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Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan
Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan

Tomyum soup red with seafood ($8)

Tomyum soup was well balanced but not spicy enough. Ingredients wise there was only one prawn, a few pieces of squid, fish and shimeiji mushrooms. Thought the ingredients can be more but taste wise we enjoyed it.

Creamy butter chicken ($7.80)

Thought the dish will come creamy but it wasn’t. It was crispy and came with a melted butter sauce. Overall not bad but there could be more meat as the original price is $10 but now is on promo.

Thai style kangkong ($4.80)

Wanted to order sambal kangkong but they somehow ran out of sambal so we ordered the thai style instead. It is on promo, usual price $6. The kangkong was quite nice and spicy!

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Basil Pork Lunch Set ($7.80):
Comes with Basil Pork rice, a drink and side dish.
I picked ice thai milk tea, which was not too sweet and tom yum soup for my side dish. The tom yum soup is rather appetizing, spicy and sour! The basil pork is very flavorful and it goes very well with the rice and fried egg. Overall, this lunch set is really worth the price.

Thai fried kway teow with pork ($4.50)

Asked for spicy so they cooked with chilli padi and it was spicy. Taste wise was okay and slightly oily but expected. Ingredients tasted fresh.

Clear tomyum soup with batang fish with rice ($10.90 on deliveroo)

Soup is sourish but has a spicy aftertaste. The amount of batang fish is quite little and there is no other ingredients in the soup other than some mushrooms. Will not order this again, as their tomyum mama is much better!

Signature tomyum mama ($15.90 on deliveroo, comes with a drink)

Tomyum mama was nice. Noodles tasty, with generous ingredients. There was squid, clams, minced meat, mushroom, egg and 2 prawns. Soup was also well balanced and at a spicy level where most can comfortably eat.

Kang Kong With Belachan ($6):
Not too spicy, quite well balanced. Goes well with a bowl of rice.

Red Curry Chicken ($8):
Red curry chicken is just average, lacks flavour. The green curry here tasted much better.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Thick) ($6):
Comes with fried fish, prawn, mushroom and sotong.
Tom yum soup is flavorful and it definitely packs a punch! Still one of my favourite tom yum soup in SG

Krapow pork rice ($7.90)

Essentially basil pork rice. Came topped with a sunny side up. Pork was nicely cooked and flavourful and moist when mixed in with the rice.

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Clear tomyum seafood soup ($7.90)

Has a nice punch while still being palatable. Seafood fresh and nice. Tried both the red and clear before and both are good!

Sharing with you our honest reviews of the food that we (Michelle and Loong Wye) have tried!

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