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My Favorite Hawker Foods

My Favorite Hawker Foods

Featuring Lau Pa Sat (Telok Ayer Market), Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre, My Makan Place
Lulu’s Hungry
Lulu’s Hungry

Not the best hawker food (tourist trap) but definitely a good place to visit from time to time with people from out of town and on weekends, right before hitting the central area bar streets.

Been munching on many of these coconut + tapioca pancakes filled with peanut crumble or coconut shavings or read bean paste.

The dough is stretchy and a bit chewy, not too sweet... and one piece is just 80 cents!
I like to have a piece or two for breakfast, along with my kopi ☕️

Look at these beautiful strands! Had Mee Rebus noods for lunch and they were yum!

The bright yellow egg noodles are dipped in a curry-like gravy made of umami-packed shrimp broth and Indonesian spices. The taste is mildly sweet and only lightly spicy with refreshing citrus notes from the calamansi and lemongrass.

The dish is topped with fried tofu, Chinese celery, cilantro and green chilies, with the addition of a hard boiled egg.

I liked this Indonesian specialty at My Makan Place even though I’m usually not a fan of soups that use thickening agents to turn more dense as I can feel the sliminess of the starch.

Note: I had my meal at My Makan Place’s Jurong Garden Food House stall in Jurong East.


Was so pleased to discover Mee Hoon Kway, a noodle soup dish featuring a raw egg, greens, and a choice of chicken or pork mince, topped up with fried shallots and anchovies.

I gleefully watched the cook as she hand-tore squares of freshly made dough and violently threw them one by one in a single-portion pot of boiling soup.

The noodles are fairly thick, with a pleasant chewy consistency. The broth gets thicker as you eat through your bowl, enriched by the noodles’ starch and the raw egg yolk.

This has been one of my favorite hawker foods so far, and looking forward finding this dish around Singapore!

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Asia based for 6 years, currently eating my way through Singapore. IG: @lulus_hungry

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