearty bowl with seafood ingredients like prawns, squid and sliced fish. This costs $6.40.

The cooks run a very tight ship here. The auntie will scold you if you take too long to order or if you are distracted, so prepare before hand!

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I live to eat. Mmm.

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