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Foodie W
Foodie W

Was still crispy after I ate it 15 minutes after ordering. Chicken was not too spicy but numbing, and was salty and flavorful. Best eaten immediately because got a little soggy and moist after a while, especially the bottom ones. Maybe better if eaten on the spot but worth trying and recommended to share.

A decent egg tart worth a try but would not go for it again since there are better egg tarts around at a lower price. The tart was slightly too soft and crumbly. Custard was smooth inside but the top had a layer.

The chicken pieces were super crispy and really spicy! There were also a few pieces of peanuts added to the dish which were a nice complement to the spicy chicken pieces. Chicken pieces were slightly overly fried but was really crunchy and delicious! Portion size was smaller than expected but worth with 1 for 1! Better for sharing as it could get really spicy.

The hot soup was served with 2 pieces of pork ribs. The pork ribs were super tender and tasty! Soup was flavorful, not too salty or too peppery. I also ordered the youtiao which was freshly fried and super crispy! It was a must-go with the soup. Service was good and fast too.

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Especially loved the meatballs! The meatballs had crispy exterior while the meat inside was soft and tender. The other ingredients like fishcake and their signature mushroom was good as well! I had the dry noodles which went very well with the chili and a little soup. Queue is rather long during lunch hour but food was worth the wait.

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Noodles were chewy and large in portion. There were lots of mushroom and chicken given too, though sauce was not as flavourful as the zhajiangmian’s. Potato appetizer was unique and not bad whole soup was average. Would probably come back to try others but not this set again.


Portion of noodles were quite big! Noodles were chewy and texture was just right. The crunch of the vegetables were a good complement. The sauce was super tasty and the pork in the sauce was delicious thought slightly salty. The lunch set came with 4 pieces of dumplings which had really soft skin and a decent ratio of fillings to skin. Soup was average only.

1 pork chop fried rice, 1 noodles with bean sauce, 8 pieces of dumplings and 2 cans of soft drinks for $29.8. The pork chop fried rice tasted amazing as usual with the fragrant egg fried rice and tender pork! The noodles were salty enough and really tasty! Dumplings were good too with a good ratio of meat to the dumpling skin! Quite worth it with the set meal promotion.

Portion was really huge!! Got 1 Mala Chicken which was quite spicy and had lots of ingredients like chicken, tofu skin, enoki mushroom, onions and black fungus. Also had the Ginseng Chicken Soup which was flavourful. There were lots of chicken in it. Salted vegetables were not bad. Drinks were refreshing.

Really expensive without any promotions, though the salted egg was really smooth and overflowing! Bao was slightly too dense for my liking.

I took away one set of liushabao, in the cold form, so I just had to steam this for a few minutes for my breakfast! Of course, it tasted really delicious as the salted egg custard was rich, creamy and smooth. One downside would be the ratio of bun to custard as I would prefer more salted egg. The size of the bun was quite small too for the price, but it was expected of a famous restaurant. Nevertheless, it was a good piece of liushabao that really satisfied me👌🏻

get the popular mushroom and meatball! the meatball is really good and worth it! very comforting meal with the hot tasty soup 😊

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Foodie W

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