CBD Bites

CBD Bites

Featuring Market Street Interim Hawker Centre, King Of Fried Rice (Golden Mile Tower), Paddyfolks, DON DON DONKI (100AM), Soon Huat Dining House, Tamago-EN (Suntec City), WOK HEY (Chinatown Point), Ya Kun Family Cafe (Suntec City)
Klion Chung
Klion Chung

Dessert of the day that came with the lunch set when you add on $3.50. The egg pudding is rich and eggy, I love it. As for the black sesame panna cotta, it tasted sourish (spoilt taste) and I had to request for a change.

Weekdays lunch sets are quite affordable, with the option to add on $3.50 for salad, iced lemon tea, and dessert of the day. Appearance-wise, this is considered a failed omelet with so many holes. (Everyone else who came after me, got a beautiful omelet though.🤷🏻‍♂️) Taste-wise, not bad, the omelet is still creamy. The butter rice is quite tasty too. As for the chicken, it was too powdery, I didn’t like it.

It’s not my first time having seafood white beehoon, but having it in bak kut teh broth, this is the first. Surprisingly, the white beehoon and the broth actually go well together. It creates enough oomph for me to come back for more.

This is surprisingly delicious. The curry gravy is not too thick, just nice to drenched the plate of rice without overpowering it. The pork chop is tasty and crunchy, and well marinated. Even the onion omelette is good.

The milkshake is blended with their popular Japanese sweet potato and Hokkaido milk. It is so rich and creamy, it’s actually quite filling. If you’re a fan of their sweet potato, you will like this.

Takosen (takoyaki + senbei) is consists of takoyaki balls sandwiched between Japanese crackers topped with sauce and mayonnaise.

The Chicken Chop Yuan Yang Hor Fun combines the curry and herbal gravy to let you have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, the herbal gravy has overpowered the taste of the curry gravy. I couldn’t really taste the curry gravy. There is also a slightly bitter taste from the herbs. As for the chicken chop, the serving was generous too but it is saltier than the pork chop. It is too salty to be eaten on its own, it’s better to eat it together with the hor fun. Overall, it’s still not bad, but I would suggest getting the separate herbal or curry gravy version instead of Yuan Yang version.

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The pork chop is so tasty! It’s perfectly marinated, nicely grilled and surprisingly tender. The egg fried rice is filled with egg fragrant and good amount wok hei. I’ll definitely be back for more.


Love the Teh C and toast set here. Steamed bread so soft and fluffy. Traditional Kaya toast is very crispy and fragrant.

Tips: Download their app to accumulate points.

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You can customized your bowl with your favorite protein, veg and various flavored hom mali grade jasmine rice (Cilantro Lime/Garlic Butter/Tomato Oregano/Tom Yum) Love the Cilantro Lime rice, it’s so fragrant, the lime make it really tasty and refreshing.

This is surprisingly good. A simple yet tasty fried rice with wok hei. I like that you can actually change the rice to brown rice for a healthier option at no extra cost.

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Who says money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy good food and that’s basically the same thing.

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