My Huoguo Life

My Huoguo Life

Inspired by a friend that loves huoguo
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

The whiff of mala is irresistible, and it's a must have - great to dip the meat and beancurd rolls and especially, in this rainy season. ($60 for 2 with burpple beyond). Meat servings are generous

This famous chain from Chengdu has been on my to try list - and it's amazing.

Firstly, the 3 flavour pot! It goes for $18 (same for all other combi of soups) and we must say the Buttery Mala soup, Mushroom soup and Tomato soup was all 💯💯💯.

Next, how is it possible that they have such creative meat dishes (e.g. pork ribs with cumin, bacon with enoki) and they all go for $6-$8 mostly for half portions. We were absolutely spoilt for choice.

Lastly, aaaah, their sauces!!! They recommend their Sichuan sauce which consists of spring onion, coriander, garlic, oyster sauce and a whole lotta mala oil. Just dip your meat in and it pairs perfectly.

(~$35 per pax. There's some chope discount to explore)

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Always feel very fulfilled with hotpot, and the signature tomato soup that's sweet but not over the top, slightly bland mushroom broth, and a mini mala soup in the center (which goes perfect with meat). Our fave goes to the handmade prawn balls and the must have beancurd rolls. (About $40 per pax, good to come here with a big group)

So good we finished all the broth! We got the original collagen and pumpkin flavour (which I love for it's thickness). We ordered an assortment with alacarte - from their vegetable platter to nanban chicken. The must haves are their meatball and tender chicken.

Long queue (~1 hour during meal times) hence do make reservations

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Newly opened at Orchard Gateway - do note that there's only one escalator that goes to it.

After seeing it in inner mongolia + during my runs around the bay, I'm glad I finally got to try to try it. The mutton cuts are unique (doesn't taste too gamey and is full of flavours) and my favourite, alongside their various pork cuts (梅花肉,kurobuta pork)

We got the White Soup Base that tastes like bakkuteh with it's generous garlic and many other herbs! The mala is a little more bland, but contains the fragrance, and not too numbing that we can keep sipping it.

We spent about $36 each for 4 people


As NOC shared, S'poreans simply love our hotpot. Finally got to try BITP which has been much raved. We got the Collagen soup broth and Mala soup broth (which really gave me the kick, its deffo spicy). For me that love steamboats for the soups, i really enjoyed the collagen soup.

Its on the pricier end (about $50 a person) but in this place with pink classy booths and good customer service where they'll tell you how long to cook it for.

The must orders for me: dumplings!! bean curd skin, homemade prawn paste. This place is also part of the paradise group, hence very worth it to get their memberships. Support local!!

To note that they charge you $3.80 if you either mix the sauce or try their fruits! Towels are complimentary

Coming here is always an indulgent, especially with the level of service!! We ordered some dishes that went so well with the soup - pork meatball, cheese sausages, pork belly, fentiao e.g. Am happy just with my tomato soup broth, though its slightly oily too. Getting the 4 soup choice is great.

Its about $30 for each of us :-) we were entertained by the sudoku which we didnt get to crack

Celebrated the bf's birthday here with the dual flavour grilled fish. We got the buffet deal with the patin fish (which is more fatty, and the waiter shared is most popular for hot pots) and it also gave us unlimited sides - beef, pork, fried yam and the likes. We got the 1-spice fragrant pot and mushroom pot.

Overall, felt the soup wasnt the most fragrant, + the mala base is also oily. Both the soups becomes increasingly salty near the end... and the fish wasnt too much either (about 600-700g). Also, the serving size of sides are killer (more than enough for 2 people). How i wished they offer a mini portion instead.

Perks is we get a lucky draw with every $80 spent and we won a dinner treat the next time we're here! Buffet is ~$35 each, with gst to be included

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While the tomato soup wasn't as fragrant as HDL, the ginseng chicken was potent. Got 1 set ($21) and 1-for-1 pork ($8.90) under burpple beyond. It was confusing to order....and pricier than I expected but I guess that's when you have hotpot cravings in cbd. Veg basket is fresh and highly recommended


I love both the soup - all so rich in flavours!! The collagen soup and mala soup are both good, its tough to choose amongst the two. This was a worth it Groupon deal for half the price (~$18 per pax), allowing free flow of mushrooms and corn!! Though I noticed that some sides are not available... Also, to note that there is only one kind of pork available here. Will be good if there's more meat varieties. Still, a steal in the town area at cuppage plaza


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