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Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

I really enjoyed the soft pillow chiffon cake which comes apart easily enough to be eaten with a spoon and yet not crumbly. It also worked well to soak up some matcha soft serve goodness. I also like extra crunch that the cereal adds to the parfait. I'm not a fan of red bean usually but this one was mild enough for my liking.

I really appreciate the strong matcha flavour. It not too bitter either so it satisfies my cravings for something slightly sweet too. Texture wise - it's not the best. I've had creamier soft serves and this one was a little too icy for my liking. I'm not sure if it's a once-off thing or the norm. Overall not my favourite matcha soft serve in Singapore but it did satisfy my cravings.

This is just one of 4 smoothie bowls we ordered and this is my favourite! It's a great choice for anyone who likes mango. The smoothie is also not overly sweet and I particularly like the granola that adds that extra crunch. The fruits used are really fresh as well. It is my first time at this shop and I really love the effort put into being environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

It's always a great joy to visit denzy. I always push myself to get new flavours but the comfort of my favourite hojicha and chocolate sorbet is just too hard to resist! My partner got a double of chocolate sorbet and the peanut butter banana flavour - which was also really good.

Truly one of my favourite ice cream experiences. I love how they have a wide variety and how creative they are with their flavours! I went with my standard order of matcha and hazelnut and was certainly not disappointed.

The cheesecake was dense and yet not too jelat. Delivery was affordable too. This is definitely my favourite cheesecake so far! I'd love to try their other flavours as well.

This place is always crowded so I haven't had this in years! Despite that, it still tastes as good as I remember, and is still as value for money as before:) I love the wide range of dessert and the homely interior. It's best to come early on weekends especially.

We ordered the Cha Yen (Thai milk tea) and Sea salted caramel (+$1). The caramel was a little too sweet but had a really discernible caramel-y flavour. The cha yen was milky and had a strong tea flavour which definitely did not disappoint.

The waffle is slightly crispy on the outside but mostly is soft. It had a doughy taste though, not something we were a fan of.

This is my favourite cupcake place! All the flavours I've tried so far are good and I can't even pick a favourite. Every one of them is moist and definitely not flaky like some cupcakes which fall apart after you bite into it.
I also like that the toppings/frostings are not overly sweet.

It's a little pricey but for the quality you get, I think it's a great treat to have every once in a while! Take note that their ION Orchard branch doesn't get their cupcake stock until around 12PM so if you reach any earlier, you won't be able to get any.

Prices range from 2 to 5 dollars each for the assorted buns.

The almond croissant was our favourite! Really crispy in the outside with a smooth cream inside. One of my favourite croissants so far.

There are many other flavours and some which are locally inspired like curry and satay.

Overall a good experience. The shop has a seating area also.

Tried it out to see what the hype was all about. I got there on a Thursday afternoon and there was barely a queue.

This was my first time I've tried brown sugar milk. This brown sugar reminded me of gula melaka so it was pretty interesting. The Boba was the best part of it, really soft and chewy.

We got this on Beyond.
Overall a pretty good bowl of acai. It certainly satisfied our acai cravings!

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