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Grab And Go At Convenient Store

Grab And Go At Convenient Store

Featuring Cold Storage, 7-Eleven Singapore, JCube, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, 7-ELEVEN®, Four Leaves (The Clementi Mall)
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim

Second flavour from the Sunshine wholemeal series was strawberry supreme. Chunks of strawberry bits within the bread that adds on the sweet taste.

New flavour from milo biscuit. This time round it comes with cookies and cream filling with milo biscuit. Slightly less sweeter with milkier taste as compared to their original ones.

This housebrand chocolatier has crafted 2 different drinks and one of it was the mocha. This coffee was mixed with the belgium chocolate that they are famous for. Drink itself was quite light but full of chocolatey flavour!

It’s on promotion for $0.8 each! Bits of chocolate spread across the mini wholemeal bread. Love the not so sweet taste!

Ending the night with Magnolia latest creation, Purple Taro milk. It tasted somewhat similar to those yam potong from heartland mama shop. I can literally stuck a stick in and freeze it in the freezer and there i have a taro potong.


Coffee with milk in less sugar option. When you are in need of a cold drink to cool yourselves down, this is a good choice 👍🏼

It seems like is a product from Taiwan. This cafe latte has got this cute cow logo that got me intrigued and bought it off the shelf. Sweet but the latte was smooth and fragance.

Hazelnut spread filling in between 2 wafer biscuits and layered with milk cream and more wafer biscuit. Topped it off with nice cocoa. There are also crunchy hazelnut bits in between the spread. One of the nicer treats i will buy back when it’s in promotion!

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Bits of cranberry and white chocolate hidden within the cookies and it comes in 2 pcs at bite size.

Is 2 for $2 on deal promotion. Nice crunch to the cookie and it comes with chocolate filling that is flow-y and generous! Quite a steal from a local convenience store!


British brand semi-skimmed milk, chocolate flavoured. Compact size that is travel friendly.

New launch from Nutrisoy comes the purple sweet potato flavour. Hint of sweet potato flavour purple soymilk, not too sweet as compared to their walnut flavour.

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How to eat and still stay in shape? 🤔

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