Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping

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Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Top left: bergamot kombucha (must say this is one of those flavors gone wrong, not my thing, very odd combination)

Top right: smoked peppermint (don’t get much of that smokiness?? But decent mild milk based mint ice cream.

Bottom left: basil tarragon (love this!! But I get how some might find it too savory)

Bottom right: acai yoghurt (what you’d expect of a acai ice cream, I forgot the name mentioned yoghurt cause I didn’t get any of that from the taste)

Never seen such a list of interesting flavors before!!! If I could have it my way, I would order the WHOLE menu. Would come back to try some flavors: Cherry bamboo charcoal, bee pollen, sea salt black sesame, lychee dragon fruit, strawberry stracciatella sherbet, ginseng lemon, soursop calamansi.

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Love the flaky thin puff pastry layered with a very generous amount of caramel and hazelnut cream. The ratio is a bit off, but no one is complaining! Like how it is so rich and decadent! With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side! (With the réal pods!!!!)

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Much better than the burrata one. Patty is juicy and flavorful and there is camarelised onions too!

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Unifellar: with cheese & uni sabayon (cheesy and smoky)
Pearls: with Avruga caviar (a tad too creamy, can’t be saved by the briny caviar)
Smoky casino: with smoked bacon and cheese (probably your best bet)

No happy hour price for hot oysters!

Not the best combination I feel. Pumpkin here was sliced thinly and stacked on the burrata. Overall it was not memorable as the two did not come together to leave a lasting impression, both being mild in their own ways. Perhaps more balsamic or the addition of fig jam, pesto etc could have done the trick

Cheese was on point but can I have more truffle please?

Signature oysters [$24]
Happy hour price is $20 (weekdays 5-8pm)
Umami: with ponzu and yuzu sauce
Tropical: with chili, garlic and calamansi
Habana: with mint, cucumber and vermouth

Grilled bikini - truffle and smoked pancetta [$15]

Use of ice mint for that very refreshing touch! Well balanced with the lime juice and dark rum

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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