Quality Ramen

Quality Ramen

No, Keisuke and Ippudo are not quality ramen. This list contains my picks for ramen worth second trips.
Evan Mua
Evan Mua

Every part of the ramen is done expertly (though the egg is sometimes overcooked), but the super umami broth sets it apart from other popular ramen. Thick. Creamy. Rich. No synynoms do justice to the gloriously viscous broth. So addictive, it doesn't get jelak.

Their Shio Ramen had an elegantly complex broth with immaculately prepared buckwheat noodles. It carried sweet clam notes beneath a gratifying umami, accentuated by light whiffs of truffle fragrance. A delightful respite from the usual tonkotsu fare.

This establishment deserves the mainstream attention that other slightly worse ramen command.
This bowl of jet black tonkotsu ramen (13.90). I love their robust tonkotsu base, which had a slight kick added by the fragrant black miso with garlic and squid ink, which didn't overwhelm the base. Ramen is also cooked to perfection, and the ajitama was also perfect with crazy gooey yolk.

The yuzu imbued the soup with a dainty refreshing zest. The result was a depth of flavour in the light broth, with an enchanting mixture of the citric zest and the light saltiness. Each slurp of the thin noodles had a good amount of flavour, but also carried a subtle zing. Very light and wholesome; really enjoyable if you're into lighter broths.
That said though, noodles were too soft and could be springier. And the chashiu was atrociously dry and tough. Don't expect the best ramen, but something interesting and a solid bowl of ramen.

Honestly, I found the char shiu and egg pretty average, but it had me completely smitten because of the broth.
The usually domineering uni profile was toned down, but it still possessed an immense depth of flavour and sung with brilliant notes of briney sweetness and umami, finished with a comfortable creaminess. Elsewhere, the broth effortlessly clung onto the perfectly cooked ramen, whilst sharpness from the spring onions helped to cut through the robust flavours.

Flavourful collagen filled broth, with no hint of jelak-ness at all, and in fact tasted quite clean for a such a robust tonkotsu broth — though I'd personally prefer it thicker. Other than that, the noodles were also cooked to the perfect texture, but the pork belly charshiu was slightly too tough and not fatty enough. Definitely one of the better ramen places in Singapore.
📍 Suntec City Tower 2, North Wing, #01-512/513 ⏱️ (Daily) 11am-10pm

Picky eater looking to force opinions down your throat. Don't worry, they taste up to my standards!

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