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Featuring Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Apiary, Creamier (Tiong Bahru), Denzy Gelato, Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato, The Humble Scoop, The Daily Scoop (Sunset Way), Pidapipó (Carlton)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The gelato here was quite smooth and creamy! Gingerbread was earthy with a pleasant cardamom taste that wasn’t overwhelming, and I liked that there were bits of crunchy gingerbread biscuits in it. Pistachio was good too. Tried the salted caramel, pear and Norwegian cheese as well but I enjoyed the 2 flavours I picked best. It was pricey (standard Norwegian prices) but the staff were friendly and I would definitely go back when I have the chance to! Backdated posts will have to do for now :)

The burnt white chocolate was interesting, as it reminded me of werther’s original candy! The pistachio could have a stronger nuttier flavour. A decent ice cream place but I think there’s some oomph lacking in terms of ice cream flavour & texture. We tried the soursop mint, brown butter sage, rhubarb buttermilk but weren’t impressed.

I really enjoyed their cone though! It was crunchy with a good snap (but not hard to bite), and the flavour was very pleasant as well. I think they add some sort of herb to the cone batter. Definitely would come back for the cone, and maybe try the choc sorbet/sea salt gula jawa :)

Pistachio was great as usual (it’s our umpteenth time here and we ALWAYS pick pistachio). The slightly sticky texture and nutty, rich pistachio flavour really is such a great combination.

The pineapple coconut was something we tried for the first time and it was good! Very refreshing and well-balanced :)

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Hojicha is my favourite flavour at bop, and it was good as usual! A very pleasant roasted matcha flavour that was sufficiently strong and not bitter.

Was surprised at how good the midnight gianduja was. It had a rich chocolatey taste without being too sweet, with the hazelnut flavours hitting right at the end. I was impressed at how the flavour profile changed from the start and end of each bite :)

Got my favourite sea salt hojicha, which was well balanced and smooth. The roasted green tea flavour came through without it being too overwhelming. Hazelnut was decent and was a good pairing with the hojicha. The thyme cone is still good but the top part of the cone was too thin and got soggy quickly. Thankfully, the bottom part was crunchy.

Always thought that creamier / sunday folks has one of the nicest waffles in sg: crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with a batter that isn’t too eggy nor airy.

The ice creams are quite smooth. Flavour-wise, they were all pretty decent, choc sufficiently rich, pistachio nutty, sea salt gula melaka had a good balance of sweet & salty, earl grey lavender was fragrant but not overwhelming.

Definitely one of the better ice cream places around!

The ice cream was relatively smooth, and wasn’t too sweet. We preferred the pb banana which had a good balance of the 2 components + a crunchy element. The dark choc was how a melty dark chocolate bar would taste like, the yogurt was tangy and the hojicha was gao. Pretty decent offerings, it’s someplace I’ll return to if I’m in the area.
P.s. tasted the whiskey flavour and liked it, but we were told after paying that it was excluded from burpple beyond redemptions so we didn’t have a full scoop!

The pineapple tart flavour is a seasonal CNY flavour, and it was really good. There were bits of stringy pineapple pulp throughout and the base was smooth and refreshing!

Pistachio (a perennial favourite of ours) was good as usual :)

Back at our fav ice cream place! Hojicha has a nice roasty green tea flavour, but we couldn’t really taste the almonds. Pistachio was great as usual!

However, the texture of the ice cream has changed a little, it’s no longer as sticky / chewy as before :(

Pistachio was v nutty and had good flavour; coffee w choc brownies had a pretty good coffee taste & the brownies gave smth to chew on. Texture wise it was very smooth, loved it!

Dopa dopa is undeniably my fav ice cream store in SG, because they really ace the texture (smooth, creamy, sticky) and certain flavours really stand out.

In the cup we have pistachio & roasted rice green tea; in the cone we have guava & pistachio.

The pistachio was delicious as usual. Tried the guava for the first time and I was SOLD! It was refreshing and had a distinct guava flavour.

Got this when they were still on burpple so we paid $10 for everything! If anyone relevant is reading this, please bring dopa back on beyond, thanks :)

Daily scoop is my fam’s go-to ice cream place bc it’s good + convenient! This was my dad’s order, which I had a little bit of. It was nice and had strong avocado flavour without it being too ‘green’ if you get what I mean! Was rather smooth too :)

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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