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Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

I usually don't go for fancy ice cream flavours and like to stick to just plain ol' strawberry or vanilla, but I'm so glad I tried this because it was really really really good! The brownie bits were moist, the pecan added a deep nutty flavour and a crunch, while the coconut shreds became more and more flavourful with each bite. Would definitely return and try the other flavours like the strawberry blonde or the mud pie mojo which both sound super promising!

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The prawns and clams were okay, but the squid was a bit too rubbery. For its price, the poutine fries was a very big portion and the fact that they were fat fries made it even better. The gravy was good too, but a tad bit too salty so we ended up avoiding the middle portion of fries which was drenched in the sauce. More of a place for family meals than one for cafehopping, so I'd recommend giving this cafe a skip if you are looking for an aesthetic cafe, however, if you like pasta, they have a wide variety of pasta dishes to choose from.

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The soup was quite thick, seeming more like a broth and was a bit too salty to drink, but it's okay since I'm not one who drinks soup. Love the addition of bamboo shoots and corn as it gave an extra texture, but wish there was an egg or something because egg yolk + ramen is the bomb. Came with a iced green tea which I liked as it wasn't the sweetened kind and went well with the ramen. Wouldn't go back just for this, but wouldn't mind dropping by again if I'm in the area.

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Asked for the latter to be made spicy too and although I didn't expect much from it, my friends and I enjoyed it better as it was drinkable, unlike the MLXG base. Both pots came with chicken which was fall-off-the-bone, and despite ordering the small size for both pots, there were quite a few chunks of chicken. Ordered zhong la for the MLXG and it was really ma and very la, super satisfying as I'd been craving for mala for the past few weeks. The mushroom and chicken pot was more savoury than spicy, and we actually liked it alot as the soup was savoury and fragrant, however, as the pot was over an open flame, the soup boiled down pretty fast and thus it became too salty. However, you can ask the staff to top up the soup so just do that whenever it gets too salty! Ordered some add-ons, but my favourite would have to be the mantous. Fried to perfection, the outer layer is slightly crispy while the inside is pillowy soft - and when paired with condensed milk, it was really a treat.

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My favourite would have to be the dark chocolate ganache because the frosting on the rest was too sweet for my liking. Cupcakes were moist even when I ate them the day after. Would definitely try other flavours the next time around as there were some which caught my eye, especially the strawberry white chocolate. (P.S: isn't the packaging the cutest!) #euniceeatssweet #sgcafe #sgcafehopping #sgigfoodies #burpple #euniceinorchard #euniceintown

The grilled meats had an aromatic smoky flavour to it and were barbecued super well and while the herbs provided in a small basket at every table helped to enhance the flavour of the soup. Totally recommend adding the chilli and garlic provided, into your bowl too, as that will help to zing up your meal. The fat spring rolls are generously filled with ingredients and as they are made using a rice paper, they were extra crispy, a great addition to the meal. Portion sizes are really generous, something you'll realise while dining in Hanoi, so be careful to not over order! This meal is definitely something a little different from the usual dishes or meals we have in Singapore, so it may not suit everyone's taste (such as my brother), but definitely give it a try as it was a great experience and meal for me!

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However, some of the toppings weren't that impressive. The goji berries left a bitter aftertaste (which I've googled and I do know that it is normal, just that the bitterness was quite apparent so those who don't like bitter may want to ask for the goji berries to be skipped), while the granola was more hard than crispy and ended up getting stuck in my teeth. On the other hand, the strawberries and dragonfruit were fresh and had a slight sweetness to it, pairing well with the acai sorbet. If you want to get acai, I'd definitely recommend Hรคakon or An Acai Affair instead, because those are my go-tos!

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Review ๐Ÿ’ฌ: We ordered the Delancey, Carribean and Brazilian bread and all three items were so so delicious. Delancey was essentially a sesame bagel under a generous bed of beef pastrami, topped with a poached egg and some hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce added a slight sweetness to the entire dish which balanced well with the savoury notes from the sesame bagel and pastrami. Although the Brazilian Bread was described as 'warm, ooey, gooey, cheesy bites', it wasn't really 'ooey' or 'gooey', but still a great starter with its light cheesy scent and soft pillowy texture. The Carribean consisted of coconut waffles, passionfruit custard, fresh mangoes, bananas, and a passionfruit syrup, all which came together really well tasting like a summer vacation in your mouth. The dessert in its entirety was not too sweet although it sounds like a toothache waiting to happen, and was a great way to end the meal! Not only was the food good, so was the service! Definitely recommended for those who want brunch or all-day breakfast while in the town area!

