Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis), Twenty Grammes (Bugis), 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), PS.Cafe (One Fullerton), Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee (Tiong Bahru), Nasty Cookie (Funan Mall), Acai Beach Club (Plaza Singapura), Camaca (KAP), All The Batter - Avocado & Natural Foods (Adelphi Park), Love Confectionery
Michelle ๐ŸŒธ
Michelle ๐ŸŒธ

This place is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow - bit of a walk from the nearest train station but so worth the journey.
Hands down the best waffles to any ice cream place - thin, crisp with deep grooves to fill a good amount of ice cream for each bite.
The ice creams are flavoursome without being overly cloy. Some of which tried - pistachio so nutty each bite like eating an actual mouthful of the roasted nut itself, the lavender in earl grey lavender really came through with its floral fragrance, rich and indulgent chocolate and sorbet so smooth with pops of fruitiness.

This chonky boiโ€™s got a gorgeous golden crust on the outside, breaking into gooey goodness inside. The dulce de leche centre and chocolate bits add sweetness to the deep caramelised flavour.
A whole lotus biscuit sits atop nuggets of biscuits for extra crunch to the already encompassing crunchy, chunky, chewy textures.
Some may say the price is on the steeper end but hey these are hefty and a well deserving treat on occasions.

Treacly was my first impression, but the taste quickly grew on me. The pudding itself is reminiscent of steamed sponge cake, very moist and a great vehicle to soak up all the flavours. It came served warm, melting the ice cream that was quickly slipping off the pud and into pool of toffee sauce lining the base of the plate. Just like the fries and ice cream duo, the contrasting hot and cold temperature is essentially one way ticket to chomp chomp land, barely slowed down by the sweetness that makes one pause to savour.

Taste-wise was rather peculiar, although there was something satisfying about the temperature pairing of cold dairy with the freshly fried donut.

Mochi by itself was really plain, lending a contrast to everything else on the dish - the
crunchy milky marie biscuit, granola and fried batter.

The donut was quite literally a huge blob of mochi encased in a deep fried shell and took so much munching the dish turned into a puddle of matcha and salted caramel glaze.

A passerbyโ€™s โ€œThey sell the best pandan cakesโ€ piqued my interest to give it a go. This shop sits by a stretch of shops from yesteryear, selling a variety of old school bakes. While I had no fate with the seemingly famous pandan cake, there were other sponge cakes with the most nostalgic toppings - hundred and thousands, chocolate rice, almonds and peanuts. These traditional little cakes were so airy they simply melted in the mouth.


Bun was thiccc and pretty much felt like chomping on a chunky burger. Fresh portions were warm and airy with a slightly sweetened golden crust, unlike the usual milky identity. These also seem to have a fairly short shelf life as they staled by the next day. Expect to wait as bulk purchase is fairly common and queueing can get messy during peak periods.

This dessert boutique is popular for its aesthetic treats and makes for a chill late night hangout spot if you are up for the wait.
The houjicha soft serve was pretty nice - creamy with a smokey aftertaste and garnished with bits of rose. Came served sitting on a wafer cookie atop pre-cut waffle slices. Waffles were on the lighter side with a crisp exterior and deep grooves to hold the ice cream. Brownie bits were very rich, great for chocolate lovers or the sweet toothed.

Coffee is the hero flavour here - the beans are grounded in-house for that really fragrant and oh so smooth taste, paired with rum essence into this classic treat. Lady boss offered out of goodwill to douse this last piece with the remaining liqueur which was absorbed in entirety by the sponges around the midway mark. The cream was light and coffee mellow, with the booze cutting through with a strong punch - in a good way.

Mochi was very pillowy, pleasantly different from other mochis that go forever with the chewiness. These were available in 3 different powders - matcha, soybean and sesame, and the matcha dusted one had a strong seaweed piquancy with dust that clung on to the backs of the teeth long after.

Located next to Thomson Plaza is this cosy avocado themed cafe serving up avocado spins on mains to low glycemic index dessert. The signature Avocado Rhapsody Slide ($6.50) layered moist cocoa sponge and light cream cheese with chunks of avocado in-between. Popular choice Avocado Nutty Galore ($8.90) was a thick milkshake blend of delicate flavored avocado with strong roasted nuttiness. Owners were friendly and kept flavor profiles of their creations true to the superfood - rich and buttery, with ingenious complements.

The signature Shiok Bowl serves a very hearty portion of assorted fruits, crunch, chia pudding and acai blend; drizzled with a complementary honey or almond butter sauce. The acai blend was smooth and creamy, with slight iciness. Scooped with the sweet and sour tropical fruits and textural crunch from granola, seeds and nuts made for medley of goodness in every mouthful.

Camaca is a hidden gem at King Albert Park specialising in sugar-free desserts. Gelatos here are encapsulated in giant macaronesque shells and required a special machine to process for serving. The Royal Earl Grey gelato was light yet creamy with a lingering floral aftertaste. Flavors were well-balanced and made for a great healthy alternative to the usual sinful treats.

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