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Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

Japanese fried rice is always a yes for me and the Miyazaki Beef Fried Rice caught my attention in their latest seasonal menu. Fluffy Japanese rice was stir fried with small chunks of wagyu beef, eggs, garlic and spring onions. This looked like such a modest dish but the taste was exceptionally satisfying. It was well-flavoured and the beef pieces were tender and fatty that added to the overall beefy, smokey flavour of the dish.

A comforting clean-tasting and tasty soup perfect for a rainy day. Filled with salmon head, tofu and assorted vegetables, the miso-based broth was flavourful with an added "fattiness" and "creaminess" from the salmon's skin and cartilage. There were decent chunks of salmon meat in the soup to meet your protein needs. Pretty much a guilty-free mini-pot packed full of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

If you like a variety and don't wish to go through the mental stress of choosing only one, I would recommend this. Presented in a towering wooden stand, the set is a medley of sushi with 2 x salmon belly with spicy sauce sushi, 2 x salmon with mentai sauce sushi and 8 x eel and avocado rolls. A set with different fillings and varying flavours is a sure-hit with many.

A Japanese fusion twist to a Mexican classic. Each piece was loaded with chunks of marinated raw tuna and avocado, and served in crispy seaweed taco shells. It's understandably one of its bestsellers as the tacos were crunchy and indulgent. Its presentation deserves a 👍 too!

These mini burgers were delectable as the beef patty was juicy, tasty and of quality. Definitely not the dry and overly-greasy kind. Worth every bite.

A vibrant-coloured and chic place with a modern Japanese fusion menu befitting of its vibes. Starting off with the Canapes section, the Empowered Pappaddams were shaped like rice crackers and topped with tobiko and ikura on a bed of either either sour cream or guacamole. Each cracker was a mouthful of texture and has a nice flavour balance of peppery, savoury and slight sweetness. I would advise to quickly eat them before they lose their crisp.

One my favourites is kaisendon and this combines both by having unagi and sashimi. The unagi was char-grilled beautifully and have a nice crisp texture with a tinge of sweetness from the sauce. The hitsumabushi can be enjoyed 3 ways - start with savouring its original taste, follow by complementing it with condiments; and lastly, add dashi and transform it into an ochazuke fare. A nice comforting and warm meal overall.

Looks can be deceiving and true enough for this unassuming dish. The edamane dip was unbelievably creamy, smooth and flavourable; and topped with furikaka for that unami flavour. Served with it was the "curry chips" that were light and crunchy, that elevated the flavour of the dish with a nice touch of spice. It was a very different flavour profile from the hummus I've had before and definitely must-order and must-have! 👍👍

The lunch set comes with an appetizer, salad and miso soup. The bara chirashi don was generously filled with assorted sashimi that were diced and marinated. Few differences from the usual, it had jellyfish and chunks of avocado; and topped with radish puree (which was gooey). And for a delightful end to our meal, we were served a complimentary mango mochi ice cream that was refined yet indulgent.

My first taste of Monster Curry and had ordered a combo, which consisted of chicken katsu, 2pcs jumbo ebi and 2pcs sausages. Known for its curry and spicy level, Japanese curry tend to be on a sweeter side which complement well with the Japanese short-grain rice. The katsu was crispy and tender as well. Value for money, it was a relatively big portion for ladies so best to share (unless you are super hungry).

New Japanese dining place with casual vibe and classy food presentation. It was an elevated experience with the Takeshi Kaidan Set ($26) as each premium sushi piece was displayed on steps. At the top was a piece of gorgeous marbled tuna draped over pressed Japanese rice and the tuna simply melted in my mouth. The scallop was large too that it was satisfying in one bite. Opted for a variety and ordered the Sake Tasting Set ($12) that consisted of three different sakes served in beautiful ceramic cups, which has a koi fish swimming in it. Overall an elegant and refreshing evening.🍶🍣


A three-in-one concept, the cafe serves up a range of Japanese-fusion dishes during the day. With an intriguing name tagged to it, their signature donburi was filled with A4 wagyu beef, foie gras, shimeiji mushrooms, onsen egg and pickled cucumbers. The wagyu beef slices were tenderly chargrilled with a taste of smokiness to it; and the foie gras were creamy and umami. Recommend to tell them to skip or reduce the sauce that was generously poured over the Japanese rice. It sadly felt a bit like eating mui fan at the end.

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