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The linguine was cooked al dente and the sauce had a deep, robust seafood flavour to it (wokhei!), without being too heavy. Prawns weren't the plumpest, but they were slightly charred which gave it great flavour. Wouldn't really recommend the carnivore pizza because it was average-tasting but quite pricey, but my friend thought it was not bad, so you can give it a try if that's what you're craving. Truffle tater tots were a good appetiser for sharing, the truffle taste was distinct, but not overpoweing, but it would have been better if there was a dip to go with it. Pandan pancakes took a while to be served, but they were actually pretty good and I finished my portion of it despite being super full. Definitely recommend squeezing the wedge of lime all over your coconut icecream because that would make it taste like solero split. Kept finding ants in our condiments (FYI, their chilli sauce tastes like ketchup) but itโ€™s okay, they needa eat too. Good service, chill atmosphere, will definitely return!

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Location ๐Ÿ—บ: 390 Orchard Rd, Level 2 Palais S.C, Singapore 238871

MRT ๐Ÿš‡: Orchard

Opening Hours ๐Ÿ•’: 11:30AM - 11PM (Mondays to Fridays, 9:30AM - 11PM (Saturdays & Sundays)

Rating ๐Ÿ“ˆ: 10/10

Price ๐Ÿ’ธ: $77 (excl GST & SC)

Review ๐Ÿ’ฌ: Have been wanting to go to P.S Cafe for the longest time ever, and my cousin decided to treat me for my birthday! I got the spicy king prawn aglio olio and it was the best aglio olio Iโ€™ve ever had, hands down. Pasta was al dente, not too oily and the prawns were juicy and plump. Love that there were also greens like snap peas which added extra sweetness and texture to the dish. Truffle fries were as good as what I had expected, a strong match against The Lokal's. The truffle taste was distinct and the fries itself weren't oily or too crispy, just how I like my truffle fries. My cousin had the croque monsieur which I had a bite of and thought was pretty good, although it wasn't much to shout about, tasting like any other croque monsieurs. She also surprised me with a cake, the chocolate nut doorstop and it was one of the best chocolate cake I've ever had in my life. I'm a big fan of sponge cakes, but this cake really took the cake for me. Comprising of three separate layers, the bottom was a dense chocolate cake base which tasted similar to a brownie, the middle was made up of caramelised almonds, walnuts and pecans - some of my favourites! - and although caramelised, it wasn't too sweet when paired with the other components of the cake. Top layer was a chocolate mousse and it was light and thus didn't feel too rich or surfeit. Service was also really really good, the staff were always smiling and kept joking with us. They even sang the birthday song with my cousin when they served us the cake LOL. Overall a good meal and time, definitely somewhere I would return to for special occasions, or just because I feel like I deserve a treat!

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First few bites were pretty good, but as the initial hype dies down, it starts to get jelak and cloying. Thought the sauce itself was not bad, couldnโ€™t exactly put my finger to it, but there was a savoury seafoody taste. 15 minutes into the meal and the oil was starting to form a puddle at the bottom of the bowl so I ended up not eating 1/3 of my pasta. Would have been better if it was spicier, but this version is definitely good for those who like just a tinge of spice. The squid was chewy and slightly crunchy, but there was a fishiness to it that I didnโ€™t like and found odd because Iโ€™ve never known squid to have a fishy taste, but my friend agreed after trying it too. To be honest, I donโ€™t see myself returning, but if you wanna try a special rendition of pasta, then this might be for you!

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We got it with one scoop of ice cream and chose the Dark Angel - basically chocolate ice cream - according to the staff's recommendation. Would have liked it better if the dark choc ice cream was more bitter, but it was still pretty good. Got oreo crumbs for the toppings and the crunchy little bits added extra texture, super yumz! Cute shop with staff who were really nice and bubbly, but do note that there are no seats so it's a to-go dessert.

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doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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