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Melissa Archuleta
Melissa Archuleta

As an avid Harry Potter fan, this place was an actual dream. To end off the meal, we got ourself the snitch cake. It was $15 and definitely a little on the pricier side but it made me very happy so just take my money!! Aside from being a little gimmicky, the cake actually tasted very good. Snitch is edible too! It also came with a pot of dry ice in the side as well which added a nice magical touch. Please don’t accidentally drink it like I did though, you can actually die.

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Was honestly expecting more because this is Fullerton. Food here was horribly executed, except for this nasi lemak. Rice was fluffy, chicken was crispy and sambal was decent. Everything else was a disaster, especially the eggs from the egg station. More rubbery than tires.

The Prawn Basil Pesto Pasta was a surprising treat. The pesto sauce has a lovely nutty, earthy flavour that wasn’t too overwhelmingly strong and this generously coated the pasta which was cooked to a nice al dente. What really blew us away were the prawns; these are some of the crunchiest, juiciest prawns we’ve ever had in a pasta dish and it provided a nice textural contrast against the slippery pasta. Hopefully this isn’t a once-off thing and that it’ll be just as good if we ever order this dish again!

We’ve read countless of rave reviews about the Braised Beef Cheeks so we weren’t surprised to find that it was as good as it sounded. With beef cheeks, it can go 2 ways: extremely tough or outrageously tender. The ones at Eleven Strands are of the latter and it was fork tender and packed with plenty of umami. It came with a side of buttery mash and mushrooms and everything was doused in a savoury gravy that had hints of red wine in it. Definitely a stellar dish that is well deserving of all the praise it has received!


I didn’t expect to find one of the best rostis I’ve ever had in my life at a small cafe at Bukit Merah. Okay to be fair, I’ve not had that many rostis in my life but this was really a pretty damn solid one. Didn’t look like much but while it was insanely crispy, the insides of it remained fluffy. Also appreciate how it wasn’t overwhelmingly greasy like many of the other rostis I’ve had in my life. Used Burpple Beyond but I would pay full price for this.

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The food here is all right, but honestly nothing fantastic. It’s okay with Burpple Beyond but I honestly won’t pay full price for it. Got their Zesty Crab Pasta ($17.90) which came with a pretty generous amount of crab bits. However, the pasta was a tad bit too salty for my liking and very dry. Wished there was a little gravy to make it easier to swallow!

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Was expecting more variety when it came to their pasta range as it was the only promotion that was allowed on Burpple Beyond but we took it anyway and didn’t regret it. Got their Vongole Aglio Olio ($14) and it was a damn good, no nonsense plate of vongole aglio olio. Clams were fresh, gravy was not too salty and pasta was cooked to a nice al dente. Was slightly spicy but not too overwhelming so it’s all right for people with low spice tolerances. Won’t mind coming back!

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And one of the most expensive ones too. Thank God for Burpple Beyond or I would be significantly more upset. I don’t usually like eating cafe breakfast food because I don’t believe in paying so much for something I could possibly make myself but I was feeling a hearty breakfast so I went for it.

The eggs were RUBBERY. They actually felt rubbery and plasticky. Taste wise it was honestly fine and it had hint of truffle in it. But the texture really ruined it for me. The bacon, mushrooms and sausage were decent and cooked properly but there was nothing fantastic about them. Sourdough toast was decent, crisp and quite fragrant. The next horror was the salad which was very bitter and pretty unfresh. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this place so I can’t believe I had such a bad experience here. Truly hope that this is a one off thing, don’t mind coming here again to give them another chance though.

We finally decided to do so during the Circuit Breaker and we honestly regret not giving them a try earlier. The duck pizza exceeded our expectations and came with a generous amount of duck slices. The beef bourguignon, on the other hand, was a little too tomatoey for our liking, but this was made up for with the chunky cubes of beef which were fork-tender and very juicy. We will definitely be back!

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This simple yet intense dish features al dente angel hair pasta tossed in aromatic truffle oil and an assortment of mushrooms which are then generously coated in a heap of black truffle gratings. They really don’t scrimp on the truffle, so serving of this really hits you with all an intense wave of earthy, truffle-ly flavours. Not sure if they’re open for delivery or takeaway during the Circui Breaker period but I can’t wait to get my hands on this again in June!
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Have heard rave reviews about Cheeky and we finally checked them out a few weeks back and we have pretty mixed feelings about the food here.

The Cheeky Breakfast Club ($25) gets a big yes from us because for one, the portion size is M A S S I V E, just the way a breakfast platter should be. It came with thick cut bacon, scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, spinach salad, balsamic roast mushrooms and honey confit cherry tomatoes. CAN WE JUST SAY that their sourdough toast is absolutely BANGING and is honestly some of the best sourdough toast we’ve had to date. It had just the right amount of denseness to it as well as a lovely toasted edge that let off a massive crackling sound when we bit into it. We also loved the thick cut bacon which truly was THICCCCC and well cooked and marinated.

We also sampled the Dashi Poached Salmon ($25) and that was where the disappointment came in. The salmon portion itself was very small, definitely not enough to make someone full unless they have a very small appetite. The fish was also not cooked properly was shockingly dry and hard to chew. We did, however, enjoy the other components; sautéed spinach was seasoned well, sous vide egg was lovely and runny, and the ravigote yoghurt dressing was pretty on point. It’s a shame that the star of the dish, the salmon, was executed so poorly. Will definitely be back in the future but we hope any future experiences will be more pleasant!

They sadly won’t be open during the Circuit Breaker period and neither will they be doing deliveries. Just gotta have to wait till after this month is over!

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This cosy cafe is nestled away in a crevice of NLB at Bugis, and they serve unpretentious cafe grub for very wallet-friendly prices without compromising on the quality and taste of their food. Missing their Quinoa Bowl with Salmon which is definitely one for the health junkies out there. OTC Cafe is one of the few cafes in Singapore that do their salmon right and I love how they manage to cook the salmon such that the outside is lovely and crisp while the inside remains juicy. Paired with quinoa, sweet corn, mushrooms, salad and topped with a runny onsen egg, this dish is great for those of you who want to be healthy but don’t want to compromise on the flavours. Sadly, they don’t do delivery, so we can’t wait till they reopen again after the Circuit Breaker period!
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I eat like a sumo wrestler

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