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Weekend Eats

Weekend Eats

Because I eat better on weekends 😋
Van N
Van N
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Got the Grape Yakult and Lemon Blueberry Yogurt ice cream~ As we got the scoops while we were still full from lunch, it was nice that the flavours were light on the palate, not too heavy and yet still pretty refreshing yay!

Got the Bae Noods and Beef Brisket Rice bowl. Both were pretty good though I felt the Bae Noods stood out more. The saucy goodness kinda reminded me of beef noodles soup, just that this was in the form of pasta. The brisket was pretty normal, nothing much to shout about though! Will probably try the meats next time! And oh, the food was on the saltier side that it got a bit difficult to finish 😨

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The Hawaiian Bowl came with an assortment of fruits and toppings - kiwis, basil seed pudding and many more topped with Almond butter. Ultimately, it was a full berry burst - strawberries, blueberries and over a base of acai berries. Berry delicious!

Got the Mango Sorbet, Roasted Green Tea, Pistachio and Pandan and Coconut. Ahh really liked the Roasted Green Tea and Pistachio. The green tea had this nice roasted fragrance, like hojicha. And the Pistachio was really rich with some nutty bits inside.

Ordered the TSB Burger & the Roasted Baby Chicken, and both were pretty mediocre. In the sea of brussels sprouts, the roasted chicken disguised itself as tender meat, but it tasted rather bland. Thank God I'm a fan of those heavenly little green brussels sprouts, and I made it through the meal. The TSB Burger was also on the dry side and although the patty had some taste, it lacked the usual tenderness that Wagyu beef usually has. It was also missing the mouthful of juicy goodness and meaty tenderness in each burger bite, which is what I usually love in my burgers. Thankfully we got this on Burpple Beyond.

Got the cold brewed teas - Timeless Earl Grey and Blissful Berries. The Earl Grey was more timely than timeless, and the drink actually grew on me. Although the bitter tea taste started out slightly overwhelming, with each sip, it was easier to appreciate the authentic unsweetened tea with its growing tinge of floral aftertaste! The berries were also indeed blissful! The perfect blend of fruit and tea which was strangely addictive - a burst of berries, giving it a strong fruity taste, but without losing that lasting tea finish.
(Written by BT)

So full but still came for this... interesting flavours are genmaicha and granny's favourite!

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The 1-for-1 was only valid on double scoops, and I got two double scoops despite being so full. Cocoa (or was it chocolate) was really really good, not that sweet at all. My sister liked her RBF (root beer) which I thought was okay. And the Salted Caramel was too salty for my liking..

Got the Turkey Classic and Fried Egg Power. Portions were substantial. The turkey breast meat was nice and tender, the fried egg sandwich was a good mix of flavours in one - savoury with a touch of tomatoes. A pretty wholesome meal (-':

Van N

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