Lobang Queen 💰

Lobang Queen 💰

For good deals and offers at various eateries (Burpple Beyond, Entertainer, Eatigo, Credit Card, Fave, time-sensitive offers and more)
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

If you’re still schooling, don’t forget to bring and present your student ID to claim 10% off your single or double scoops!

The ambience and decor at HAC is really cosy and the service is impeccable.
I personally love the cones at HAC and would recommend those over the waffles. Personal picks: coconut ice cream, Vietnamese coffee ice cream, coconut affogato.

So the staff didn’t tell us this when she seated us, and we were so surprised when we checked our bill and this steamer rack came shortly after. Not that I’m complaining, but plan ahead with this promo and what you order.

Taste-wise, I feel that most of the local xlb chains have lost their edge. The skins aren’t as thin as I remembered, meaning they’re easier to pick up without bursting, but don’t give the same satisfying pop in your mouth feeling as before. This is especially true for the top of the dumplings, where you can really judge how thick the skin is. The meat and soup fillings are still delicious though. Wouldn’t order it ala carte, but I’ll take it for sure since it’s free!

Visited the new cafe Our Secret Garden Cafe in Bukit Timah Plaza and realised it had actually taken over the previous cafe unit Rise and Grind. The unit is located outside the mall, with a short distance that’s unsheltered so it may be troublesome to walk over if it’s raining. Overall the layout of Our Secret Garden, and even the decor, is almost identical to the previous cafe, so I’m not sure if it’s a change in ownership or just a rebranded eatery.

That said, they have quite an extensive breakfast and brunch menu, which is available till 3pm. Thereafter, the mains and dessert selection take centre stage. Even if it’s just a change in name from Rise and Grind, the whole menu has been revamped and looks way better in my opinion. I was really torn on what to order especially because the pancakes and French toasts looked so delicious, but I ended up ordering the Morning Glory for a healthier brunch. Haha!

The Morning Glory is grilled chicken with bbq sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and fries, but I requested for a side salad instead of fries and they readily obliged. Really enjoyed how tender and juicy the chicken meat was, plus it was very flavourful even without the bbq or cheese sauce. Those grill lines are super on point. Salad veggies are fresh, crisp and green, and they allowed me to change sides without batting a lid, so plus points for that! The cheese sauce was probably meant for fries, but I liked dipping my chicken inside anyway because who doesn’t like cheese? I think this is actually the lighter breakfast option or low-carb version of the Morning Glory Burger available in the mains menu. Would be happy to order this again, or try the other brunch items on the menu.

Of note, Our Secret Garden is currently running a ‘Buy 2 get 1 free main’ promotion at lunch and dinner times, so it’s very much worth dropping by during those times! To add on, they also provided us with a pack of two face masks. Very thoughtful initiative during this period :)

I wouldn’t have known about this tiny coffee shop if it weren’t for Burpple Beyond although I drive past the area almost every day. Olla Specialty Coffee doesn’t face the main road, it’s near Balmoral Bakery but faces the courtyard of the HDB estate.

Seating is limited, but it’s a very cozy little place. There are two tables and some seats against the wall with “armrest tables”, plus two tables directly outside. The outdoor tables were well sheltered from the rain so no worries even on a thundery day like today. The interior is lovely, and the baristas are friendly too. As we were seated outside, there was a slight accident with the first matcha soy latte drink that was made as it spilled while the barista was carrying it. However, instead of wincing in pain or cursing, the sweet barista was more apologetic that I had to wait longer for my drink! She immediately apologised and had a new drink prepared.

The matcha latte was really really good. It’s thick with a slight bitter matcha aftertaste. At $5.50 for two cups (or $5 if you opt for regular milk) with Burpple beyond, this is an absolute steal! I would totally return to Olla, perhaps to try their coffee and waffles this time!

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Made a reservation on Chope and I’m glad I did because the restaurant was apparently full house for the night. When we ordered, we were told that food might take a while to be served, so at least they warned us. Thankfully, we had a lot to chat about so time passed pretty quickly while we were waiting.

The Cheeky Git is a cheeky name for a braised beef cheek dish served atop mashed potatoes. The beef was fork tender and my dining party was amazed at how soft it was. With Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 Main Dishes, this was very affordable and high quality. Would make a return visit for this dish!

First time visiting Sarnies for their dinner menu. Even on a weeknight, this place is pretty popular but there shouldn’t be much issues getting a seat indoors or outdoors.

King trumpet mushrooms:
This side was recommended by our server as we were choosing between this and the Arancini. The sliced mushrooms were sautéed in chopped garlic and served with fried garlic chips and sprinkled with coarse grains of rock salt. Overall, I really liked how flavourful and juicy the mushrooms were, and the garlic chips were awesome cause they were crisp but not burnt. I wouldn’t recommend eating the garlic bits sprinkled on the side as there’s lots of sea salt bits in them, they make for nice presentation and deco but too salty to eat on its own. One thing that could be improved on is how oily the dish is though. The top and middle layer were okay but a pool of oil ended up collecting at the bottom.

Chicken parmigiana ($19):
A breaded chicken breast with tomato paste, and melted cheese served with coleslaw and fries. This main sure takes me back to Aussie days. For $19, this is definitely very value for money especially considering the size of the chicken and the location of Sarnies. The chicken is perfectly breaded and fried to a golden brown, with just the right quantity of sauces. The breading doesn’t get soggy, and the chicken remains moist and soft on the inside. The coleslaw was not bad, I appreciate that it wasn’t too wet. The fries, while crispy and beautifully fried, tended to be a little too under seasoned. More salt or spices would’ve done the fries some good, but I ended up dipping them in the aioli that came with the barramundi main instead and loved it.

