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Featuring Dopa Dopa Creamery, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Apiary, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), The Humble Scoop, The Daily Scoop (Sunset Way)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Dopa dopa is undeniably my fav ice cream store in SG, because they really ace the texture (smooth, creamy, sticky almost) and certain flavours really stand out.

In the cup we have pistachio & roasted rice green tea; in the cone we have guava & pistachio.

The pistachio was delicious as usual. Tried the guava for the first time and I was SOLD! It was refreshing and had a distinct guava flavour.

Got this when they were still on burpple so we paid $10 for everything! If anyone relevant is reading this, please bring dopa back on beyond, thanks :)

Daily scoop is my fam’s go-to ice cream place bc it’s good + convenient! This was my dad’s order, which I had a little bit of. It was nice and had strong avocado flavour without it being too ‘green’ if you get what I mean! Was rather smooth too :)

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Can’t rmb what the top flavour but I rmb the choc was decently rich. Melted rly quickly tho probably bc it was a very hottt day. Texture wise also not bad, not super creamy but sufficiently smooth!

This was some time back, so I can’t rmb the exact names of the flavours but the top one was a pineapple lime, and the bottom one was gula melaka (iirc). The pineapple lime was very refreshing, and had a good balance between being tart and sweet, we liked it a lot! The gula was good too. Texture wise not the most creamy but it was decent. The owner was very friendly too! I’ll be back to support, I like how they offer locally inspired flavours that actually taste good :)

This may be my favourite bop flavour! (up there with spiced pear) Randomly chose this flavour and boy was I surprised at how much I liked it! It’s roasty, nutty, and has a rich, deep flavour. Texture is nice & smooth, and coupled with the fragrant thyme cone, it’s no wonder I was obsessed about bop for a period of time (heh)

This is my/our favourite ice cream in the whole of SG!!! This was the first time we had it. In Poland, I had the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted thus far. It was a v v delicious, smooth and creamy ice cream and I still think about it from time to time. Dopa is the only place that comes close to that!

It’s very smooth and creamy, they really churned it for a sufficient amount of time to produce an almost sticky texture which is da bomb. The flavour profile of their pistachio is really good: nutty and not too sweet, it’s amazinggg. The genmaicha has a roasty taste, and it is a nice balance of bitter (from the matcha) and sweet.

This is our go-to ice cream place!! Yums

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My favourite favour in Apiary!!! Unique flavour that tastes like “white rabbit sweet” :-) super crowded even on a weekday night!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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