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Featuring Sunday Folks, Tom's Palette, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Apiary, Geometry, Creamier (Tiong Bahru), Denzy Gelato, Aqua S
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The carribean rum & pineapple had a distinct pineapple flavour and a mellow sweetness; the alcoholic taste was not too strong. We both preferred this because of our personal preference for rum!

The smokiness shone through for the sakura smoke & artichoke gelato, with the bits of pear folded in providing some textural variation. I haven’t tried artichoke (the vegetable) before, but I found this flavour rather interesting and pleasant tasting.

Both gelatos were smooth and light as usual, nothing too heavy on the palate! The bread from sing hon loong was a National Day special, and was a good, fluffy bread. I didn’t think it paired well with the flavours we chose though!

The lemon sorbet was really sour, so I’ll suggest that only those with high sour thresholds try it. The strawberry honey tasted slightly like a strawberry cheesecake, but without the creaminess. I do think that there could be a more intense strawberry flavour! Texture wise both were slightly icy; not up to their normal standards. Will stick to flavours like pistachio / guava / genmaicha instead!

Was sorely disappointed by the ice creams here. The chrysanthemum one tasted like just milk ice cream - there was no trace of the chrysanthemum flavour at all; the only flavour was from the goji berry topping. Hojicha was alright in comparison, we could at least taste a discernible hojicha flavour. I did like the smooth texture of their ice creams, but the flavour was way too mild.

We liked these flavours! The matcha was quite gao, there was a slight bitterness to it. The goma (golden & black sesame) was quite rich in sesame taste. Both were smooth and delicious, and not too sweet :)

Waffle set under BB!! Each set comes with a waffle + scoop of classic ice-cream + ice lemon tea. I tried both after eight & sea salt gula melaka flavours - not a fan of after eight but enjoyed the sea salt gula melaka (tho I would not come back specially for this flavour) but I super liked the waffles!!!!! They are SUPER crispy and not overly doughy the highlight of this dessert!!

The hazelnut had a rather nutty flavour with a smooth texture, and the pineapple coconut was refreshing and creamy. I’ve reviewed the pistachio and green tea flavours before, and they were delicious as usual :)

The oolong osmanthus reminded me of chicha, and I preferred this out of the 2. The blue pea lemongrass had a pretty strong lemongrass taste, and while I usually do not like lemongrass, I found that this was palatable and it kinda grew on me. The waffles fell short though, it could be crispier and the batter is rather bland.

This is a salted caramel ice cream with brownie bits (I think), and while it was decent, I would rather go for other flavours (it just so happened that all my favourite flavours were unavailable that day)!

We liked the cold brew as well! The coffee taste was smooth & mellow, and my ice cream buddy commented that this is something that everyone can have, even if they are not coffee drinkers. The lotus biscuit bits provided crunch, and the ice cream was well balanced overall.

The rum & raisin gelato was smooth with a good rum flavour - the rum is delicate & refined. We liked that the raisins were chopped up instead of whole, so that there was more even distribution of flavours.

The lavender cone is freshly made-to-order, and was crisp and fragrant, without having an overpowering lavender taste.

We’ll be back to try the other interesting flavours!

This was rich & gao, yet refreshing at the same time. It was also really smooth. I’m not really a choc ice cream person usually, but I liked this a lot! Might be one of my new fav flavours at bop :)

The honey vanilla ice cream was good as usual, it was smooth and had a pleasant authentic vanilla taste, plus a tinge of honey sweetness. A simple flavour but well executed.

I don’t usually go for the waffles here, so this surprised me as it was very nicely crisp on the outside. It could be fluffier, and while this is not amongst the ranks of ‘best waffle’, it was quite satisfying.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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