Pan seared barramundi ($25.50):
A tender piece of barramundi with crisp skin served atop pea purée with a decorative dollop of lemon aioli. I love how much thought went into the presentation of this dish, and while the portion of fish wasn’t that large, it was very affordable with Entertainer 1-for-1. The green crispy cracker didn’t have much taste, but food presentation is half the battle, and it sure did elevate this main to the next level. I love how soft and tender the barramundi was, along with the contrasting crisp skin that was so satisfying to cut and bite into. The pea purée was great too, considering I don’t like peas. It wasn’t bland, nor did it have an overly vegetal taste. Also, possibly a healthier alternative to mashed potatoes so I’m not complaining. The lemon aioli is rich and creamy, and pairs really well with the barramundi as well as fries.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner meal at Sarnies, perhaps even more than our breakfast. I think I’ll be utilising my remaining Entertainer offers for dinner rather than breakfast as is one of the few gems that Entertainer has 1 for 1 offers for which Burpple Beyond doesn’t, plus there was a deal with Mains & Dessert for use on Mon-Thur dinner which I intended to use (but received wrong information on how to redeem it so I ended up being served and paying for only one dessert). I should’ve checked more thoroughly since I ended up missing the chance to use the Mains & Dessert weeknight dinner deal :(

I visited TRR at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon and managed to get 30% off food items via an Eatigo booking. Despite that, our bill with two appetisers, one pasta and one drink (not applicable for eatigo discount) came up to approx $50. The main culprit was the lobster pasta (U.P.$28.80). Although the appetisers were good, I can’t find any justifications to pay $50 for such substandard food in an area where renowned cafes with great food and coffee are a dime a dozen. Might be worth just visiting for the appetisers or a drink to get a feel of the ambience at TRR, but don’t get the lobster pasta.

Personal recommendations:
- TRR’s Signature Spicy Wings
- Portobello Fries

One of the signature drinks at Mellower Coffee, the Ondeh X Latte was actually specially crafted for the Singapore Bugis flagship store. It’s definitely pricey at $9.80, but its a gorgeous beverage.

The ondeh latte is already pre-mixed so you can’t opt for a change of milk, but it’s made with coconut milk so it’s dairy-free. It does take a while to prepare as the glass rims are lined with shaved coconut. Take a sip of the pretty pastel green ondeh latte on its own, which has a delicate pandan aroma. Whenever you’re ready for a shot, add the espresso-gula melaka mix into your drink. The espresso overpowers the sweet pandan ondeh latte, transforming it to a bitter bomb, but there’s a layer of gula melaka syrup at the bottom of the cup that balances out the sweetness level once again. The ondeh latte is a pretty good drink on its own if you’re not looking for a caffeine perk, but dump in the espresso and you’ve got some pretty strong stuff going for you.

* 10% off for NUS staff/students/alumni!

* Mellower Coffee is quieter on weekdays if you’re looking for a chill place to do work or have drinks after dinner.

I think this is one of the more expensive mains in the Plentyfull menu. It would be pricey at $27++ on its own, but with Entertainer’s 1 for 1 Main Dish offer, this was actually very affordable.

I’m always in awe of Beyond Meat patties, and Plentyfull managed to cook this to a lovely medium rare doneness with a lovely red center. The buns were great as well, and the combination of melted cheese with caramelised onions was perfect.

The fries at Plentyfull were also artfully done. They were crispy, yet not dripping in oil. A little on the pale yellow side, but don’t let their colour fool you. They’re seasoned with just enough salt. We actually polished off ALL the fries because they were so good. Definitely one of the mains I will be ordering time and again with Entertainer because it’s worth the money.

*Plentyfull is on Entertainer. The 1 for 1 Mains include the Brunch, Sandwiches and Mains sections!

*Try reserving a table in advance if you want a nicer seat! Plentyfull is on Chope!

For eco-aware individuals, Kipos Gourmet offers $0.50 off each bowl you bring. Sometimes the staff forget, so just remind them if they do. Save the planet and some money at the same time while having delicious and nutritious food at Kipos :)

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If you’re visiting Mellower Coffee’s flagship outlet at Bugis and are an NUS affiliate, remember to flash your student/staff/alumnus card to get 10% off your drinks. If not, use GrabPay so you can get some points while paying.

For the National Day period, you can even enjoy 54% off your second coffee (only coffee items are eligible for this promo), or selected cakes for $5.40.

This is like the Vietnamese version of char kway tiao or pad thai. It’s the first time we’ve ordered this out of our numerous visits because I’m a creature of habit. Hahaha. Anyway, this dish didn’t disappoint. The noodles were slick and nicely cooked, not too soft, hard or oily. They even have a slight hint of wok hei that we were not expecting. There’s quite a bit of ingredients tossed in, so you have a mix of prawns, crabstick, mushrooms, tau pok and eggs. While none of these are particularly unique, they work together to make this dish delicious. We also enjoyed the chilli served together with these noodles, which were actually spicier than I expected. They’re really good when eaten together with the noodles! While I have other favourites on the menu that I always turn to, this is one dish that I might consider from time to time!

*The Orange Lantern (AND Harbourfront Centre) is FavePay-friendly! Remember to use FavePay, especially after 6pm, to get upsized 10% cashback!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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