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Indonesia Makan

Indonesia Makan

Featuring Pempek Kolekta, Jalan Parangtritis, Tio Ciu Chinese Food & Sea Food, Pempek Ny.Kamto, Bu Ageng, Warung Masakan Omah, Sate Padang Ajo Buyuang, Tempo Gelato, Gudeg Wirosaban, Soto Pak Trisno, Dum Dum Authentic Thai Tea
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Mie Ayam is a very comfortable food wth noodles and chicken meats, served with small bowl of soup.


My first trip to Batam and have our meal here in the mall just opposite the ferry terminal. I guess most people would come here for the fast food restaurants like A&W and Wendy’s.

But if you are looking for some authentic Indonesian foods in this mall, this place is probably where you should heading to.

As the name suggested, their pempek is something you shouldn’t miss. This is their version of fishcake that comes in different kind of preparation. Go for the campur (mixed) to get a taste on different types of pempek.


Yes this pizza lookalike was actually egg with vegetables inside. As usually they served in sweet sauce, this was an interesting way to have the egg.


Apparently their hot plate is a must try item here. Served in sizzling hot in a stone plate. Best to taste when it is hot. The eggs also unique in its way. 60.000IDR

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Coated in butter, their chicken was tasty when it served hot; but can be very oily for some.

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Very popular tze char place among the wealthy family here, my host told me it was a honour to have dinner here because the locals usually seldom come here due to the price they couldn’t afford.

But for you as Singaporean it could be very cheap if you compared to those tze char place here in Singapore.

Their special menu on the front page basically stated all their signature items here, including this fried shrimp; which was crispy and you can sip it on the chilli sauce provided.

A traditional medicine from Indonesia that you can find in many roadside carts. It is predominantly a herbal medicine made from natural materials, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits.

You get to choose the level of bitterness from 1 to 3 (up to 6 at some places). Since it is a herbal tea so expect some bitter taste but it could warm your body and good for blood circulation.

If you couldn’t stand the bitterness, they do provide a lemon juice to bring down the taste.

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Probably the cheapest fruit juice you can get in Yogyakarta for only 4000IDR. My apple juice was milky and full of Apple taste.

Consider one of the local brand here, they are probably the only one that specialise in fishball items.

They have various type of fishballs making ingredients and you can go for their soup noodles or just the fishballs itself.

The way to eat their fishballs was interesting as you need to add lots of soy sauce onto the plate and add chilli sauce if you want to.

You can find the same brand here in Singapore at Bukit Panjang Plaza. But I decided to try it here, considering their are the only one selling Thai tea in Indonesia.

I was lucky to have a local to host me around, so I get to taste some of the places that patron only by the locals.

This tiny shop beside the road and paddy field sell some authentic breakfast for the locals.

Their soto comes with noodles, rice and shredded chicken. Complete your meal with some snack also.

A traditional Javanese cuisine here that open at midnight, most locals will come here for their supper.

Much similar to our cai fang but this one can be really spicy. As the locals love to eat spicy foods, no doubt they would come here for their food.

Their chicken is a must and also remember to order their noodle and pair it with rice. You will get a whole experience tasting it.

I hunt for foods.

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