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Foodie W
Foodie W

Not worth even with burpple beyond as the burger was not impressive. The patty was thick but was not very flavourful and could do with more seasoning. Fries were freshly fried and crispy which were good and coleslaw was not bad. Have had better burgers out there and would not try the burger here again.

Mushroom risotto was really flavourful as it was creamy and rich in mushroom sauce. The rice was a little undercooked as some parts were a little hard but that was fine as it added some texture to the dish. A range of mushrooms were used which were fresh. The tagliatelle djsh was less flavourful but had the addition of the pork sausage which was not too salty and actually tasted like pork pieces. Preferred the risotto dish but overall portions were quite small.

Overall quality of food was really good and worth the price after burpple beyond! Beef patty was juicy and tender, and went well with the soft bun, cheese and vegetables. Curly fries were crispy too. Fish tacos were unique with some mango cubes and deep fried fish fingers. Chili crab pasta was slightly spicy but really flavourful and generous with the crab meat. There were pine nuts which were a good addition to the pasta as a crunch. The salmon was grilled perfectly to get a tender piece of salmon fillet and crispy skin. Pasta was tasty and creamy with the miso flavour.

Tried this because it was trending on burpple reviews! The pizza crust was really crispy even when it soaked up the sauces. Pizza was topped with tomato base, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce and the mozzarella ball which tasted really unique overall. Pizza was not wow but was a good try!

Pasta was al dente! Beef pasta was tomato-based with soft tender beef slices! Tomato sauce wasn’t too strong and was flavorful. The carbonara sauce was thick and creamy after the egg was mixed in. Would have appreciated more bacon for the carbonara, and bigger portions overall.

Truffle from the mash was really strong and good! Mash was creamy and smooth too. Chicken was not bad but overall this dish was the most normal tasting. Would be nice if there was some unique aspect to this!


Really unique and tasted really good too! The laksa sauce was delicious, super savory and really reminded me of laksa. Linguine went well with the sauce too and the seafood given was quite generous.

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Decent food and nice ambience as it’s spacious and has a pool table too! Salted egg sauce was really rich and good! Fried chicken was crispy while the meat was tender! Burger bun was normal but all went well together. Fries were freshly fried and was crispy. Mac and cheese was quite big in portion and recommended to share as it got really cheesy. Was satisfied with the taste though more ham and mushroom could be added. Overall was decent and might return if I am nearby.


Decent bowl of pasta! Pasta was more soft than what I liked, but was spicy and flavorful and would be appreciated by a seafood fan!

Pork chop was so soft, topped with cooked apples and wedges! This dish was so unique and impressive! One of the better mains here!

Was creamy and tasty but definitely not worth the price as the portion was so small.

Super delicious! Tender yet crispy on the outside, the beef was marinated well too. It was topped on the mashed potatoes which were buttery and flavorful! There were also some sauce and vegetables, which were a good complement to the beef and mashed potatoes! Tried several dishes and this was one of the best!

Foodie W

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