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Snacc Attacc

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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The donut is fluffy and q soft. To me it’s just like a circular bread dusted in fine sugar tho? I like it, but it’s not AMAZING and I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. I guess the limited supply and sufficient demand (I see people buying it in bags of 10-20??) makes it more coveted + it’s only out after 11.30am. Okay la it wasn't greasy which is good, and a nice simple snack that doesn’t try to be over-the-top.

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Happy cny everyone!! Here’s a review of some wholesome fabulous tarts I tried last week from a relatively new bakery in the neighbourhood :-)

Saw good reviews online and the tarts really didn’t disappoint! Firstly the tart base itself was the hard kind but it also crumbled very easily when bitten into it with the strong buttery taste 😋 For the fruitilicious fruit, they were super generous with their overflowing fruits and I love that each fruit tasted super sweet and fresh. I’m usually not a fan of lemon meringue flavours but this was really good too it had that tangy sourish fresh lemon flavour that complemented so well with the base :-)

These were adequately moist and had pretty decent texture, but nothing to shout about. The walnut was the nicest, as I like the crunch from the walnuts, and the muffin itself had a nice neutral flavour. The blueberry one had some blueberry jam, was alright. The banana one had the artificial banana essence flavour taste, but it’s like the traditional soft chewy snack which I like, so I’m alright with it. The lemon one had the artificial lemon essence taste too, rly similar to Khong Guan lemon biscuit so i wasn’t too impressed.

Crust is like a bland behtehsoh pastry crust, kinda felt like it was just flour and water. It was a little crunchy tho!

Egg custard is p soft n silky. I actually don’t mind it, but if you’re looking for a buttery/fragrant crust it’s probably not going to cut it. Can try if you want egg tart but don’t want it to feel so sinful!

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Neighbourhood Japanese cheesecake that was harshly criticised by my dear friends... honestly for myself the cake was super fluffy and airy, and it immediately melts in your mouth (resulting in my friends tasting and eating “nothing” 🌚). I do agree that the cheesecake taste was super subtle but it wasnt “nothing”!

But for the price point and its location in the heartland, I think it’s justifiable HAHHA I will definitely eat it again but will I buy again...mmm BUT thumbs up to the packaging!!!!

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What a hidden gem!!!!! I chanced upon it one fateful day & oh boy I was amazed!!! The polo bao crust is so so flaky and I love it how they are so generous with the crumbs and these crumbs just fall all over the place when bitten into it. The bao itself is chewy but isn’t too doughy and the generous overwhelming roasted chicken is marinated so well :”) what a great find!!! I didn’t manage to try the rest which was gobbled up when I bought them back home but will def be back!! Prob the best polo bao I have had in Singapore :”)

Was pretty impressed by these muffins! They were fluffy, moist, and spongy. Found the banana one a little sweet, but I think it’s from the natural sweetness of the banana - you can see the brown streaks, indicating that they didn’t use artificial banana flavouring. Blueberry sauce was alright, I like that they didn’t give too much of it or it may run the risk of being too sweet. The texture of the muffins are great, and I would definitely come back to try their other flavours!

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Have seen mixed reviews going around, so I’m glad I finally managed to try it. There was only a 2-3min queue! Found the egg tarts not bad - the cookie crust was crisp aft reheating, but the pastry crust wasn’t really flaky. Shall try it when it’s fresh next time, as I ate it the day after purchasing this time. The egg custard was rather silky and delish. I preferred the cookie crust!

Would need to do a side-by-side comparison with taicheong since they have similar products, but currently I like both! But I think these places do have their off days, plus when you buy it at the end of the day vs freshly baked it’s very different.

Anyway, the polo bun looked very fluffy, but it was dry and the sugary crust on top might as well have not been there - it added no value LOL. Will be back for the egg tarts, but not the polo bun!

I was so amazed at how much I loved these scones. The texture was on point - it was soft inside, kindaa fluffy, and not dry or floury at all. They were quite light, not super buttery/heavy-tasting.

The figs were quite well-dispersed throughout the scone, and I do like figs for the seedy texture & natural sweetness, so I liked it a lot. The earl grey scone was fragrant, and was pretty good too.

They’re really small, but I think they’re a good size for a quick bite. $1.20/scone is also very affordable! Highly recommend :)

They offer a variety of flavours, but my favourite is still their peanut min jiang kueh! It’s the traditional type, with a grainy peanut + sugar mix. Their pancakes are distinct as they are chewy, kinda mochi-like - going to come here more often as the Tanglin Halt area is going to be redeveloped in future :(


The popiah skin was thin enough, and I liked the crispy bits which gave a nice crunch. It actually tasted quite clean and not too heavy, but the turnips could have been slightly juicier. Overall, a pretty good popiah with good proportions of skin, sauce and ingredients! Also, the chili version is apparently very spicy according to my friend, so opt for the non-spicy version if you have a low spice tolerance.

Bought a plethora of snacks to try from Samjim Amook!! (Not going to lie friends and I were attracted by the variety and aesthetics of the store!!) my favourite was the bak kwa croquette !!!! Please try it!! Tasted like a char siew bao filling in a croquette

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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