Since you can’t possibly visit every cafe, I’ll do it for you!
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💸: $10.90

💬:Featuring some underweight chicken, these (possible double-fried) chicken wings were real crispy without being too greasy and I quite enjoyed them - but my mum didn't eek

💸: $17.20

💬:My family's must-order whenever we dine there
Good ol' aglio olio, but zhng-ed up with 料

💸: $10

💬: One of the better chicken karaages I've had...
Batter was super crispy and flavourful, and stayed that way even after 30-45 mins!!!!

💸: $10

Pretty big portion, but I didn't like the wasabi mayo dip it came with 🤧 but I mean, truffle fries are already amazing on their own so

💸: $16

💬: The garlic butter mutes out after subsequent bites, but this umami dish definitely stayed on my mind for quite some time!
They were super generous with the fish roe which was - I mean it was my first time trying fish roe in pasta so don't mind me if Imm fangirling a little too much
Don't like the bonito flakes but that's just a personal preference 😰

💸: $7.80

💬: Tastes like a good cup of light floral tea which was quartered and topped up with ice water LOL but I would say that it did help to cleanse my palate after each mouth of dessert


💸: $6

💬: Am a sucker for anything nutty- more so anything hazelnutty so this I LOVE
The hazelnut filling was super smooth and rich and the nuts in there (pecan?) was crunchy and fragrant, only thing to improve would be the tart itself which was on the softer side, as if it has been left out for long

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💸: $4.50

💬: Admittedly, I'm not the kind to order desserts that I can bake, but my friend wanted this and let me just say, this was a slice of HEAVEN the miso isn't very strong but there is a savouriness which balances out the sweetness really well

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💸: $9

💬: Can buy 2 big bowls of ban mian with the money I spent on this but 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 I quite enjoyed this.... The mousse was kinda strange, but in good way, just unable to put a finger on the taste, the berry filling was tangy and everything went really well together

💵: $17.90

🤔: Barbecue sauce in it was too sweet for my liking, though I did thoroughly enjoy the buns itself and the fries!
Patty fell apart easily, so it gets a little messy to eat - no go for a first date 😳

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💵: $14.90

🤔: First few mouthfuls were okay, but it got jelak pretty fast.
Sauce could have had more truffle oil and been thicker, overall I wouldn't recommend this unless you're planning to share

💵: $19

🤔: Don't have much faith in cafes' waffles, but boy was the one here good!
Topped with a taaaaaaall swirl of strawberry earl grey ice cream, this was not only a treat for the tummy, but the eyes too!

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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