Since you can’t possibly visit every cafe, I’ll do it for you!
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💸: $16

💬: Most indulgent chocolate cake I've ever had in my life - moist chocolate cake in a pool of warm fudge, topped eith a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream 😫😫😫😫 I get the hype I really do

💸: $29.50

💬: I hardly order aglio olio, but when I do, it is only @ PS because it is THAT good

💸: $27

💬: Creamiest scrambled eggs I've ever had, buttered toast, big fat pork sausage, crispy bacon and greens

I usually don't order breakfast platters, but @ PS, I can't say no

💸: $15

💬: Mochi donut was 10/10, but matcha ice cream definitely wasn't my favourite but it's okay, flavour for May is cereal milk so i'm going back, just watch me 😎

💸: $18

💬: Carbs + cream + truffle? Tell me I'm dreaming

💸: $15

💬: Super healthy tasting, and initially it looked pretty bland, but the salsa in it sure made things exciting!

💸: $25

💬: Tend to find this overpriced, but if it tastes THIS good, take my money

💸: $17

💬: Sliced medium cooked steak, mesclun, cheese and (supposedly sauteed) onions slapped in between two pieces of carbs - nothing to hate except for the overly crunchy uncooked onions 😂😂

Okay but in all honesty, good food, great service and beautiful place, might just be my new favourite cafe 🥰

💸: $8

💬: Mango, coconut icecream and coconut water - doesn't matter if we can't travel right now, here's Thailand in liquid form

💸: $18

💬: Reminding me of my Revelry days, this was an absolute delight to have from the pillowy waffles to the sweet-savoury combi of the toppings 🤤🤤 what a time to be alive

💸: $15

💬: Would've found this more impressive if the cream cheese was whipped with some honey because some sweetness would've definitely elevated this dish tenfold but for now, still a solid 8/10 and crepes are so unheard of it cafes 🤤🤤

💸: $6

💬: Not a big fan of mayo, but nacho cheese??? heLL YESSSSSS
Would totes order this again, because $6 for a big basket of fries drenched in cheese sauce is just irresistible come on

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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