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Waffles and Ice Cream

Waffles and Ice Cream

Because this match made in foodie paradise deserves its own section
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

This lovely aesthetically appealing dessert consisted of a large round waffle topped with blue and yellow hued ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup and honey ($13.60)

The waffle itself was light, crispy and airy. Almost too light, I felt it could have used some density in the batter. Still, they had nailed the brown butter flavor with that slight tinge of rich saltiness in the waffle's aftertaste, which somehow managed to stand out from the ice cream and sweet syrup.

The blue pea milk tasted so super decadent and rich. I loved the gorgeous creamy texture of the ice cream. It was lightly salted, resembling salted caramel (my fave flavor). Despicable is banana flavored ice cream with brownie and walnut bits folded in. I never knew such a flavor combination could taste so good. The ice cream retained its creamy texture but the bits of brownie resulted in pops of bittersweet chocolate flavor in my mouth and the walnuts contributed with their earthiness and their crunch.

All in all, a lovely comfortable hole in the wall cafe with good waffles but mindblowingly delicious ice cream. :)


My dining partner and I literally inhaled thus $15 dessert haha. It was that GOOD.

That crispy, thick, fluffy made-to-order waffle with that hint of savoriness from the brown butter and a mild flowery aftertaste from a sprinkle of dried lavender. The kicker is really the salted caramel sauce drizzle, which really elevated the flavor of both waffle and ice cream, gave it complexity and body.

As for the ice cream, it was really good as well. The shoyu caramel just tasted like...salted caramel and I was rather grateful for that as to taste the soybean-based shoyu in your ice cream would have been...strange. But still really delicious and rich and creamy. The chocolate ice cream was good too, with a strong but perfectly balanced chocolate flavor, not too bitter and not too sweet.

Fatcat is really everything its hyped up to be. A tiny, cosy cafe in the heartlands of Bedok serving creative desserts made with love and care.


Aaaaaah...Creamier never disappoints. I had to try their Little White Rabbit ice cream, and took it as an excuse to order their famous waffles 🙃, which were just as delicious as I remember. My dining partner selected the honey lemon yuzu sorbet as his choice of waffle topping, coming up to $14.20 for this huge stack of deliciousness.

Made to order, the waffles were definitely the highlight of the dessert. They were warm, fluffy and thick with a crispy crunch, and provided the perfect contrast with the ice cream. They were served with a drizzle of chocolate and maple syrup. I always applaud Creamier for their consistency, churning out delicious waffles every time despite the long queue of orders.

The Little White Rabbit was so adorable, with a little piece of rice paper stuck on top for a complete effect. Consuming the rich, milky ice cream with the rice paper was the ultimate sense of nostalgia. I do wish the white rabbit candy taste could be stronger, however I do appreciate the fact that it wasn't too sweet.

The al fresco seating area is cosy and warm, and the cafe is comfortably decorated with efficient yet friendly staff. Creamier is definitely my favorite place for one of my favorite desserts of all time. :)


Waffles and ice cream has got to be one of my favorite sweet treats, the warm waffle with cold ice cream is a match made in heaven. I particularly adore smothering each waffle pocket with ice cream and dredging it in toppings to form the perfect bite. <3

The Daily Scoop's version came in a set costing $7 and was dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled generously with chocolate syrup. The made to order waffle was warm, soft and aromatic but lacked that crispy, crunchy exterior that is the signature of a perfect waffle (perhaps the cooking process was slightly rushed; it was a busy Friday night). But the ice cream was delicious; a salted caramel base with bits of chocolate brownie folded in. The perfect mix of sweet and salty, with a hint of bitterness from the chocolate in the brownie. It was delightfully creamy and smooth as well, spreading almost like butter into the warm waffle. I found myself wishing I had ordered another scoop of a different flavor to try. 😅

Not perfect, but definitely satisfactory for the price and good enough to quell my buzzing sweet tooth :)


The waffles were light, airy and had the most delectable crispy crunch to them. I personally would have preferred the waffles to be a little bit denser, but they were still a perfect balance to the creamy, rich gelato and not too sweet or eggy. I liked the extra chocolate and caramel drizzle as a final touch.

The 1 for 1 entitled us to a free premium scoop, and so we chose Macademia and Blondie Beach ice cream (the latter for its slight similarity to my personal favorite, salted caramel) for a total $9.60 including the waffle. I was impressed by the generous portion heaped onto the waffle and gelato's texture, stretchy and creamy without melting too fast. The Macademia gelato was gao with the familiar strong aftertaste of macademia nut while Blondie Beach had really distinct flavors of white chocolate and lime with a slightly salty aftertaste. I was really blown away by the latter because the different flavors were distinct and layered but still came together and tasted really amazing. I'm all about contrasting flavors in food, so this was a great effort in that.

The ambience was cosy, clean and the service staff were attentive and friendly. Appreciated the free water and the fact that they use metal spoons to let you taste the ice cream :)



A craving for ice cream led me to this cosy neighbourhood gelato place where I ordered crispy waffles topped with pistachio gelato studded with chocolate bits. ($9.70) I adored the addition of the chocolate as it gave a varied texture to the otherwise one-dimensional ice cream and paired well with the nutty flavor of the gelato. However, the pistachio flavor wasn't as strong as I would have liked, it was more of an aftertaste? Also, while the waffles were freshly made, warm and made a good base to soak up the ice cream, they lacked that crispy crunch I expected. Still, craving satisfied. :)

Also, my dining partner ordered an iced mocha to go with our waffles. It tasted so bad and diluted (think melted kopitiam ice milo with a hint of coffee) we didn't take more than a few sips. And I'm the kind of diner where unfinished food is usually a travesty to me, that's how terrible that drink was. Also, the service rly wasn't as good as it could be.


We used the Chope 1 for 1 voucher. The Milky Way is a hole in a wall cafe tucked away in a HDB estate in Commonwealth. My mother and I enjoyed the cute decor and friendly wait staff who helped us sort out our voucher.

The waffles were freshly made to order and the amazing smell permeated the cafe. They came crispy and hot, drizzled with maple syrup. We got to choose 2 flavors of ice cream and went with pistachio and sea salt caramel. The pistachio flavor was really gao with a distinct nutty taste (fans of pistachio will love this, like I did). The sea salt balanced out the sweetness of the caramel and seemed to make the ice cream extra creamy and smooth. They went perfectly with the eggy waffles.

An indulgent cheat day treat and my mother left with a full belly and satisfied cravings.


I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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