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Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, LongQing 隆庆, Mongkok Dim Sum (Cheong Chin Nam), The Hungry Caveman, Geylang Claypot Rice, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Holland Village), Si Wei Mao Cai, No Milk
Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen
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As always, the dory fish was cooked to perfection; soft, tender and simmered with the right level of spices. Despite the slight numbing sensation and generous amount of chilli oil, you could still taste the wonders of the chefs marination. I have been to far too many restaurants serving Sichuan cuisine, but Si wei mao cai remains one of the rare few that tops my list again and again! But do remember to request for mild spicy or 小辣!!


An unexpected find at a popular claypot rice joint; was pleasantly surprised by how soft the tofu was and how it went well with the egg gravy. The prawns were glossy and firm.

The amount of pork ribs given were very generous and the old cucumber were steamed till soft. I like how the pork ribs were so soft and tender and the soup was in general very comforting on a cold rainy night!

The aroma that filled my nose when the staff opened the lid was enough to win me over. Super hearty meal due to the generous helping of sausages, pork belly, juicy pieces of chunky chicken; all of which were cooked to perfection. The rice was crispy and you could literally taste the fragrance of the ingredients with each bite. Tip: ask for extra chilli sauce as their formula is sure addictive!!

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I thought the mala noodles was the out one out given how this eatery specialises in fish soup. I ordered it out of novelty and did have much expectations for it. But I changed my mind when I tried the well marinated pork belly slices as it was so tender and soft. The noodles too went so well with the mala sauce that I was so tempted to get another bowl!

I wasnt too satisfied with the dumplings this time round as I felt that it was a little over cooked and the skin actually came off. It felt soggy as the skin was too soft and the Sichuan sauce was a little more sour than usual.

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This dish was a huge surprise as I never thought cereal prawn could be crispy and soft at the same time. Super worth dish at only $16 and each prawn is large and juicy; not forgetting the crispy and soft batter.

If I have to choose one dish that is a must order at this eatery, it will be none other than the beef hor fun. I am not a big fan of hor fun but I come here again and again for this because of how the hor fun has a chared taste to it and it blends well with spicy gravy. The beef slices are the best as it is so soft and tender that I forget it's actually beef. Super affordable at 6.80 dollars too

While this is a typical dish you would find in most zi char place, they took it to the next level with with their gravy which had meat and prawn bits. The omelette was soft and went well with the tofu. The portion too was huge and at $12 I would say its super value for money

My personal must order as the noodles are chewy and very well made. The mala sauce went well with it and would have been perfect if not for the chicken which was a tad too dry.

Tasted very different from the usual sliced fish as this one seems more tender and soft if cooked for an appropriate timing. Priced at 16 ++ and highly recommend!!

A must order speciality at Long Qing. The beef slices were extremely tender and delicious. It's a little expensive at 22++ per plate.

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