Weekend Eats

Weekend Eats

Because I eat better on weekends 😋
Van N
Van N

Giving this place a second chance and was pleasantly surprised! The brunch menu obviously surpassed the lunch. We got the breakfast works and shakshuka. Yay!

Got the Chrysanthemum Ginger Milk Pudding and Red Bean paste. While the paste was quite normal, the pudding was really unique and yet not overwhelming. We could see how the pudding formed as the waiter poured the fresh milk into a bowl with chrysanthemum petals, and then we had to give it 4min to solidify. The texture created was smooth, silky and melts in your mouth. Would totally go for it again 👍🏻

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Got the 1 for 1 Ribeye steaks and it was quite underwhelming. The steaks were served slightly under lukewarm temperature and the presentation was below expectation. The meat was more chewy than tender, but was fortunately not tough like other steak places and was still decent enough to finish. The sauce was quite good, and the meat was tasty despite the serving temperature. The sides were below average too. Overall fine for a 1 for 1 experience, but would not call it a worthwhile or great steak!

Everything was not too bad, tomyum could be spicer. But the fried pork collar was tbh really yummy - right amount of oiliness, garlicky aroma and more 😄

Got the lunch mains - Duck Cassoulet and Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang. The duck dish was more of a casserole/stew, on the saltier side. It had slivers of duck meat, some tomatoes and beans, nothing amazing! The rice in the beef rendang was pretty lemak (as my friend said), but the beef wasn't that tender. Overall both dishes are just fine, maybe cause we got the lunch mains and not the brunch which they seemed more popular for.

Got the Healing Bite (Lavender Honey) and Longan Honey drink - added the pear crunch this time!!! Think of it like red ruby, but with pear instead of water chestnut, healthy and yummy keke. Shout out to the guy who went out of his way to get the pear crunch for us, cause when I ordered he was saying that pear crunch was out of stock. I might have looked abit too upset 😅.

Was really empty - as was most parts of the mall. Got the Superhero and another flavour in medium, as recommended by the owner. Also got their signature coffee - local kopi brewed with coffee beans! Was a gr8 dessert place + not crowded so quite pleasing. Besides, how bad can Acai go???


We got the beef short rib and the frutti de mara pasta in white wine sauce. The beef short rib was yummy- no gamey taste, and the sauce had a tinge of red wine! The seafood in white wine was exceptionally guUuud?! Loved the sauce and chunks of garlic and onions!!! Wasn't heavy at all.

Got the Old School bowl and Gyudon. Old School - cubed luncheon meat and truffle tasting egg, was quite a pleasant and unexpected surprise. But I guess its something you can make yourself at home too. Gyudon was fine, nothing amazing. Overall sufficient if you're looking for a fuss free meal.

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Sticking to the gashouse eggs which never disappoints 😅 but the avocado on toast was disappointing cries, should have just gone for the baked eggs boOoo

The set consisted of a main + side + drink! So we got quarter chickens each, along with guacamole and fries, and some sparkly drink. Chicken was tender, not tough at all and seasoned pretty well~ the sides were yummy and I liked the sauces (Chipotle BBQ and another spicy Mango sauce, at $2 each!). Also the place was quite aesthetic 😬

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Got the Toucan and Grasshopper. Toucan is actually pineapple and passionfruit yogurt. I personally like the tartness of the pie, quite refreshing! Grasshopper is an old favourite - mint and chocolate, just that I felt it was too creamy.

Van N

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