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Weekend Eats

Weekend Eats

Because I eat better on weekends πŸ˜‹
Van N
Van N

Came back after like forever and everything was still as good as ever!!! Duck confit wasn't too salty and I liked the plum compote!!! Ju's prawn pasta was spicy and creamy yet not too jelat πŸ‘πŸ»

These were pretty good! Really liked the nutty pistachio cream πŸ™‚

A pretty extensive menu. Food was not bad, given the amount we paid ($15 for 2), it was really worth it!

Was in a dilemma for the 1-for-1 deal, deciding between Espresso Pancakes and Crab Capellini..? In the end, we went for the pancakes + smoked salmon rosti for a more brekkie experience. The pancakes came with espresso cream and a thin coating of maple syrup, along with granola and berries. Not bad at all (-: the rosti was great as well, the potato was thinly sliced, and the outer part was nicely charred. Just a tad oily, but it's a rosti so I guess that's expected!

Got the chocolate fudge cake and the Japanese cheesecake. The former was quite a pleaser, the strong chocolatey taste yet not the least sweet! Didn't feel jelat at all. The cheesecake complemented the strong flavours of the chocolate fudge. Light yet creamy, the layers of cheese provide an alternative texture from the sponge cake. oh yes and the cafe played pretty good music as well!

Got the Acai and Choc Oat bowls (the only 2 flavours available for today). Hearsay that they don't use sugar for their bowls and it's naturally sweetened by dates! The Acai was refreshing and not too tangy, with a variety of toppings like the creamy chia seed pudding which had a distinct coconut taste. However I personally felt that the Choc Oat stole the show. The rich chocolatey flavour had a distinct nutty taste, but could get a little sweet after a while. Glad I tried this before the deal expires πŸ˜…

The space is really tiny, full of people when we reached. Got the flat white and mocha with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1! It was aromatic and flavourful~

Also, tried this previously at Katong! Wanted the coco glow but they ran out so we got the nutty party and triple A instead. Portions were huge for Burpple's 1 for 1 (applicable to Large size), and could replace an entire meal, we couldn't finish it! Also, they didn't redeem our voucher (2nd time they forgot, tbh I don't think they rly care~)

Back here for another round, this time with Burpple's one for one πŸ˜› got the big brekkie and French toast, both I felt was just okay~ their gashouse eggs and baked eggs which I got previously were way better! But no complains for the price


Came back a second time using Burpple Beyong- trying out the different flavours of Yuzu Raspberry; Chocolate and Matcha Azuki, and the Orient Jasmine. Had an unanimous agreement that the unsuspecting chocolate cake tasted the best 😬 also while I really liked the yuzu raspberry, and friends felt that it wasn't to their liking. Hmmm and the tart was a little too creamy for my liking.

The portions were substantial. Really wanted to try the tendon (every table had at least 1pax who ordered it!!)but was pretty full from lunch so ordered a donburi instead. Hm it was okay but the mentaiko was way too salty I finished my bottle of water to wash away the saltiness. Will come back to satisfy my tendon craving in future!

Got here on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed, had to wait about 30min for a table. Got the Laksa Prawn pasta (which I had my eyes on after reading reviews) + Aglio Olio with Prawns. While the food was not bad, the coffee (esp the salted caramel latte) was really worth a shout out! Each cup came with double shot - and yet wasn't that acidic + rly smooth to drink. Will come back to try other items on the menu πŸ₯³

Van N

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