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Taste Of Home

Taste Of Home

Uniquely Singaporean flavors ^^
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein
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Chose this place because it was the only place with empty seats in the middle of the office crowd rush :) I was really craving something comforting yet fit my macros and so I chose this simple bowl of tom yum with dory fish ($5) and added an extra $2 for more fish. :)

Its definitely a more Chinese-style tom yum soup, packing a spicy punch without too much sourness. I was grateful for the fact that it wasn't too oily or rich. There were shreds of cabbage, tofu cubes and tomato slices floating among the fish slices. I felt that the amount of ingredients (especially the fish) was way less than what I expected given that I paid $7 for it.

But the friendly aunty, calm environment and comforting soup still made for a pleasant dining experience. :)


This is the third combination of popiah and soup I've tried from Souperstar. This is the 'Chef's Special' Caesar Chicken Popiah with the Souper Shroomy soup and it cost $10.30.

The Caesar Chicken Popiah is stuffed with romaine lettuce, red onion, parmesan croutons, black olives, roasted chicken and hardboiled egg. It came with a Caesar dressing which I eliminated as I already had selected a cream based soup (I spooned the soup into the popiah with every bite so it would kind of taste like a dressing). It tasted...exactly like one would expect it to taste. A Caesar salad in a roll. Which I have no complaints about, because Caesar is one of my favorite type of salad. They had packed a generous amount of chicken and egg in the roll though, which I appreciated. Always a fan of their popiah skin too with its soft yet resilient texture.

The mushroom soup was way too watery. I like my mushroom soup thick and kinda chunky. And it didnt have much of a mushroom taste at all.

A pretty average, but not mindblowing meal.


First of all, these are the most affordable dumplings I've seen in a long time ($6.50 for 10 XLBs/guo ties). The long queue attested to the popularity of this humble hawker stall, where the dumplings were freshly made to order, boiled and fried right in front of the customer.

The guo ties were the highlight of our dumpling feast. A generous squirt of juice hit my palate as I bit into the plump, pillowy dumpling. The meat to skin ratio was perfect (I prefer a slightly thicker skin) and the filling itself was a flavorful pork mince with crunchy bits of green onion inside. I loved how the dumpling was piping hot and crispy on the bottom; evidently a lot of skill and care had gone into making each dumpling.

The XLBs were delicious too, not as good as Din Tai Fung's but definitely with the price I cannot complain. The dumpling itself was quite tiny and not the bulging, steaming package I believe XLBs should be. And the skin was definitely a little too thick for my liking. Yet the soup was plentiful and there was a generous amount of pork filling within.

Altogether definitely worth the wait for those amazing, absolutely value-for-money guoties. It certainly beats any restaurant guo ties and I will definitely be hitting this place to satisfy those dumpling cravings in the future.


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One of my favorite lunch places for a balanced, filling meal. This was the Sunny Carrot soup with the Wasabi Mayo Popiah wrap and genmaicha for the drink, costing $10.60 in total.

The soup was a bright (almost artificial) orangey-yellow and looked very appetizing with chunks of carrot and crispy crackers floating on top. The sweetness of the carrot shone through and it was rich without being overly jelak. I like my soups a bit thicker (almost like a puree) so this was a tad too watery for me, but still quite a satisfying mouthfeel :)

I preferred the sesame chicken popiah but still glad I tried this seafood wrap. Loaded with vegetables and a light drizzle of wasabi mayo, it also came with slices of steamed prawn, fish and tempura bits. I really liked the crunch of the tempura bits and veggies contrasted with the soft, starchy popiah skin which held together all the ingredients beautifully. And the wasabi mayo gave it that spicy kick to elevate an otherwise tasteless roll. Pro tip: for extra oomph and flavor, drizzle a spoonful of soup into the popiah with every bite!! The soup will drip into the vegetables and coat them without getting the popiah skin soggy :)


This was a lunch menu catered for some students we were hosting.

The tahu telur (bottom right corner) was definitely a major highlight. Cubes of egg tofu were deep fried to a crispy golden brown and topped with a halo of deep fried egg white. It was doused with some a thick, sweet and spicy dark sauce. The combination of silky tofu and deep fried batter was heavenly. The egg white halo soaked up the sauce and turned it into dripping strings of deliciousness which I ate like noodles. And that delightfully savory sauce coated everything with its perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess.

Another highlight was their signature fried chicken (top right corner). Served piping hot, the strong whiff of Indonesian spices shone through with every bite. The breast meat was not dry but instead tore apart easily, and the meat inside glistened with chicken juice. I was so impressed because it wasn't the least bit oily despite its delightful crispiness.

Finally, their chendol which (not pictured here) finished off our delicious meal with a bang. Served with coconut milk and gula melaka with bits of sago spooned into the bottom, it was sweet, rich and the perfect respite from Singapore's heat.

All in all, really delicious, authentic, well-executed Indonesian food with familiar, time-tested flavors. I loved the food here.


So this store used to be run by an ex-Chatterbox chef. My dining partner claimed it was his favorite chicken rice in the whole of Singapore (a huge claim since he goes through a plate a day on average) so I was quite excited to try this. We were exceptionally hungry so I ordered 1/2 chicken ($16.80), oyster vegetables ($4.50), their signature tofu ($4.50) and 2 plates of rice. It came with two bowls of clear cabbage soup (MSG loaded to be sure, but tasted good)

First bite of the chicken and I was blown away. It was tender, juicy and flavorful. The skin was silky soft. The dark meat was especially delightful, slipping down my throat easily while the breast meat soaked up the sauce the chicken was seasoned in, bursting with chicken flavor. I only wish I could say the same about the rice, which was definitely underseasoned and slightly dry. The chicken was definitely the highlight in this one.

The tofu side dish was delicious. Piping hot with a crispy outside and soft, silky center, it was paired with a sweet chili sauce. The oyster kailan was definitely overcooked without much crunch to it, but it provided much needed fiber and greens to the meal. And it was generously seasoned with oyster sauce, so no complaints about that.

Overall, a delicious, filling meal. While I don't know if I can agree with my dining partner whether this was the best chicken rice in Singapore, my chicken rice craving and hunger pangs have been satisfied at a very reasonable price.


This is the Creamy Tomato Basil soup with a Sesame Chicken Popiah and a cup of hot genmaicha. I was so favorably impressed by this!!

The popiah was loaded full of veggies and drizzled with a rich creamy sesame sauce. Crunchy bits, soft starchy popiah skin and meaty chicken flesh added a medley of flavors and textures that I adored. It was just the perfect companion for hot, tangy tomato soup. The genmaicha was a refreshing palate cleanser to sip on between bites.

2 Souper Meal sets only cost $9.80 and altogether made a healthy, fuss-free and very filling meal (my dining partner was a guy some more). It is really a great deal thanks to Burpple Beyond!


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