Fine Dining

Fine Dining

My special occasion meals and occasional splurges to treat myself.
Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

We got a side of potato to share. I can never say no to duck fat potato anything. Always loved it since I had them at Madison's in shanghai. Can hardly find them here in singapore though.

Overall for 2 pax we spent about $150 for 1 side, 2 mains and a small custard pudding to share

This is probably my favourite dish of the night. The tongue is done just nice - tender and flavourful. If only there is more!

Very very well done. Juicy and none of the chewiness and still can taste the grill. I love the tanginess in the chilli and the lime

I was expecting this to be very jelat but surprisingly light and yummy! It's a little odd combination to me but seemed like this is what they are really known for it is worth a try. Really good ingredients used + custard is super smooth

I do find that it's a tad expensive for the serving size.

Last dessert for both 6 and 8 courses.

This has ganache (really good!) with truffle flakes and topped with truffle cream! I loved the whole thing together with all the nuts in it. My companion felt it was too much but I absolutely enjoyed this dessert. It’s not too overpowering in my opinion and I didn’t get jelat. I finished it all, including the cream.

First dessert from the 8 courses set dinner.

My companion absolutely loved this dessert and said it might be the best he ever had. It’s good though, the sponge cake and chocolate layers were yummy but I’m not fond of milk taste so could not enjoy the milk ice cream at the side.

The main course for both 6 and 8 courses.

Iberico pork marinated overnight with three different types of spices — cayenne, cumin and paprika. Hence it was a little spicy to taste. It was also coated with black squid in breadcrumbs and glazed with a reduction of pork stock and apple juice.

The pork was really soft and juicy and absolutely delicious. Loved the sweetness of the glaze and the purée complemented it really well.

This is part of the 8 course but not the 6 course. The first main. The 8 courses comes with an additional main and an additional dessert.

Juicy whitefish with rice crisp crumbs and garlic flower. It’s not oily but really soft and juicy. Good but not mindblowing.

Fourth dish for both 6 and 8 courses meal from the restaurant’s Chapter 1: Monochrome.

This was my partner’s favourite dish that night and a very close second for me. The dish was inspired by the 25 year old balsamic vinegar used. And it all came about when the chef did bed and breakfast at the place where it was manufactured and it was named after the room he stayed in.

We got to smell the vinegar and the chef and staff came out to explain the story and different scents of the vinegar to us before the chef drizzled the vinegar onto our dish. Something like a tortellini but filled with butternut squash. Together with parmesan sauce and topped with almond snow. Really really good and I would have thought that it’ll be jelat but it’s not.

Third dish of the 6 and 8 courses dinner menu from chapter 1: Monochrome.

Loved their plating and the whole idea behind their concept. Their decor, food and even up to their wine selections are all in black and white.

Loved the rice crisp that covered the white asparagus and mushrooms below. I really enjoyed the crisp and their pickled scallions. So crunchy!

Second dish of the 6 and 8 courses dinner menu from chapter 1: Monochrome.

Was a little confused when they first served it cos I thought the servers mixed up the sequence as this dish looks EXACTLY like the first dish. But that’s the idea — chef wanted a déjà vu experience for his diners.

It has a totally different taste profile and I might say this is my favourite dish. I can’t stop thinking about it up till now! It’s savoury with the mushroom and potato foam and there’s bone marrow below. Matched with a different caviar to alleviate the flavours. If this was an ala carte dish I would definitely order this again.

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First dish of the 6 and 8 courses dinner menu from chapter 1: Monochrome.

It’s a good starter with its tangy flavours. I’m surprised how the young caviar added a slight saltiness which brought the dish to another level. Loved the white beetroot in the dish which was the focus for this dish. Specially imported, it has none of the usual beetroot taste which I’m not too fond of. I really enjoyed this even though I was apprehensive of the use of beetroot initially.

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