Fancy Schmancy

Fancy Schmancy

A list of places to go to on dates, or when you deserve a treat!
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💸: $29.50

💬: I hardly order aglio olio, but when I do, it is only @ PS because it is THAT good

💸: $27

💬: Creamiest scrambled eggs I've ever had, buttered toast, big fat pork sausage, crispy bacon and greens

I usually don't order breakfast platters, but @ PS, I can't say no

💸: $8

💬: Must get!!! Super refreshing and it cuts any greasiness and heaviness from your mains 🤩

💸: $15

💬: Slightly pricier than Aston's, but quality is WAAAY better imo

💸: $26

💬: Juicy as heck and cooked to almost perfection (would've been better if it was just a TINY bit bloodier), definitely get the hype behind their name

💸: $20

💬: This was pretty darn good but I couldn't help but to compare it to P.S' and I definitely prefer the latter more 😳

💸: $20

💬: Highly raved about by my colleague but I preferred the Quattro Formaggi over this a lot more

💸: $18

💬: Really really really good, especially when paired with the almost-tangy dip

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💸: $14

💬: Would never have bought a tiramisu when I can make one on my own, but when it is layered with a thick pistachio ganache and tastes like literal heaven on earth, there's no need for words, we just gotta order that good shit

💸: $19

💬: Have never had saffron-anything ever, but after this plate, I might just make it a necessity in my life.
The shape of the orecchiette also made it perfect for scooping up the sauce and bits of pork sausage
For a plate of pasta as plain-looking as this, it sure packed a punch

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💵: $25

🤔: Hefty price tag for poutine, but also something I would order again and again, no doubt! Chips were well-fried, and that garlicky sauce drizzled over it was to-die-for

💵: $28

🤔: Totally understand why this isn't just the original, but instead the original FAMOUS
Crust was as delightful as I last remembered it to be, and their tomato sauce is tangy, making it very appetising!

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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